Introducing Two fur Tuesday: kitten edition #1

People always say they hate Mondays. I’m not a big fan of Mondays myself, but I find it even harder to deal with life on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (hint – the name of the blog). Then from Thursdays onwards it’s all good again. So to help prepare for the upcoming Wednesdays I would like to introduce my new segment – Two fur Tuesdays: kitten edition! Since I have 2 of these, get it? My cats kindly agreed to have a photoshoot per week to cheer you guys up on every gloomy Tuesdays from now on. Don’t worry, they are being paid very generously with various tasty treats for their ‘hard’ effort. I hope you guys enjoy this, please please let me know if you do so I know to continue this.

This week was really sunny and so they spent a lot of their time cabbaged somewhere in a sunny patch on the floor. If you knew Zeus (brown) you would know that what he loves more than anything (including food) is any type of box or bag.  The instance he sees one of those he has to be inside, if he fits or nor is completely irrelevant. I’ve left this tiny box on my windowsill before binning it and this is what happened.


Enjoy this cuddle fight for the box: Happy Tuesday!


Momo was all like ‘hey, dude!’





Zeus won the cuddle battle, look how ridiculously proud he was. Aaaaall mine!


Then he realised I was taking pictures and protested by mewoing and walking towards me so he would be too close to focus. Always happens with him.


This left the box unoccupied for Momo, however. So he took his chance to have a quick snooze. Just so you know, there are at least 3-7 other boxes in our flat at any given time, it was just that one he needed because Zeus had it before.



I hope I have provided you with a healthy dose of cat pictures and your Tuesday got a tiny bit better.

Please like and comment to let me know this is something people find interesting/cute/helpful so I know it’s worth continuing!

If you also want more of this during the rest of the week, make sure to follow me on Instagram, plenty of cat photos there. I am sure some of my friends unsubscribed for that exact reason haha!

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