Ideas to create your own happy place and how I made mine + DIY

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If you’re renting an already furnished flat like I am, you know it might be quite hard to find a space that feels like yours. And if you’re also not living alone, just like I also am not, the difficulty just increases. When I was still going to University I have always had a separate room, and so even if most of the furniture was not mine, I could still tweak the room and make it fell my own. Now that I had moved in with my partner and we share the bedroom for a while I felt like I had no space that was just mine. I feel like everyone should have that and it does mean a lot to me. I am also really specific about where things are and how it looks like, but let’s not even go there.

So here’s how I had created my corner (literally) of retreat. In the future I am hoping to have a different space for my work and make up, as I don’t like my office space to have a lot of things on the surface, but this is the reality of single bedroom flats.  It’s not perfect and it’s not exactly how I would like it, but it’s a corner!

The flat already came with this pre-scratched Ikea table that just looked so dirty. I had scrubbed it as much as I can and moved it from the awkward in-the-middle of the room position to the corner. It’s a bit awkward as it’s round, but since this did not fit through the door to get it out, it had to do.


My latest addition to the family is the dearest Alex from Ikea. I made a point to assemble it myself, it makes me feel like I know things even though anyone can assemble Ikea stuff. *Pat on the shoulder* 


I kept opening all the 9 drawers to find what I need at first so I decided to label them with some labels I had randomly found in Lidl for £1, they come off so easily and leave no marks behind.


Can’t remember for sure, but it was under £10

The oldest addition to my corner is my butterfly lamp. I had gotten this when I started Uni in 2011. It had fallen so many times and it has so many bended bits but I still love it. It used to be yellowish-white until a few months ago when I had decided to spray it with aerosol paint to minimise the amount of different random colours that I found myself surrounded by. I recommend this to everyone, easier on the eyes.









The mirror £19.99 from Argos               The mountable letter £12  from Hobbycraft        Tin pots – silver (pack of 12) was around £10 from Amazon

I got my two sided mirror from Argos, but I have later found cheaper ones at tk Maxx that were just the same.

It was hard for me to find a suitable brush holder that would be comfortable and practical so at the end I’ve pulled out my tins that I had for when I thought I can grow my own herbs (mhm..right) and covered them in the same paint as the lamp. I really recommend this dye by the way, it dried fast and the colours are amazing – it’s the NC-ACRYLIC from Montana Cans. I got mine from Hobbycraft, they had a huge selection.

The mountable letter was also from Hobbycraft. Once again I had sprayed the inside of the letter with copper. I didn’t want to colour it all, thought this would look nicer. I had also framed our manga-portraits we had done at the comic-con this year. I feel like everything is better once framed.

On the top of my beloved Alex (I love it so much it could be considered an affair) I keep my sprays and perfumes. If you see some caps missing it’s because my cats steal them. I literally have very few items that still have the caps on. Where do they take them? There must be a stash somewhere.  Oh, and the little frame is from one of the My Little Box boxes.


Sometimes I feel like the subscription boxes are so pretty it’s a waste to hide them away so I mount one of them. At the time, I had this lovely My Little Home box here with the Harry Potter wand on top haha. I can’t remember whom I got this from, but there are people on etsy (anyone else feel like you can literally find anything on etsy?) that made me a wand that ‘had chosen me’ on I thought it was pretty cool.

In the corner you can see a handy lipstick holder I got  from here for £5.99. Sadly it didn’t stop me leaving 80% of my lipsticks in various bags. The struggle.

And then there is another pot for my bigger brushes.




This was a purchase I had considered for a while and spent so much time looking for. I do not necessarily like the Kardashians in any way, but their make up storage unit was something I really liked. But boy are they overpriced for what they are! It ranges from £200-2000. Uhh, no thanks. So then I took a ‘risk’ and ordered this. At the time it was £54.99 but I can see that it’s now £39.99 – damn it! I did order this almost a year ago, but still! This is in extra large, and that it is! I love it. Though I will probably put this in a square shelf at some point, hopefully, as I will be trying to get a more simplistic effect in the area. I had this for almost a year now but it still looks like new. I might do a review on this unit if people are interested.


Another unit I had purchased and never looked back is this handy nail polish rack. And are you kidding me? – again, I payed £24.89 at the time and it’s now £17.99. *sigh* I might regret writing this, I didn’t need to know this. This is a brilliant one. I used to always be unhappy about how and where my polishes are. Now I love it. I hung it up myself, it’s made of a very good quality material and it does what it’s supposed to, what else can you ask for?

I do need to cleanse this, as you can see the second row is fighting for some space. I like that the unit reminds me to keep it under control too – time to declutter.




£6.99 from Tk Maxx


So happy with this find. Since I cannot have candles anymore for the fear my furry creatures will set themselves on fire, I wanted to create something that would imitate a similar glow. I went out looking for an open vase and stumbled across this lovely thing! It’s a light bulb shaped vase that I filled in with lights! I love it. It has a hole in the back through which I stuffed this with simple fairy lights and these copper bubbles, both from Primark for about £2 and £6. The picture does not do it justice, it looks so pretty in the evenings.

But even if you cannot find this, as it was in the Unique finds section, any clear vase can do!



£6 from Tk Maxx


And lastly (so much for a short, quick post), any sort of greenery improves the place massively, in my opinion.  This is my first fake plant but sadly that’s the only kind my cats can chew on without destroying it. It’s also safe from me killing it, so that’s nice. I didn’t go for the fake flowers just because I didn’t find any that passed as real at least from the first glance. I named it Sarah. I like giving plants human names.







TLDR (which would be fair enough):

  • If you can, try and keep it simple
  • Choose a colour scheme
  • Spray some shit with a ‘dominating’ colour
  • Get creative and maybe replace candles with some fairy lights (better for your lungs)
  • Consider investing in make up organising units if you feel that make up clutters your space too much
  • Get something green!

So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a comment with your thoughts and/or questions to let me know you like these kind of posts. And if you are feeling generous today maybe even follow me so you wouldn’t miss any of the posts!


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17 thoughts on “Ideas to create your own happy place and how I made mine + DIY

  1. OHH MYY GOODNESS!!!! I am totally in love with that bulb shaped vase and your butterfly lamp! Like wow so my style..I absolutely LOVE white style with some color. It’s just so peaceful.

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  2. “Spray some shit with a ‘dominating’ colour”, the best decorating/organising advice I have ever seen! Again, highly amusing, and actually very inspiring, I do feel like I should now go and totally re-organise my desk space!
    Another wonderful post 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thanks. I was sugar coding that sentence when writing the last bit, but then decided just to say it as it is 😀

      I am really glad you enjoyed it! ❤

      Redecorating can be so expensive, but I just do it over time for two reasons: I don't break my bank account and more importantly this means more shopping trips haha


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