April 2016 Birchbox

* None of this is sponsored and I always offer my most boldest opinion on the products. If you’re interested in subscribing to the box subscription reviewed, I will leave a link at the very end. The link offers you a £5 worth of Birchbox points, too. 

April birchbox cover

You know, the reason that this review is now for April as supposed to February is because I realised that as much as I would like to catch up to this month by reviewing everything I have received previously, it’s not going to happen. The more I pressure myself, the more I just avoid this whatsoever. So let’s just roll with this and disregard my complete lack of commitment. I’m so sorry, imaginary future husband. Well, at least I don’t snore. It’s the small things in life that keep us going.

The first one to arrive this month was my Birchbox. They have collaborated with Rifle Paper CO. All subscribers received an email that has offered them to choose between two botanic designs for the box. The first design features roses, while the second one included herbs/flowers/fruits (?) . I already have a spice rack and so I opted for the flowery one.
The anything-paper related fanatic that I am, I actually really do love this collaboration. Except that unless you were prepared to order anything extra with this box you didn’t actually receive anything paper related. My soul cried a tiny bit. But then it just proceeded to enjoy the shtuff.  

Every time I promise to myself to keep it short, every time I disappoint myself. Right, to the box we go.

P.S. My boxes are rated with my kitten faces, because they are my stars. Also to make them feel involved, they are so overly dramatic about these things. Item that I like will receive a number of Curiously Supportive Zeuses , my 10 month old Bengal. Items that did not impress me that much will receive a number of Give me my Cash-muneys back Momo’s , my 8 month old Snow Bengal. Zeus’ little brother from another mother

Momo momo.png

Zeus Untitled

I am sure I will post about my cats at some point, in the mean time you can follow me on instagram (@saturdayonwednesday), which is pretty much an excuse for a place to post my cat pictures.


                                                         Birchbox costs £10 (£12.95 with P&P)                                                    The samples in the box come to £24.81 in proportion to their full size equivalents.


Foot Care Cream


I give this  Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled  Untitled Untitled



Full size RPR £12. This sample costs £6.4.


Foot cream. Made with tea tree oil, royal jelly and sweet almond oil. Now you might ask what the hell is ‘royal jelly’? Fun fact, it’s ‘actually the food reserved for queen bees and their larvae legacy. Royal jelly is secreted from the glands of devoted worker bees and fed to bee larvae’. I can’t decide between cool and gross.


Rub it on yo stinkies. Preferably before bed, otherwise it might not sink in and you’ll feel very uncomfortably slippery in your shoes.


  •       Very compact size. Foot creams always seem to be in big-ass tubes. I understand there is a completely rational reason for that, but still.
  •       To me it smells like green lemon tea, though this might be completely inaccurate and I acknowledge that. If you had tried this, how would you describe it, please let me know. Please.
  • Very rich but gets absorbed quite quickly, so you don’t have to sit there imitating a fan with your hands so you could go get water and not get half a desert of sand, that appeared from nowhere, stuck on your feet. You know exaclty what I am talking about.


  • I really don’t like rubbing my feet. Or looking at my feet. Or just feet in general.
  • Now let’s be real. Do I really need my feet to be presentable? It’s not like there such a thing as a flip-flop season here in Scotland, unless you’re fancy frostbite. We do have that 1 day of summer, but I’m sure it’s going to be like the 14th of August so I have plenty of time still.

Could alternatively be used as: hand cream or any other body part cream that needs lots of extra moisture. Okay, this is going places I did not wish it to go. I meant places like elbows, you nasty. Maybe don’t try the face though. A general rule is that if it’s for feet, don’t put it on your face. Live and learn.

Would I buy it & should you?

No. But not because it’s a bad product, but just because I know myself and I really cannot commit to rubbing cream on my foot regularly. So those few tubes of foot cream I already own are going to last me for a while. That’s not to say that some people wouldn’t love it. I just don’t love feet. Some people do. Some people do very much so. ‘Bit too much.

