The next level of tipp-ex for all your planner needs

I feel like I am 12 while posting this. Bare with me hah.

This is a completely random find whilst procrastinating on Ebay (I’m really bad at doing this, last week I started writing a post for my Sephora haul and went to see my purchase history, ended up ordering things again and did you see my Sephora haul post? No. Because I spent the whole evening looking at pretty make up – a whole bouquet of whoopsy daisies there. Ugh.. the struggle) that quickly turned into something amazing. I am not sure if people already use these widely or not, what I am sure is that this brings me more joy than it should do. My planner addict is dancing the most embarrassing little victory dance that makes me extremely happy that’s all internal and only for mua to witness. Hold your orgasms, planner ladies, I present you with this:


Some sort of crazy little invention taking tipp-ex to a next level. It’s so smooth, easy to use and tidy! This has everything that I believe washi tape lacks.

Anyway, I got a ‘few’



I’ve gotten these from here if you want yourself some of that action.

Right, 12 year old is out. You have yourself a very nice evening ❤


Saturday on wednesday




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14 thoughts on “The next level of tipp-ex for all your planner needs

  1. Goodness gracious me these are things that I need in my life that I did not even know existed. Why do you do this to me, stickers, tippex, what next?
    You are pure evil and I love it. xx

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