May 2016 Bircbox

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It’s that time of the month again! 

When I wait for all my boxes and am overly critical towards them! Honestly, I am very happy and usually really excited when I get them, but one must be cruel to be just!

If you are new to my reviews – Welcome! None of this is sponsored. I also rate things with my kittens. I hope you enjoy it!

Momo momo.png for negative score


Zeus Untitled for positive

 None if this is reflective of their personalities! I love both of my shittens. If you want to see more of them you can find it on my Instagram @SaturdayonWednesday


As many of you know, I have received 3 of my subscription boxes together and Birchbox was the second one I had opened, only fair for it to be the second one reviewed. This months box was all about travelling (same as Glossybox and My Little box) and the front of the box was covered in that grey material that you can scratch on the lottery ticket. The winner would have seen a message underneath, all I had won was some cleaning as the grey shit fell all over the floor during my vigorous scratching. Boooo, Birchbox, give me the trip damn it!

Now let’s assume I am not crying over my non-existing holiday I’ve already imagined while scratching and let’s look at what’s inside.


                                                         Birchbox costs £10 (£12.95 with P&P)                                                    The samples in the box come to £18.2 in proportion to their full size equivalents. This might be the lowest figure I have seen so far

Resurfacing Formula


I give this  Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled  Untitled Untitled


Full size is £13.99, this comes to £4.20


A body and face cream that soothes all sorts of irritations included but not limited to (prepare yourselves to your everyday rain of claims): acne scars, age spots, blemishes, bruises, burns (really..?), cracks, dermatitis, keloid scars, razor bumps (what?), split skin (it just keeps on going!) stretch marks, and surgical scars. Phew. Now that sounds amazing, but a cooling effect is considered as soothing, and that is exactly what this product does once you read the back of the product.


Apply to any irritated skin as many times as you would like.


  •     It soothes. So that’s nice


  • It goes wayyy too hard on the claims and is somewhat misleading

Could alternatively be used as: apparently a magic remedy from burns and all sorts of life scars. Maybe it would work on emotions?

Would I buy it & should you?

I can’t say that I felt any cooling from the cream but I am sure I should try this more. It’s not crazy expensive for £13.99 if it calms down some redness which I am constantly battling. I would buy it if it worked for that. The sample size is a bit small considering this is for both face and body. I am not mad at this however, and will use it. I will probably use it up in 2 applications to be honest, but it still counts.


The Balm

I give this 3 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled  Untitled Untitled


Full price is £10, this costs £2.39


A lip and cheek stain made with water based formula.


Apply 2 – 3 dots to your cheeks or just apply on your lips as you would any other liquid lip product.


  • It does stain
  • It’s a lovely red, not too overpowering as most stains are
  • Not scented by any horrible spice, which I am now growing to appreciate (hinting at the the old people smell disaster)
  • The lips looked very natural and plump


  • I don’t think bright red is the right colour for my cheeks, thanks.
  • It’s so bloody bitter! It’s not like I am some sort of crazy lipgloss eating lady, but it’s inevitable to taste it once it’s on!

Could alternatively be used as: nose tint to achieve the lovely ‘I have been drinking in a cold for 2 days’ look.

Would I buy it & should you?

I do like The Balm, I love their blush sample I had received previously, still use it daily. And this is the best stain I have ever tried, that being said I absolutely hated all the previous ones and just found myself looking horrendous and somehow had stained fingers – always with stained fingers! I think this tiny teeny (1.2ml) will do me for how much I will need it. I already have quite pigmented lips so maybe this would be more effective for people who don’t?

Enzyme Face Rejuvinator


I give this 4 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled



Full size is £26, this would cost £4.33


A brightening face scrub.


Massage into dampened face and rinse afterwards, use 3-5 times per week.


  • The exfoliating crystals are so tiny it actually feels like a very luxurious product
  • This is suitable for all skin types, which means it’s an exfoliate that’s okay for dry skin – it’s a unicorn guys!
  • Made of 99% natural ingredients including papaya enzymes


  • I am lazy and I don’t like to rinse things off. That’s more of a con to my personality though haha.

Alternatively could be used as: massaging cream: it would exfoliate and massage your back! Why not? (There are probably reasons…)

Would I buy it and should you?

This is definitely an item I am most excited from this box. I am excited to try this and see how I get along with it, assuming I do, I would repurchase it.

Hydro Nutritive Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

Beaver Proffesional

I give this 1 Give me my Cash Moneys Momo


Full price for both £23.50, the samples would cost £2.29 (the conditioner is literally 50 pens)


Shampoo and conditioner.. *rolls the eyes while sighing*


Carefully apply this on the inner side of your bin and be careful the cats don’t lick it.


  • It’s a shampoo


  • I hate it

Would I buy it & should you?

You need to understand that my hair is very difficult and so for me to find a shampoo that is good for me is a hard and epic task. So, first of all, a tiny sample will not do, and second I do not even want to as 90% of the time it will be worse than the one I am using. I think shampoo and conditioners are such a waste of an item. I am not even going to speak about how the amount of that conditioner is just laughable, at least they did not count it as 2 items this time (it did happen before, I was raging!). I wanted to specify that I don’t want to receive hair products in my bio on the website, but I do want all the detangling products. Much sadness. Such problem.

Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge

Spectrum Collections

This deserves 5 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled UntitledUntitled



This is the full size and it’s £4.99


A beauty sponge


Just dip it in your liquids and then punch your face with it, continue to roll until perfect


  • This expands so much!
  • Great consistency, not too hard and not too squishy
  • A good size
  • Not too hard to wash out


  • Maybe a little bit too big

Could alternatively be used as: a cat toy, according to Momo and Zeus.