Multipurpose oil

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

I give this 4 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled  Untitled UntitledUntitled

Full size RPR £17. This sample equals £3.4.


Nourishing and repairing multi purpose oil for your face, hair, and body made from 6 essential oils.


I believe, however and wherever you like. So far I haven’t tried it on my hair and I reckon I will not do that since there is only 10ml of this in the sample. I did massage some on my face and arms and it did feel pretty great. It got absorbed very quickly but left my skin nice and shiny.


  • Quick to absorb into skin
  • Looks fancy
  • Don’t need that much so can last a long time
  • Could be used on dry ends of your hair
  • All in one kind of product – lazy person’s dream


  • As much as I do appreciate how pretty the packaging is, I would have liked some sort of pipette, or anything like it, to extract the oil from the bottle. Now you just have to pour some on your palms and hope for the best. The amount that comes out is very hard to control and I don’t like that in a product that is not under £5. I can see this ending with all of the contents dripping down my arms in a whoopsy-daisy situation.

But does it smell nice? –> I don’t know. As far as I am aware most people love the smell. I do like it, however I believe it contains a tiny bit of that scent that reminds me of funerals, same one that was evident in the Ayeres body butter from the February’s box (this is where I would link it if I WROTE IT!! urgh.). I need to figure out what scent is it.

Could alternatively be used as: room fragrance after you stick some absorbent wooden sticks in it. It has such a strong scent that i believe it would actually work.

Would I buy it & should you?

I’m still 50/50 on it. As a person with dry skin I might. I don’t think people with oily skin would love this, and if you would just use it for your hair you would be better off investing in a good hair-specific oil, like my oldie but a goodie Wella SP Luxe Oil. But I do have very dry skin so I might see how my skin likes this for a bit longer and possibly re-purchase it. This is also good if you only want to splurge on one item with multiple purposes, that’s a big plus in my book.

Eyeliner in Black

Cynthia Rowley Beauty

I, again, give this 4 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled



A black eye pencil from a Birchbox exclusive make up line by Cynthia Rowley. Claims to be smudge free. The most expensive sample product in the box.


Full size RPR £ 11. Sample size RPR £7.79


For both clear definition or smudging.


  • Really nice and creamy formula. You can just lightly touch your skin and it’s there! Not unlike your nail polish while you try to patiently wait for it to dry.
  • Satisfyingly opaque.
  • Lasts a decent amount of time.


  • Did not survive my impromptu  ‘taking photos’ challenge. The eyeliner on my left eye, that I used to gape through my camera window, was all pretty much gone. The product fought to stay on as well so my eye just looked like I was punched in the face a bit. But then maybe it always looks like that?
  • The sample size is 0.8g while the full size is 1.13g. I mean really, they could have just included the full size for the good measure.

Alternatively could be used as: so many things. The mandatory mention must go to cat whiskers. But you could also use this as a tiny wizards wand, or you could use it to mix your sugar into your coffee/tea.

Would I buy it and should you?

All in all, it’s not a bad eyeliner. It’s very creamy for a non-liquid product. Stays on long enough if you’re not doing anything beyond ordinary. I possibly would purchase it again. I think this would be fine for all skin types too.

Dew The Hoola

Benefit Cosmetics

I give this Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled


Full size RPR £22.50. This sample equals £3.75


A bronzer. Not a self tanning face cream. A bronzer.

My brain went all derp and for some reason I thought ‘What is this, why would I use it, it’s so dark. Well, that’s money wasted’. Then I realised it’s my brain that is wasted. It’s a bronzer. It’s just a liquid bronzer.


You can use a few drops and blend them just below your cheekbones and above your contour line. You can just rub it with your fingers or use a beauty blender.

NOT for the whole face. I honestly sometimes cannot deal with myself.


  • Extremely easy to blend, even for me.
  • Hard to end up with uneven patches, unless you decide to have dinner before blending it out.
  • Compact.
  • Packaging is really adorable.


