New @ Lancome: Energie De Vie (aka you know it’s fancy cause it’s French)

Hey guys,

Yesterday I have received these lovely samples for the new products that Lancome is launching today. I  have tried both of these and I have to say I am in love with this! ❤_DSC0795-2

The texture of this night cream is nothing I had felt before. It feels almost like a primer as it has this silicone sense to it. It glides so easily and you can almost see your skin drinking it all in. It smells amazing and is not greasy what so ever like pretty much 80% of other night creams. But most importantly, my skin in the morning felt as if I was an infant again! I will have to keep trying this to make sure it wasn’t just a coincidence but if not, once I finish my Clinique moisturizer I am saying  buhbuy to it (sorry Clinique) and getting my hands on the full size of this! What sort of sorcery is this? Is it made of unicorn horn powder? I hope no animals were harmed. Not even imaginary.


_DSC0798I was expecting your normal every day white cream to squeeze out of this, instead I found myself with water-like liquid on my hands! Again, it’s hard to describe the feeling but it glides on so easily and gets absorbed into your skin within seconds. This is amazing for people who hate oily after-feel but do not want to compromise on the richness and benefits of the cream. There’s some serious moisturising action happening here.







Both products are amazing in my opinion. However, they are quite pricey. Not more expensive than Clinique though, so fair enough? I have some serious thinking coming my way about possibly changing my skin care products completely. And this doesn’t happen often. I will keep trying this out and checking if it has a lasting effect and if I do not experience any breakouts.

Have you tried these at all? Let me know what you think and what moisturizing products are you using at the moment? Let me know in the comments! My skin is always in need of some love.

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