The King of Notebooks? Erin Condren Notebook 2016 unboxing

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Whaaat? Such a pretty box. Unnecessary but cool.

Love planners, notebooks, and everything stationary? Join me! x

     I understand this kind of thing is not for everybody. I had my own doubts about posting this, but hopefully somebody will find this interesting. I am happy that there is a whole community of adult people who are into decorative planning, because I would not love to be in this alone, would be quite embarrassing really.. Do I sometimes feel a bit silly for the fact I have the whole drawer solely dedicated to stamps, markers and stickers that would make a young child very excited? Yes. But I also tend to cling to my inner child as much as I can so maybe that’s the reason I enjoy this so much?

Decorative planning is something that makes schedules fun for me. And it had worked for quite a few people. I have Erin Condrens’ personal planner for this purpose and boy do I go at it. If people are interested, I will post about all the stickers I use (mostly functional), tapes, markers, sheets and other bits and bots, and where I get those. I might also write about all my planners and notebooks, as I have separate pieces for work/blog/home – I don’t think people would take me very serious if I would just whip out my colourful EC planner and a box of stickers in a Council meeting. It would be hilarious though. Let me know if this is something you’re interested in.

Due to the structure that every planner has, I feel like I cannot be as free to do what I want. And so this is where the notebooks come in. I have a few leather/fake leather ones that are gorgeous but have a very different kind of inspirational feeling to them. I was wanting a notebook that would be modern and have some sort of minimal structure to it. So here I am, ordering from the overpriced Erin Condren page again. Is it worth the hype and can this be the best of the notebooks? I love opening packages, it was so hard to wait for my camera to charge! Let’s do these first impressions. P.S. This is the first time I did not get charged customs! Whoop whoop!

BinderThe stuff comes wrapped in a pretty purple paper. I also received a cheesy sticker and an even more cheesy post card. You should know that the thing _DSC0666
I don’t like about EC (and many other brands/products) is the ‘inspirational’ quotes/phrases. It’s just my personal preference, all it does is make me cringe.
I did not go crazy this time (pat on the shoulder) and contained myself to only order these items. The colours are vivid and going strong as always, EC doesn’t disappoint at that. Can someone explain the ugly ass greenish ruler for me though? No biggie, as it’s removable. But why is this a thing?  I am honestly curious whether anyone uses those.


I have chosen a binder notebook but there is also a choice for book-binded journal, which admittedly could be quite cool. As I mentioned, I do not like the motivational phrases and hence why I dislike the cover but I needed the rose gold spring! Because I was too late to order the rose gold planner and was butt-hurt ever since, this is my attempt at fixing that. My drawer holds a few sets of different covers already and this is the most brilliant part of the EC products – the interchangeable covers. For both Planners and Notebooks, this is so useful, I very often get bored with my selections but this way I can just refresh it! Love it.


I picked up a preset bundle of insert subject dividers. You can chose to customise them and have the themes printed, but I opted for these more practical boards as I can change my mind as many times as I want. These are unnecessary but I find them very helpful.


The actual notebook consist of 1 lined page and one page with a list on the side – which is perfect for list makers. Let’s not kid ourselves, however, both of my sides will be lists. But this is still handy. There are 6 different colour themes inside it: dark pink, light pink, orange, light green, dark green, and light purple. The paper was thinner than I anticipated, but that being said, my water based markers did not soak through, which they do in the EC planner, although the paper seems thicker. So I can only assume that this is of a better quality.

The whole notebook is not thick (62 sheets), but I prefer it like that. It doesn’t overwhelm me. I will see how I will get along with this but it does look promising. The only downside for me is the occasional inspirational quote at the end of the page, such as ‘you have a brilliant heart and a beautiful mind’.  *Sigh*…staph.

On a side note, I also threw in this handy 12-week wellness planner. The summer is coming and I seemed to have collected most of my winter dinners in a form of flipping fat. This doesn’t mean I am not going to mostly rely on apps – much more convenient way to track your wellness, but I thought this might be a fun way to summarise my day at the end and just easy way to flick through my progress. Also, since you cannot delete anything, maybe it will work as a support system to not quit and leave a gap between the weeks. Fingers crossed.

And this only comes in one cheesy cover, but this one, I feel, is bearable.



That’s it, I hope you enjoyed it and if you did, please let me know so I know to make more! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “The King of Notebooks? Erin Condren Notebook 2016 unboxing

    1. I love my planner too, though it’s gotten quite big so now I use a simple one to carry with me.
      I’ve seen the photo you have in mind, I really like how your cover looks like!

      Thank you for your comment ❤


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