  • Sometimes after applying some or all of these: your cream, primer, foundation, concealer – you might not want to add another liquid to your face. This is completely fine for my dry skin, but I imagine that if your skin is oily this could quickly turn into some sort of chocolaty melt.
  • If your skin tone is darker I am not sure how useful this product would be.

Would I buy it & should you?

I don’t think I would repurchase this, however I am not mad that I have received it at all. It’s a fun little product and it smells amazing. It will probably last me a while too.

Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

Parlor by Jeff Chastain

This deserves 4 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Full size RPR £12. This sample would cost £3.47



Another all-in-one detangling heat protective spray. Claims to be suitable and helpful to all hair types. Aw, that’s cute. As if that’s ever the case.


Spray as you would any other heat protector, on your damp hair proceeding to comb through it to ensure it’s distributed evenly (this part is actually important, the hand-claw pretend brush will not do).tumblr_myyddaNNnX1s8ro93o1_500



  • Just like the Beauty Protector spray received in my January box, see the review here, it does not disappoint in the scent department! It reminds me of summer.
  • So far works just as well as any other detangling product I have used. It actually sprays it in a mistier way than the Beauty Protector, that I have noticed sometimes splashes actual drops and drips down the bottle. I did repurchased it though, I love it and I don’t even feel guilty about it.


  • Some types of hair might not get on well with leave in sprays. However this is pretty light so I imagine that would happen in very rare cases.

Could alternatively be used as: body mist. Because YUM.

Would I buy it and should you?

I did just place an order for the Beauty Protector spray mentioned before, so I wouldn’t purchase this before I run out of that one. However, since my hair is ridiculous and requires loooots of styling after every wash, heat protectors are always going to be something I am on the lookout for. Keep them coming, Birchbox!



I am not one to be gentle on the reviews and I do often go to the minus side of the score, but did you see a yawning Momo face anywhere? – no. None of the items received anything lower than a 3, and that’s my friends, is impressive. I will definitely use up the detangling spray and the multipurpose oil. I don’t think I have ever completely used up an eye liner before so I am not going to start making false promises now. I will most definitely misplace it somewhere and will only find it someplace ridiculous when I move flats.

If I had to chose my least favourite product it would probably be the foot cream, however I will try my best to show them some love, who knows. Don’t get too hopeful though, feet.

And if I do not use the Benefit bronzer in the way that it’s meant to, I can always just close my eyes and sit there sniffing it from time to time to just pretend I am somewhere else than the rainy Scotland.

The value for money was all right. As long as it’s more than I am paying I cannot and should not complain. That being said, all the full size prices were included in a scenario that the product is not on sale. And let’s be real, I mostly buy stuff when it’s on sale. So £24.81 is not the best total I have seen from the boxes but it’s all right. We shall remind ourselves that the box also costs cash moneys.

There wasn’t a beauty extra this month, which is a bit sad as I was hoping for something from a stationary range. But i’m not too upset as overall I really did enjoy this box. It would have been awesome with a little extra something from Rifle Paper Co, but life isn’t perfect. Life’s a little bit better with all of the monthly boxes I receive though :).

I believe the box was:









And as always, let me know what you think about this box, or the version you’ve received. Did it suck, was it awesome, did it smell nice? What’s your favourite item reviewed? Do you subscribe to any boxes you would like me to consider, do you want me to review a specific item? Let me know anything and everything, I love reading your comments. You can probably tell that I like things to smell nice. I also like smelling things, just in case they do smell nice. Even if it’s a nail polish. I am yet to find one that smells good though.


* If you wish to subscribe to Birchbox and receive £5 worth of Birchbox points here’s the link to do so! Enjoy xxx *

The sneak peek for May (HOW IS ALREADY ALMOST MAY?) revealed that subscribers will be able to chose a colour of their Spectrum Collections Blending Sponge. I’m all about the beauty blenders so gimme, gimme now.

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