Would I buy it and should you?

Yes! And I am sure I will. I actually was not expecting this to perform as when it was dry it felt really hard, not unlike the sponge I had received from My Little Box (that was crap). But once under water it just turned into awesomeness. This is better than my Real Techniques one and for £4.99? Yes, please!

A little extra


Birchbox is just the master for small samples. But that’s fine, I do love my coconut oils so I am sure I will find a use for this.



So let’s look back at what happened: I did not win a trip, a had to hoover my floor and I am sure Momo ate some of that grey scratch stuff and I am anticipating some kitten diarrhoea, this box contained ridiculously small samples and the total value is the lowest I had ever estimated. And yet the contents are growing on me, mostly because I am in love with the beauty blender and the exfoliator that is suitable for dry skin. There is definitely room for improvement and I feel like if Birchbox shrinks their sample sizes even more soon we will require to purchase a bedazzled magnifying glass from their website to see them. Get it together, Birchbox.

I believe the box was:









What are your thoughts on the box? Did you receive it and did you like your products? Let me know in the comments!

* If you wish to subscribe to Birchbox and receive £5 worth of Birchbox points here’s the link to do so! Enjoy xxx *

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37 thoughts on “May 2016 Bircbox

  1. I wasn’t that impressed with this month’s Birchbox. I didn’t get the Stainiac nor the Rituals shower stuff I’ve seen a lot of subscribers got (I love Rituals stuff), I have loads of Beauty Blenders and don’t really use them, I also got the Puriskin stuff and am not impressed, plus a tiny perfume sample. The best was an Eyeko mascara and a small pack of ole henriksson face wipes. Out of the 6 beauty boxes I subscribe to, I’m seriously thinking of packing Birchbox in. Love your cat scoring system xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah what a shame you didn’t win the holiday!
    I can’t believe the value of the box is that low – it actually looks like a really nice selection of products, I love the sound of the face/body cream and the exfoliator, and the unicorn tears sponges sounds fab too! I have to agree that conditioner sample sachets are a bit pants, though…
    I love the format of this post – so different from all the other unboxing posts, I really enjoyed reading this 🙂

    Jess xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!
      I know right? Was totally expecting to win haha I never win anything 😦 (I literally don’t think I have ever won anything) The products were really nice actually, ended up using all of them, and the sponge is really great especially for the price! I didn’t even mind the shampoo that much, though it was still a shame. I just hope the total value will go up. I mean it can’t really go down much or it will cost less than we pay hah. Thank you for reading ❤


  3. After seeing this I’m so glad I cancelled my birchbox. The samples are so small and a bit pants really for the money. Glossy box is the way forward I think x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I just tend to dip in and out of these boxes anyway as I get bored really quick. I Def prefer glossybox for value on samples. Birchbox seem to repeat a lot of things as well. Have to tried the you beauty box? It’s 6.95 a month and you pick 2 items and rhen get some extras. I’m thinking about that one now, I don’t like surprises 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I enjoyed your May Birchbox review and love your kitty rating system for these products!! After finally trying the Beaver Professionals products myself for an honest opinion after hearing countless negative reviews by various bloggers, I don’t recommend them and some of my brands like Loreal or Soapbox brands are better for my dry, relaxed hair type than these “motel shampoo/conditioner” duo!! Love Vashanti scrub and wish to try the makeup sponges and coconut oil! 🙂 I just got my Birchbox and will let you know if my post is up this Sunday or Monday! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you have enjoyed reading it, means so much to me ❤
      I have now tried the shampoo just because mine ran out and I was too lazy to go to the shop haha. It's all right, it's just shampoo though, nothing miraculous.
      Love the sponge, still performing great! I will look out for your post!


  5. As always, an absolute pleasure to read, and your usual harshness brings me great joy 😂
    I now see what you mean though about preferring the contents of my box! They should have scrapped the shampoo and conditioner and sent you the body scrub that I received! (It’s really lovely and I reckon you would have enjoyed that so much more!)
    I will say though, I received the shampoo in a previous box (they didn’t bother with the conditioner packet for me), and it left my hair soft, as expected, but was not so great on my colourful hair, and washed it out an awful lot! In fact, I went from red to being told I looked grey, so not a high rating on that one. xxx


    1. That is exactly what I mean! I am ready to try pretty much everything but shampoo. I had some shampoo samples previously too with conditioner as a separate item, that was just bull. I mean I will use it, since I now feel I have to, maybe I will just try it when I travel. Which is not that often so this will sit in my drawer for a while haha

      Thank you for reading, I always look forward to your comments, Jade ❤


  6. I love your review style.

    I’ve had the lip stain and vasanti scrub from Birchbox before and loved them. I gave up eventually though because of their forever shrinking sample sizes.
    Can’t wait to read your Glossybox review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Few last boxes were actually okay and I like the products they send me better than Glossybox so far. It’s just when I get a foil pack my blood boils a little bit. I mean you can’t REALLY try the product from that amount. I can also get some bigger foil packs from a magazine! But this is the first box that was properly meh, so I hope it will quickly improve again 🙄


        1. I’ve heard that from several people that they sent them repeats. I haven’t had that problem yet but I have been only subscribed since December 2015. I think they are collaborating lots now so might not have that problem. If they do then that’s going to be a big no-no. Unless it’s the Beauty Protector, I freaking love that thing they can send me all 5 items being these I wouldn’t be mad haha


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