Liebster Award #2

This is how I feel every time some kind soul nominates me for something



Absolutely reasonable, me thinks.

Thank you, my lovely Kly Talks & Dolly Daydream Beauty for nominating me, I thouroughly enjoy following your blogs and recommend to everyone to go and check them out now. It’s okay, I will wait… Go click on it… I will be here waiting.


Welcome back!

Now as to most things in life, this also has rules. I have noticed that these vary a bit between the posts, however it all comes down to these few steps:

  1. Thank the people/person who nominated you providing their link/s (as if we wouldn’t thank them without these rules…pfft)
  2. Display the award on your blog
  3. Answer the lovely questions you were asked
  4. Nominate a few blogs you have been loving lately
  5. Ask them some questions you would love to hear the answers to!

Easy peasy, except from the part where it’s hard to narrow down who to nominate because you’ve been adoring pretty much everyone you follow! – hence why you follow them, amaright?

Now to answering the questions

From the gorgeous (have you seen that girl?)  Kly Talks:

1. If could be an animal for a day, what would you be?  A bird, purely so I could try flying. But if it’s raining, then a dog because they are always so genuinely happy!

2. Flats or heels?  My feet are not the easiest to live with, so I have a few selected pairs of shoes that are comfortable, both flats and heels, but I am very limited in my choices 😦

3. Favourite high-end brand and favourite high street brand?  Regarding make up, high-end is either Givenchy or Urban Decay (though I feel Too Faced will take this spot very soon); high street would definitely be Revlon and Rimmel.

4. What inspired you to start blogging?  I don’t think I was inspired per se, it was more of a thing I always wanted to try and just finally did.

5. One makeup item you could not live without?  Make up remover. Imagine living without that!

6. Tea or coffee? Tea

7. Do you have any piercings or tattoos, if so where and what? I have an eyebrow piercing. I have misplaced it somewhere maybe last year and just didn’t bother finding or replacing it. I might do at some point.

8. Favourite clothing brand? I honestly do not have one, I find bits and pieces I like in various places.

9. Your favourite holiday destination? Croatia ❤

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? I hope somewhere warmer than Scotland!

& from Dolly Daydreaming Beauty who is always honest and seems like such a warm person xxx

What’s your favourite beauty product? Might actually be foundation
What’s your most hoarded product? Eye shadows. Though I have no idea why, my eyelids are quite hooded so you can’t even see much!
What’s your worst habit? Binge watching Tv shows and not being able to stop and do something more productive. For sure. The struggle here is extra real.
Are you as good at keeping up a skin care routine as you should be? I think recently I actually am, but I used to be a lazy-ass at it. Taking off my make up was the most I was willing to do.
Christmas or birthdays? Birthdays, since my birthday is in summer!
Skirts or trousers? Trousers
What’s the funniest beauty disaster you’ve ever had? When I am blond (so most of the time) I use a toner after I wash my hair to reduce yellow tones coming out. I have used it for years and years so I got bored and (isn’t this how all disasters begin?) I thought I would switch it up from number 8 to number 6. Number 8 is a purple tone, while number 6 is a very hot barbie pink. A toner is not suppose to be really visible. Now to be fair, I did read the instructions and they did not differ from the number 8, however I realised as soon as I poured it over my head that something is not right as the number 6 was just so opaque. It looked like that pink barbie was bleeding her pink barbie blood all over my head. My hair ended up being patchy with bright pink spots and it was anything but cute. Tried washing it out, but it even stained the bath! I was not about to bleach my hair as I did with the bath, but had to go to my hairdressers and pay for my mistake. To this day I blame the instructions though haha.
Do you have any fur babies? Yaaaas, my two little bengals, Momo and Zeus. I will write more about them, but you can see some pics here.
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Honestly, my figure. I am constantly trying to change that but a few things make it really difficult. That’s a whole new story though. I am hoping to be one of those lovely people who just love their bodies no matter what one day, but for now I am just insecure.
Films or boxsets? Mmm, both?
What’s your dream job? This is by far the hardest question I am trying to answer myself at this stage of my life. I will let you know when I know? Haha

Thank you girls for your questions and nominations, you are lovely beyond belief <3.


Moving on to the hardest part, I wish I could just nominate everyone but baby steps, right? I am nominated a few bloggers whose blogs I  really enjoy reading. I am aware that maybe not all of these are new new but I want to hear the answers to my questions, so just man up haha!

NYC Beauty Blog ♦ Jessica Riga ♦ Helpless Whilst Drying ♦ The Fashion Saint ♦ Emily Clare Beauty ♦ Nayas Fairytale ♦ Tea and Daydreams

Here are the questions:

  1. What’s your favourite spice?
  2. Warmest childhood memory?
  3. What’s your favourite sport/activity?
  4. Favourite smoothy recipe?
  5. A go to inspirational movie/tv show?
  6. Do you have any phobias?
  7. What’s the best nail polish you have ever owned?
  8. What’s your morning routine?
  9. Favourite social medial platform?
  10. If you have 3 hours of your free time to do whatever you like, what do you do?

I hope you will find some time to answer my questions, I really am curious to read it! ❤

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Hey there! Welcome to my Everything Blog. You know those lovely organised people who have a niche? Well that's not me, my blog is just like my mind, jumping from one thought to another. Sorry (but not too sorry). I have a degree in Psychology and am a proud owner of two amazing kittens Zeus and Momo, although thoroughly a dog person! I love cooking, I surely love eating, reading and exploring. I have created this blog with hope that I can lighten up the mid-week Wednesday with some Saturday chill vibes. Hopefully you enjoy your Saturdays On Wednesdays as much as I enjoy mine. With Love, G xoxo

13 thoughts on “Liebster Award #2

  1. This was so lovely to read 😘 never be ashamed of your figure lady. You look beautiful in the pics you’ve posted here. We all have off days but what you might dislike about yourself someone somewhere will be envious of! Xo

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      1. Exactly, you’ll get there. I suffer with anxiety too (I read your about me post) and I think we may be soul sisters haha xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the nomination! I just answered your questions in my newest blog post, so it should be easy to find as it’s at the top of my blog! Sorry, I don’t know how to link to blog posts through a comment haha xx

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