Cohorted April 2016

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The second box to reach my doorstep this month was my Cohorted box. This is a more expensive box that was my Valentine’s gift from my lovely partner. This is not my first one, but since we have already established on my Birchbox Review for this month, I am not that good at posting things in time. Don’t judge, I am working on it.

But since this is a more ‘high-end’ subscription, it’s hard to compare this with the rest of them. You, most of the time, get all full size products, which means I don’t have to spend time proportioning and calculating the sample price – yay. So I just decided I am going to be even harsher on this, just to return some balance in the world.

Let’s follow this up with the usual disclosure and a mini explanation to my rating system for those who are new (Hi! And welcome. I love you by default!).

None of this is sponsored and I always offer my most boldest opinion on the products.

My boxes are rated with my kitten faces, because they are my stars. Also to make them feel involved, they are so overly dramatic about these things. Item that I like will receive a number of Curiously Supportive Zeuses , my 10 month old Bengal. Items that did not impress me that much will receive a number of Give me my Cash-monies back Momo’s , my 8 month old Snow Bengal. This is not because I don’t like Momo, I don’t think anyone can dislike Momo, he’s a softy. I just think it’s very hard to make Momo bored, and so if a product bores me…well. Momo is Zeus’ little brother from another mother


Momo momo.png

Zeus Untitled

I am sure I will post about my cats at some point, in the mean time you can follow me on instagram (@saturdayonwednesday), which is pretty much an excuse for a place to post my cat pictures.

Shall we?

The subscription costs £35 per month                                                                                                      The products in this box come to £92.98. The booklet says £93…ahem, excuse me! #penniesmatter

Fancy Bath Melt

Miss Patisserie

I give this 5  (ding ding ding) Curiously Supportive Zeuses

                                                                                  Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

RRP £3.99


gorgeous hand made bath melt made with Cocoa and Shea butter and both of these things are amazing for your skin, providing antioxidants and minerals. I can also see it’s sprinkled with some salts.


You’re suppose to dip this under the runner bath water. But it’s so pretty, so just keep it somewhere in the open and smell it from time to time.


  • Just take a moment to look at it…
  • It smells so sweet  but not sickly, has a citrus kick (love love love citrus scents) and a floral underscent (?is that even a word?)
  • It’s shaped as a freaking cupcake. I don’t even like cupcakes that much. I would take this over a real one anytime.



Could alternatively be used as scented drug for moodelevation. Honestly. It’s divine. 

Would I buy it again & should you?

I haven’t had enough time to use this. I want to have an actual day off for this beauty, with a good book, soak myself until I am a human prune. This needs to be special. Because it’s just so precious, I can’t deal with this. So yes, I would buy it again. The price is not even that bad, considering the type of the product, and even compared to most of the Lush products.


Nail Care Kit

Golden Elements

I think for me this receives 3 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled  ….momo.png momo.png momo.png

But also maybe like 3 Give Me My Cash-monies back Momo’s

RRP £29.99


A handy set of nail care products that pretty much covers 89% of what you need to make your nails look as if you have your life under control.


It goes like this: hand cream, cuticle oil, nail file, and then the buffing block


  • I love these kind of sets, and that’s why I couldn’t completely disregard this and only give this a negative review. It’s very handy. Get it? I would make a great dad with these jokes. But really, it’s very useful to have a set like this, it works well between the products, it looks pretty and the cuticle oil is very travel friendly.
  • The file and the buffer are very good quality.
  • Both cream and the oil actually do give lots of moisture


  • Now this is the reason I cannot use the cream and the oil even though it works. Boy is this heavily fragranced. And I am one of those girls that looove  things that smell pretty. But this smell like old people. I don’t have anything against old people, but I don’t want to smell like one just yet, thanks. I suppose this is a rose scent. But it is possible some people would love it, I mean I loved my grandma very much, yet you know… she has passed a while ago and I don’t want to smell death on my hands!
  • Then you think, oh but maybe it will just evaporate after a bit. WRONG. The sucker will sink into your hands and into your bloodstream and linger for at least 2 days. It’s too strong, even for a scent that wouldn’t make me sick, its’s too strong.

Could alternatively be used as pheromones for old men, just catch the afternoon bus and watch the magic happen.

Would I buy it again & should you?

I would maybe buy the buffer and the file, I will definitely use these up. But I would literally pay someone to take the cream and oil away.

White Musk Libertine EDT Perfume (Toilette?)

The Body Shop

Meh, 2 Slightly Supportive Zeus

                                                                                                                                             Untitled Untitled

RRP £24.00


That’s something interesting I have just noticed. On the little booklet it says Eau De Perfume (on the picture of the bottle too) but on the actual product it says Eau De Toilette. Slightly sneaky?

But the picture also says 30ml while mine is 60ml. So I am now just confused.


Spray spray spray.


  • The only reason I gave this any positive points is because I like The Body Shop in general. And I like it for being cruelty-free.
  • Also, in theory, I would love to get a nice perfume in a subscription box. Now in practice you’re not suppose to gift perfumes for a reason – you’ll get it wrong.
  • This was also made with organic alcohol if you care of such things. I am a bit sceptical but that’s a compelte different story.


  •  This is such a personal matter. I am sure some people would absolutely adore this. But as you may know by now, roses is not something I like the scent of. Though this is nothing compared to the hand cream. So I even like it a bit. Is it enough to actually use though? I mean use use, not out of the obligation that I should, which I always feel. Probably not.

Could alternatively be used as a gift, since you’d hate it.

