I have found my Unicorn Planner: Goodbye Erin Condren!

*Edit from 04/08/2016 – it has now been a few months and I can say that this has been a pleasure using this! I carry this planner with me every  single day and it hasn’t aged at all, it’s so sturdy! It literally looks new. I still haven’t found a perfect way of formatting the pages but that’s on me. Honestly, this is awesome.

Okay, grab a snack, this might take a while.

No, the planner isn’t actually ‘decorated’ with unicorns, that’s not my thing. But it’s as rare as a unicorn: a planner that I might be totally happy about! It’s been my mission to find something like this for so long now, and now I actually might have. Not to get ahead of myself, but I have dangerously high hopes for this.

Over the last months I realised that I don’t actually use my Erin Condren as much as I would like to, and my work Moleskine is getting cramped with both work and personal reminders. The EC is just too big, too chunky, and in my opinion – too impractical. So much space is just wasted, though bare in mind I have a vertical one, if I ever decide to give it another go it will definitely be horizontal (and neutral). But I bought one last year, as I couldn’t find a planner I wanted and everyone seemed so keen on ECs. Long story short (though not that short, sorry hah) I was planning less and it felt more as a chore than pleasure, and I am all about the pleasure, baby. Then one magical day, somehow, I stumbled upon a MochiThings website I have never heard about before (am I living under the rock or is it not widely spoken about?).

After some consideration I had bit the bullet and placed an order for a slim planner and some goodies! I didn’t go absolute crazy, though, which is nice and unusual. Believe me, I wanted to.

Let me show you what I got and then include a list of why I think this is going to suit me much better than EC.


So first of all, I got these adorable little book markers !  I love to read (though really need to get my shit sorted and find more time for it again). Look at those teeny tiny cassettes! These are really good quality and include an actual string, which is a selling point for me.






The magnets are really strong and hold on to the page with no movement at all. I do not regret this one bit and will be using it for my books and planners.

You can also choose a colour and get them in pink, green, yellow, etc. I just opted for your oldie but a goodie.


Next up are these bizarre and amazing post it notes! But icebergs. But also post it notes! Love it. 3 different sizes with a very decent half-hard base.


I can’t even. Nope.

You know how much I love functional stickers (hint Plan it with a sticker), so what can be better than a regular dot? A bloody see-through one! Just you know, minus the blood. I thought these were brilliant. I got a full set that might appear quite pricey until you realise it includes 2,016 of these! Safe to say I should be set with transparent deco stickers for a while now.


Now finally, to the actual planner. There are so many options for different planners on their website, but I wanted something quite slim, especially coming after EC, to carry with me, something not as committing in case I don’t like it. So I have gotten myself this beauty. You can also choose different colours and layouts.


First of all, it feels so nice and soft in your hands, it’s incredible.

When you’re ordering, you can choose from a daily or a weekly set up. I definitely am a daily layout kind of gurl, this was a no brainer for me. However, if you do go for a weekly one, this little fellow will last you for approximately 30 weeks, and the daily one, provided you plan every day, will only last for 3 months (this specific one, they have proper daddy ones too). Now you might be confused as to why am I saying if you plan everyday. Let me show you the beauty of this product:


There are NO dates here, which means you can order this at any point in time and not end up wasting any pages for the months that are already in the past. Instead, you manually write/stamp the date. This is perfect if you’re someone like me and sometimes just simply cannot be arsed to plan – no biggie, there are not going to be any gaps, you can just pick up where you left off and there’s not a single wasted page! Love it. Although, this is definitely not what you want for a work planner, I have my dated and trusted Moleskine for that. But if you do need to mark a date, there is a yearly plan at the begging of the planner, as well as 6 pages of monthly layout (3 months).


The actual layout looks like above: half a page is a list with a space for ticks (eeeeek!) and the rest is completely blank. Now different planners have quite different layouts so if this is not your cup of tea, there’s definitely more to choose from. This sounds like they paid me to review this, rest assured MochiThings don’t know, nor care, who I am haha. I wish though… Anyway.


On the top of the page there is some space for the date, main agenda of the day and urgency. The urgency bit is the one I am a bit confused over, but no matter!

I am still not sure how I am going to use the space but there are so many more possibilities here than in EC – I cannot stop smiling. I can have a tiny photo exhibition on the blank space, doodle (not that I can) or make more lists if I wish so! And it will look tidy and minimalistic. And that’s exactly what I miss. Less colours, more calmness, please!  


Why do I think this is better for me?

  • It’s much more compact to carry with me
  • It has a daily layout, which I much prefer to a weekly for my every day planning!
  • It feels so great in my hands
  • The coil is smaller, making it less awkward to write next to it. You know the awkwardness of writing when you keep hitting that huge binder with the side of your palm and your words tilt? Nonsense, begone!
  • There are no dates here what so ever, complete freedom to taylor it to what you need. You only need to plan 3 days of this week – no problemo, you will not be left with 4 unused pages.
  • It looks much calmer and classy (mmm might not be the best word for it) than EC
  • Very simple
  • Great layout
  • No waste of space
  • Has 3 slim transparent pockets to carry things in (photo below)
  • Cheaper! I paid less for all of this than I would have if I ordered EC. Ant this is also shipping from America. (P.S. Got it in like 5 days! #nocustoms!)

I could so easily spend loads of money on MochiThings website, it’s beoynd ridiculous. I think most of their products are absolutely adorable. If I get along with this planner, which I believe I will, I will definitely order again, probably for a full year planner this time! I love that I can try one for 3 months, even if the price is not that reasonable considering that, but it’s less of a commitment and somehow makes it less wasteful in case I don’t like it in my illogical mind.

This is such a long review, but I hope you guys enjoy this. I am so excited to start planning. I missed the excitement. I am not trashing EC, I did enjoy it but it’s not exactly my favourite. I do see why some people love it, however!

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Thank you for reading ❤

Also yes, yes I did eat the nectarines straight after taking the photos. Here are some more:








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16 thoughts on “I have found my Unicorn Planner: Goodbye Erin Condren!

  1. This whole post made me uncontrollably happy, just what I need in my lunch break at work!
    Those stickers are brilliant, and I think I need to get myself some immediately. The planner is very very similar to mine! It too has no dates, so you can drop off or pick up whenever and I love that! It’s great, because let’s face it, I do not plan my sundays, I do nothing, so I don’t have empty pages and it’s brilliant! Mine too has a section for a check list, and a doodle space (as well as a time management section and general notes). I find it so useful and I can just tell you’re going to love this.
    I’m really excited for you! Stationary makes me so happy. :’) xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy that I could brighten your lunch break! So so happy to have found this planner. Which one do you use? 🤔I haven’t found one with no dates for so long, please share your wisdom hahah 😍
      I love your approach to Sundays xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I use the daily journal from Ohh Deer, it’s brilliant! I do also have a diary where I will jot down date specific things, but the daily jorrnal/planner is my fave💕
        Sunday’s are my only days off, I never do anything with them and it’s perfect🙌🏼 xxxx

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you x I usually am digital when it comes to work schedule (even though I re-write most less important bits and pieces down on a planner still hah) but I like to keep my personal nonsense on a paper – it is really satisfying for some reason 🙂 ❤


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