May Favourites

Another month has passed and I am not even going to pretend I understand where the time goes. However, I am really excited for my favourite month of the year! I think I am predisposed to like June, firstly because ‘oh shawty… it’s my birthday’, secondly Zeus is also ‘celebrating’ his birthday (today actually! Yay, you go cat! Growing up all healthy and sh*t), it’s the beginning of summer (which, admittedly, doesn’t mean as much since I have finished uni last year, but still), and it’s always a new beginning for me. So am I sad that May has ended? Not at all. All things considered, to me May is like the warm-up band before the band you actually came to see. So happy June, guys!

Let’s get into the things I’ve been loving this month then.

Make up

Marc Jacobs lipstick in Understudy. I’ve gotten it maybe 2-3 months ago and hated it. I thought it was too greasy and did not apply perfectly. Which is true, it doesn’t apply perfectly. However, this comes after me using liquid lipsticks for half a century and I think I forgot that not all lipsticks are Kat Von D type. I gave it another shot and I love it now! It’s a very sheen colour that’s perfect for my every day work look, especially because I’ve been into the all dark neutral outfits. It’s a lovely peachy nude and it doesn’t have any odour to it. Not to mention the very satisfying magnetic click when you close it! #importantthings


Speaking of odour, I don’t think there is a scent that makes me happier than this Too Faced Hungover Primer. I have also bought this on Sephora so to save some money as it’s so expensive here. Which makes me very sad because I genuinely fell in love with this. It’s moisturising, very refreshing and perfect for an actual hungover. It’s a product that literally makes you feel better about life. It’s my personal psychotherapist and I use it shamelessly! If you have the money to splash, I cannot recommend this enough.

Too Faced is clearly winning me over and swiftly becoming my favourite brand. I know people are really keen on their packaging, I, however, am more into modern classy packaging. This didn’t stop me appreciating the actual products, and can I dare say it? – I have not had anything disappointing from them yet! This Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in Sparkling Bellini is the perfect blush for the warm season. It doesn’t make your face look like a unicorn shat all over it (always a plus) and gives it a very subtle healthy glow with a hint of ridiculously gorgeous colour. I feel this would fit every skin tone. There’s quite a lot of product inside too, that’s why I never feel too bad buying things like blushes, as they do last me for ever.


I’ve been rocking this amazing Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eyeliner in Electric even though I thought I cannot pull it off with my green/brown/whatever eyes. I’ve always been jealous of clear blue eyes – so many possibilities! But I though to myself, why should’t I use colours I think are gorgeous? So I did, and I never looked back. Amazing. One thing though, this specific one does smudge a bit, but only if you rub it. I have hooded lids and it does not transfer to the top of it even after the whole day of wearing it. Really good quality. I came back to buy a white one too but that one I hated. I think it might be the rotten one in the bunch. I love this so much that I probably will get more colours. Addicted? Yaaas.



This has to be my fairly new Givenchy (no idea how to pronounce that, any hints?) Live Irresistible . I am not one to like sweet scents, but this is just a right mix between fruity and flowery. Very summer like. In fact, it would be fine all year round. That’s what I like in my perfumes.

Not to mention that  Simon Baker from The Mentalist is a model for the male perfume. I find him so charismatic in that show that this actually does sell to me!



This head band from my  May 2016 My Little (Dolce Vita) Box! Pair this with that blue Urban Decay liner and I am all set! Blue liner and a head band, G? – Calm your tits, woman, you’re getting too adventurous.


If you knew me, you would be aware that I have possibly the most uncomfortable feet ever (..I complain a lot..). I literally have 2 pairs of shoes that do not give me instant massive blisters. So I was in serious need for another comfy pair. I initially have gotten a grandma-like office pair for my new job. Grandma shoes are usually what I have to settle with as those have some nice cushions (can you sense the sadness?), for the obvious grandma reasons. But even those I had to return as I couldn’t walk in them. I’ve seen this pair in the shop and I was ‘YES, PLEASE!’. I needed to try them. And they are hands down one of the most comfortable and problem-free pair I have own! And gorgeous! They have a tiny heel that’s suitable for both my work and meeting friends. Probably not everybody’s cup of tea, but I love the design! I got them from Clarks .


I found this beautiful frame in Paperchase. I didn’t have any other frame on my desk so just went for it. It feels very high quality and sturdy. Sorry, I can’t find and link you to this frame on their website, but chances are there are still some in your local stores.


These little Crane Scissors from Papergang May 2016 box! So decorative! You can buy these here though I believe they are out of stock. If you feel you need those urgently you can just type Crane Scissors into the Amazon or Ebay search!



This adorable and useful chopping board set from Argos. It’s on 25% sale just now and we really needed new ones. Our old one just kind of bended weirdly. Not to mention we used it for everything..yikes. And the other one we have is just too huge to wash comfortably so we never really use it, it’s just for the ‘looksies’. So super happy about this! It comes with this useful stand that satisfies my organisational geek inside!

And finally, I’ve been loving Edinburgh!


The weather has been exceptionally nice this month, with some sunny warm days. Of course this is only nice as far as Scotland goes, but still! At least one fourth of May was not close to 0 degrees and rainy. The other three quarters probably were though. It’s the small things in life. Good weather made me instantly happy. I now have high hopes for this summer.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about what I’ve been loving recently as much as i enjoy reading these posts.

Let me know your thought on my picks and what you’ve been favouring this month!

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22 thoughts on “May Favourites

  1. I really enjoyed this post, as I enjoy all of your posts really! Those boots do look gorgeous, as does everything else you have mentioned to be honest.
    I completely agree with your love for the month of June, it’s my favourite too, as it is also my birth month😁 Yay for June! xxx

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