Would I buy it again & should you?

Maybe you should. I will not. But then you should know I don’t really like ice cream so how much can you really trust my judgement?



Patent Polish Lip Pencil

Mac in My Flip Side

A Mac in a subscription box? Really?  But I have to be honest, even though I wish I could give this and not  3 Curiously Supportive Zeuses, I can’t.

Untitled Untitled Untitled



RRP £17.50


A creamy lip gloss pencil


You would probably be better at smudging this back and forth for quite a while for more opaque colour as this is very sheer, or you can just apply it once for a slightly tinted glossy look.


  • It smells like vanilla
  • Very comfortable on the lips
  • Tasteless
  • Non sticky


  • I am not extremely pleased about the colour I have received, as far as I am aware there were some very nice spring colours you could have gotten, which would have been great but nooooo, I get the ‘What do you mean it’s not autumn?’ instead. Luckily, I don’t actually sort my lipsticks according to the season.
  • My lips are quite pigmented, I feel like this would look much nicer on lighter lips. I am not even sure if this would show up on darker skin tones..
  • Gets absorbed into the lips fairly quickly and turns into more of a matte finish. Which I don’t mind at all, but it’s supposed to be glossy. So if you’re expecting that, don’t, you silly human.

Would I buy it again & should you?

I would buy a Mac lipstick instead. Not that I didn’t like the product, I did. However we’re speaking £17.50 for a nice scented, slightly coloured glossy/matte (??) stick. And it might be that another colour would show up more. I am not giving up on this and will try and test it out more.


MDM FLOW in Panther

A solid score of Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled



The MDM Flow line is full of bold interesting colours, such as screaming blue, dark purple, black, or this neon pink. It’s nothing like your everyday nude tones.


With a little bit of difficulty, as these colours will show if you draw them outside your lips


  • Interesting
  • Bold and eye catching
  • Something you might not necessarily convince yourself to buy on your own
  • Bit too creamy on the application but settles down nicely
  • I like the packaging



  • At first I was a bit like ‘wuuuuuuuuuut’ as this colour is really neon. Much more than it shows in the picture, I couldn’t do it justice. This can easily look bit trashy with a wrong outfit/look. But could also be amazing. If you’re not willing to risk it, might not be for you.
  • It’s also a quite weird light shade of neon. I am not sure how I feel about that.
  • I couldn’t put my finger on what it smells like, but I think the closest thing is play doh. It’s not a Con per se for me, but I imagine it might be for some people.

Could alternatively be used as a statement tool to write a nasty message on the mirror. Screw the traditional blood red, let’s go all ‘shine in the dark’ funky!

Would I buy it again & should you?

I am actually quite loving this. Especially once it stays on my lips for a bit longer and the extra creaminess goes away. I would maybe buy another lipstick from this line, would not buy the same shade as I don’t think I will use this so often I will finish it. If you’re looking for a statement lipstick and don’t mind paying £18 for it – look no further.


This was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me. When I opened the box I was over the moon with it. The nail care set was just perfect for my dry post-winter (aka everyday-Scotland) hands, I got 2 high end lip products, a perfume and a freaking bath cupcake! What more do you need?

Slowly but surely I realised that 3 of the products I will not be using due to my apperently unusual personal preference for not smelling like an old person. Honestly though, I doubt that a lot of people wouldn’t dislike this scent, it’s just not for me. Which is a shame, but I try not to hold this against the subscription. This furthered my slight disappointment in the colour of the Mac lip pencil. But it’s Mac. And believe it or not, this was my first Mac product. So I didn’t really mind. I have since bought 2 Mac lipsticks, because, you know, I have so much money and totally not going to be broke now. Yes I am, and I will slightly regret this soon. But not just yet.

But I will use the file and the buffer along with both of the lip products. And I will surely plan myself a nice relaxing day to submerge in this nutritious miracle of a bath melt.

I think for someone who has a very strong fetish for roses this box would have been literally heaven-like.

But if I had to spend my own money on this I would still be sad that I cannot use all the products, even though I realise how hard it is to make every subscriber happy. That being said, surely there are hand creams with less of an extreme scent and/or scent-free products. I never thought I would ask for a scent-free boring ass product, but here I am.

I believe the box was:









And as always, let me know what you think about this box, or the version you’ve received. Did it suck, was it awesome, did it smell nice? What’s your favourite item reviewed? Do you subscribe to any boxes you would like me to consider, do you want me to review a specific item? Let me know anything and everything, I love reading your comments. You can probably tell that I like things to smell nice. I also like smelling things, just in case they do smell nice. Even if it’s a nail polish. I am yet to find one that smells good though.


I will see you next time, you amazing people xxx

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    1. Aw thanks!

      I know! I never got to it, just always passed by. Have loads of other brands but just so it happened I never bought any of Mac. Probably because I know once I tried it I will just end up spending so much money on it. From the looks of it I was right to avoid it haha it is a nice place, isn’t it.

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    1. Aw thanks 💙
      Yeah, not a big fan. I do like it very rarely though, if I’m very hot and travelling. Otherwise it’s just hurting my teeth and getting all sticky and running everywhere haha I cannot stand strawberry ice cream though in any scenario 🙂 What’s your weird dislike in the food category? Please don’t let me believe I’m the only one haha xxx


      1. I will admit that I also do not like strawberry ice cream, but I think vanilla is to die for!
        My odd dislike would have to be cheese, I can not eat it in any form, people seem to think that this is quite odd, as apparently cheese is a lot of peoples favourite food! xxx


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