Product review: OleHENRIKSEN truth serum ® collagen booster

Despite the fact that I love buying this, I am actually really careful and hesitant with my money as I do work hard for it. So when I find something I really like I think about it for a while, especially if it’s this pricey. OleHenriksen truth serum was one of those hype products, so I though I will wait just in case I’m just too easily influenced (guilty..) After maybe a month or more of having this in my Birchbox shopping bag I realised I still want it. I got lucky and qualified to get double points for this purchase. I rarely purchase the full size products of the testers that I receive from my subscription boxes, but I bit the bullet with this one. It was a hard bullet to bite as well, as this is far from cheap.

_DSC0541Now why did I buy this 30ml product for £47? There are a few reasons:

  • My skin does react very positively to most of the vitamin C based products (it’s so good for normal to dry skin)
  • Even after 2 uses I could feel that collagen booster was actually making a difference to my skin. I am usually very sceptical when it comes to skincare claims, but holy sh*t this actually does work.
  • It smells incredible. I used to always go for orange scented sprays when I was a teenager. This brings me back to those sunny non-uk days. Bright sun, lakes, rivers, everything green, butterflies, bumblebees, friends and just care-free times. So it’s personal too.
  • 1 press from the pump gives out the perfect amount for your face and neck. A little really does go a long way, and this is a crucial point of why i bought this. I took these photos today and have been using this for at least 3 week – you can barely see it! Definitely long lasting.
  • _DSC0544It’s non greasy so I believe it would be great for oily skin too.
  • It dries out so much quicker than any moisturiser that I own, which is perfect in the morning so you don’t have to waste time waiting for the moisturiser to sink in before you start putting your make up on. I mean, I already never have time for breakfast as I decided sleep is more important (*sigh..*) so this is great.
  • It instantly makes my skin firmer and more awake.

Now not everything is nice and shiny, of course. I wish this was at least £10 cheaper, even then this would be bloody expensive. Maybe the production is really expensive, it surely does work so the ingredients must be high quality, but still it makes me cry a little bit inside. I also don’t think this would be great for travelling. The pump does fixate but I had the sample spill out in my gym bag. The gym bag I didn’t care about, it was much cheaper than even the sample! I wouldn’t risk travelling with this as I would be afraid of wasting some of this expensive serum. God forbid. However, when you pay this much for this little you should be able to take it wherever the hell you want! It’s not like I travel much, so it didn’t really matter haha (sadness).

I do not regret getting this one bit and if you are looking for something that actually works, I cannot recommend this enough. I cannot find this on the Birchbox site anymore, but you can get this from other places, like the brands’ website or Sephora.

I hope you found this helpful, any questions – let me know!

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11 thoughts on “Product review: OleHENRIKSEN truth serum ® collagen booster

  1. That sounds like a little drop of magic 😮 I have heard so many amazing things about the Ole Henriksen skin care bits. I am really tempted by the power peel, I have seen the results of that on people and it’s incredible, seems like the brand is definitely worth the splurge as their products actually do work a little bit (or a lot as the case may be) of magic! xxx

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    1. I haven’t tried anything else from this brand but it seems like people are really liking it, so they must be doing something right! I would recommend you succumb to your temptations on the product you’ve been eyeing haha xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sounds so good but i just don’t know if i could justify that amount of money! 😦 I have a little sample pot of the ole henriksen sugar mask scrub stuff which I really like! literally just wrote about it in my latest post!!

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    1. I know, I was waiting a long time for me to change my mind but then just decided to go for it. I just wish it would be cheaper. I’ll see how long it actually lasts me. Maybe it will last as long as 2 moisturisers would so when you put the price of those two together maybe it’ll justify this hah we’ll see 🙂 xx

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