Plan it with a sticker

So you know how some people have amazingly tidy and aesthetically pleasing handwriting? Yeah…that’s not me. A chicken could maybe win against me at this. Look at that concentration. (I can’t believe I am including a chicken in a post about decorative planning.)

I have a passion for planning and sometimes I do not want to disgrace my pretty planner with my shitty scribbles. Also my Erin Condren Personal Planner is pretty scarce of space, especially to be wasted for noting the tasks like laundry or washing my hair. And so my love for functional stickers was born.

I have tried more than I am willing to admit, but these are the ones that withstand the challenge of time.



Stickers from Plan With Jade were my go-to functional sticker at the beginning. I have since found a replacement but if you find yourself needing stickers pronto these came really fast. I still use some of them for things I do not have the replacements for, especially the beauty sheet for washing my hair, doing my nails, trying a mask etc.







However I found them a bit too bright for what I personally prefer and after a few hours of looking at things I neither need or want  but find amazing it exists on etsy, this is what I stumble upon  – RimaNur.

These are perfect! They are pretty, reasonably sized, there are loads on one sheet and they match the pastel colours of my planner, and they are simple. I love it. The only negative thing worth mentioning is that it took quite a long time to be delivered, maybe 3 weeks. The seller did dispatch them quickly however these travel from Turkey (I think) so depending on where you live you might have to wait for it. It’s worth it. Oh, and she sells wordpress and blogger stickers, perfect for blog planning! 


There were some hits and misses from Dook Plook Designs, cinema stickers were adorable and I even restrain from using them for an ‘unworthy’ movie as there are not many of them.

The little controllers are useful for when I plan to have a night off from everything and just chill and play games with my boyfriend (not that kind of games, you nasty)._DSC0824

The Payday stickers are actually from Sticker Co, an etsy shop I prefer for decorative stickers rather than functional ones, however that being said I do use the payday ones.

I did not find myself using these from Dook Plook Designs, unless you’re really into the 90s style, _DSC0838.jpgbut they just looked a tiny bit unattractive in my planner.In theory these are great for people who want to track their dimensions as well as their weight, so points for the idea?





‘Pretties’ that are yet to be purchased

These adorable stickers are sitting tight in my basket waiting for me to run out of my stash and come home. I love that they have contact lenses there, I didn’t see that anywhere before. I hesitated to buy these as there are not many of them in one sheet, it’s not very cost effective. But I will not hold long against my better judgement. They are just too cute.

* I swear to God, this must look weird for people who think decorative planning is childish and wasteful. I spoil my inner child, my inner child is happy and healthy thank you very much haha. If you’re like me, you know the struggle is real *

Let me know how you prefer to plan mundane tasks, do you also use functional stickers, if so which ones? Please share in the comments, I want to see your preferences! 🙂

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  1. I love love love love love love this! I’m such a sucker for things like this and I think this post is lovely. By the way you have some cool Instagram pictures. 🙂

    Hope you can check out my blog as well!


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