April Favourites (how is it May already?!)

I know, I know, you have all already read this in every April Favourites in existence, but seriously – how is it that April is already gone? Next thing you know and we’ll be in the second half of 2016! Bizarre!

April for me was a month of change. I have decided to quit my job, look and find another one, realised that I am not happy in my own body (due to various dietary, sportsy, hormonal and other reasons) and so decided to take action and change it following my spontaneous trip to visit my family for mothers day. Nobody can be fools enough to attempt a serious life changing diet etc while at their moms. If there are some things in life that are impossible this surely must be it. So even though the passage of time scarily feels like it is in some sort of fast-forward mode I am glad April is over and I welcome May with open arms and open mind! However I needed to love and be loved by some amazing things to even get through April.

You all know the drill, so let’s look at some things that I have been loving recently.

Make up

_DSC0892Hairspray for your make up 

I have so much love for this. It’s the first thing to go on my face before applying my make up and also the last. Smashbox Photo Finish primer water does its’ job oh so well. I have noticed an actual difference in the longevity of my make up, not to mention that once you notice your face looking a big meh you can just spray this refreshing goody of a product on your face for an insta-lift. Forget actual time consuming touch ups, just have this. And sure, it is not the cheapest, but because it sprays in a such an efficient misty manner it lasts forever. I have used this every day for the last month, maybe longer, and you can see how much I still have left. Have I mentioned how refreshing it feels? Have I mentioned how much I love it?



For a healthy coverage

I have been trying the Tarte water based foundation for a few weeks now (a review to come) and when I finally came back to apply the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation I was reminded of the amazingness of it! The coverage is just right, the foundation doesn’t settle into any lines or dots or what nots, it just does what a good foundation is suppose to do and leaves you looking fresh and healthy. I love it. It’s perfect for a normal-to-dry skin and if you haven’t yet tried it out, please do yourself a favour and go ahead with it! It’s an amazing drugstore foundation.


_DSC0894For a dewy finish

I have had this for a while now but have forgotten about it. I must admit I wasn’t loving this at the beginning and I still do not use it as a primer. I do not think it makes for a good primer at all, in fact I find it quite awkward to apply. But I did find that it is an amazing product when you mix it with your foundation if you want the dewy finish. It’s brilliant how easily you can influence just how much dewiness you get, if you just want a subtle hint, squeeze and mix a tiny bit of it; if you want people to see your shiny face from a mile away you can do that too! (but don’t). In any case, this product will do the trick.


Contour for your eyes

I had had my eye on the Kat Von D Shade + Light contour palette for quite a while. Once I have received it I adored the packaging but was intimidated by the lack of colours such as pink and gold, and I think I was too scared to try it. Isn’t that a bit crazy? I am sure it’s a bit crazy. Anyhow, all the natural colours scared me as any colour that I apply to my lids turn into earth-tone mono shade at the end of the day no matter what primer I use. I do not know what’s the deal with that, but if any of you have the same thing, please let me know how you deal with that or how you don’t – just want to hear I am not alone in this struggle.  Boy was I wrong to avoid it. Once I had found it in my guts to try it I instantly fell in love with it. There is nothing groundbreaking about it, but the quality is pretty extraordinary. The shadows are soft and predictable, they stay on and look so natural. These shadows lasted the longest time before turning into that weird dark mono-colour on my lids. It still happened but any delay is appreciated. Seriously though, I just look really tired once the mono-colour appears and better off without any eye make up. Much sadness.


_DSC0899The Perfect Liquid Lipstick

Another Kat Von D product (this is in the famous shade Lolita) and my absolute favourite liquid lipstick I have ever tried. I am one of these people that are never happy with their lipsticks. Really never. I feel no matter how often I scrub and hydrate my lips there will always be bits that the lipstick will cling to. And so any matte lip product usually is just a sad no-no to me. But I looooove this. Very easily the most comfortable and long wearing liquid lipstick I had a fortune to use. I want this in every shade, this is a new life goal for me now.




Skin care

_DSC0900Some sort of leave in mask for your face

I have already expressed my admiration for this night face cream and I stand by it. So far I have not had any outbreaks or irritations, my skin feels softer and hydrated. What I love about this the most is that a little goes a long way. Definitely a plus when the cost of the item is so high. I feel that skincare is so overpriced, as if only rich people are suppose to look after their skin, so you want the item to do you for a while.


_DSC0913For a clean end to your day

I have read that Garnier cleansing water is suppose to be a cheaper equivalent to Bioderma. So I have tried that first. It was all right, I could not complain about much except that it was not great at all at removing eye make up. I did lose a few of my eyelashes and those already come in short supply, so was not happy about that. So then I bit the bullet and purchased the Bioderma cleansing water. Are you kidding me? After using the Garnier for at least 2 and a half months I can tell you for sure that there is a huge difference between these and that I am willing to pay the extra buck to actually remove every bit of my make up before bed without sitting there rubbing my face for ever and ever and ever…and ever. So far I am very pleased with this.




The surprise of the month

I was not expecting to love this. This is not my favourite colour and I truly believed it would look quite tacky on my nails. Well I might as well eat my words as I ended up really enjoying it. I have received this in one of my Nailbox boxes that I had since unsubscribed from but I only had tried this recently. I thought eeeeh what the heck. Just shows you not to judge before trying it out!







_DSC0897Time saver

I have tried some similar nail polish removing tubs before but by the 4th finger my skin around my nail would be coloured in the colour my nails were. This is another matter what so ever. It takes everything off, including glitter based polish (whaaat!), leaves your hands smelling nice (whaaaaaat?) and no discolouration! If there was something I hated about doing my nails it was to remove the polish afterwards. Actually I still hate waiting for the polish to dry off more, but still…it’s a new must for me.



The Name of the Wind by Patrcik Rothfuss

I have been meaning to read this for a long time now, I had a fair amount of my friends and even my hairdresser recommending it and swearing by it. I have had started it and then abandoned it maybe a year ago but have decided it is time to finally do it. I currently have it with me and plan to ‘eat it’ during my 4 day get away (updates later). Currently I enjoy it immensely. It is written in an admirably rich language, the style is quite unique and engaging and it is also a fantasy book. Which is right up my alley. I felt it had a slow start but once you get hooked, you get hooked for real.I am only on a page 120 and it’s already one of these cases when you are willing to skip dinner just because you really don’t want to put it down just yet. And believe you me, I love my dinners. Has anyone read it? If so, what did you think of it? No spoilers please! I will literally cry if you spoil it haha (I will though, for real)


_DSC0907Please use protection

I had this for years and years now but only recently found it in the ‘forgotten drawer’. Don’t judge me, you know you have one too. A place in your house where things go to die. Well, I have revived this one and I am enjoying it. It’s really cute on the outside, soft and cuddly for my laptop in the inside, lightweight and even quite protective. Not much else is required for a laptop case.

So that is it for my April Favourites I hope you enjoyed it. Please give it a like if you did and let me know what have you been loving this month in the comments! I do really enjoy hearing what you think.

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13 thoughts on “April Favourites (how is it May already?!)

    1. And your comments always make me feel warm and happy inside! 🙂 thank you so much for reading xxx

      And yes, I am “that good” at not buying things. How is that such a struggle for me? Literally a 1st world problem if I ever heard of one! I am sure you know it though, right? Don’t leave me here alone haha


      1. Oh you, I glad my comments can have that effects! You’re most certainly welcome!
        I know exactly what you mean, exactly, and it is a real struggle, like really real. You’re not alone in the slightest haha xxx

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  1. Have you tried MAC’s paint pot as a primer? It changed my eye makeup game! When I want my eye makeup to look extra perfect and precise it’s my primer of choice. There IS a difference! It’s hands down the best eyeshadow primer on the matket!

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