Cohorted May 2016

It’s that time of the month again!


When I wait for all my boxes and am overly critical towards them! Honestly, I am very happy and usually really excited when I get them, but one must be cruel to be just!
If you are new to my reviews – Welcome! None of this is sponsored. I also rate things with my kittens. I hope you enjoy it!
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This morning I have received my June’s Cohorted box and I thought to myself mayyyyyybe I should write up the last month now. I am not sure how this happened, so just bare with me, I will try to make this fast and painless so we can look at the current month afterwards, pretending I am on top of my thing, deal? – Deal!


For those unfamiliar, Cohorted is a monthly beauty subscription box that comes to your door. It almost exclusively contains higher end brands and full size products, whit some exceptions. The price is a tad higher than your usual Beauty Box such as Birchbox, or Glossybox etc. and costs £35, which is a lot. I am lucky enough to get this as a gift from my partner, however I do believe I would subscribe by myself even if he decides that enough is enough and cancels it. (Or so I thought before I got my June box, but that’s a story for another time). You can see my previous reviews here.

P.S. kittens do not come with the box.


So the box cots £35 (with everything included) and May’s box values for £77 – not bad at all.

Now to what’s actually been delivered: hint – I will save the best for the end.

Nail Polish

HJ Manicure

I give this 4  Curiously Supportive Zeuses

                                                       Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled



A really pretty nail polish


Made in a cruelty free way, so no cute bunnies had to be disabled for you to have pretty nails (feeling suddenly guilty? Meh, you’d be surprised how many diseases those little bastards spread, it’s fiiiiine). Also vegan friendly. Not that you would eat it..?


  • Pretty colour. I mean it’s a valid point, that’s what you look for in the nail polish.
  • I feel this is a perfect colour for blonds


  • Not as opaque as I would like, one layer will not do at all

Could alternatively be used as to paint a bunny. (I do like bunnies, calm down)

Would I buy it again & should you?

Truth be told, I only tried to apply this once, and excuse my french, but I was properly shit-faced at the time.66467338.jpg So I can’t really call it success and can’t comment on how long this lasts, and since the weather went back to being properly Scottish I currently have a nude nail colour on instead, do not feel like this spring colour is appropriate at all. So what I am trying to say is that I don’t know if this is good or not, but the colour is pretty, so there’s that. I will insert an edit note once I give this a proper try.


Jimmy Choo

I think for me this receives  1 Curiously Supportive Zeus


_DSC0240£10, but I could find this online for £6 etc. LIES haha


Seriously adorable little perfume bottle. I mean, A+ for the effort.


Doesn’t have a nozzle of any sort so you just dab it and hope for the best.


  • I think I have a weakness for miniature versions of things so I find this adorable. 


  • Not my scent. And since this is the main purpose of perfume, hence the rating.



Could alternatively be used as a normal size perfume if you get shrunk in half.

Would I buy it again & should you?

No. But that’s the thing with perfumes, it’s a very personal choice. So while I don’t like it some people might. I know my mother would, it’s very much her kind of scent. Ech, I haven’t gotten one perfume in any of the boxes that I like yet. Sad sad times.

Liquid Lipstick


4 Slightly Supportive Zeus

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled


£23 for 3g


I tiny liquid lipstick, that’s also apparently available in this size. Maybe that’s the theme in this box – tiny overpriced things.


Just as you would.


  • Compact
  • Nice quality
  • Nice everyday colour
  • My first Hourglass product, since it’s hard to get that here
  • The package feels nice


  •  So massively overpriced
  • Quite small
  • I think mine was a bit old, judging from the state of the liquid. I did warm it up in hot water so it would cover the inside, as it was bothering me.
  • It’s not as nice as Kat Von D ones, but still okay

Could alternatively be used as eye shadow. Sure, why not?

Would I buy it again & should you?

I do like it. I would buy it if it was much much cheaper. I do like it, am not mad at all that I received it and I do use it sometimes, but £23 for 3 grams of product? C’mon. If you’re itching for a good liquid lipstick, I would say go for the the Kat Von D for sure.

Voyage Vol 2 Palette

The Balm

 Curiously Supportive Zeuses!

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled



RRP £37.50 – here’s what you paid and more on this only!


A all in one travel palette including eye shadows, highlighter, bronzer, 2 blushes, and 2 tinted lip balms


  • Anything all in one, I am all for!
  • The shadows are great, I especially like Benvenuto, Tervetuloa, Bievenue, Welcome, Willkommen and Welkom. I believe that’s welcome in different languages? Some swatches didn’t show up as much on camera, but believe me they are all pigmented and easy to work with.

balm swatches

  • It’s easy to create both day and night looks.
  • The highlight and 2 blushes are great, I just had to learn it the hard way that you need to be very light handed with these, as they are crazy pigmented and can make you look like a tomato.


  • Even the balm colours are really pigmented and nice
  • And to top it all, there’s also a mirror.



  • Probably the only strong con is that the bronzer is way too dark for me. But you can’t please everyone with different skin tones, so no biggie.
  • I am also not a big fan of applying anything to my lips with my fingers so I would have preferred something else instead of the two lip products, but I do appreciate that they want to cover all basis.

Would I buy it again & should you?

This is a hard one, because I genuinely really like this product and will definitely find it useful while traveling! But the price is a little bit ridiculous, so whilst I am extremely happy that I got this in my box, have I not had – would I buy it? Probably not. And this is why I love these boxes. I got this palette and some other things for less money than I would have paid for the palette itself. Yay, Cohorted!

20% off Naked 2 Palette

I assumed that the value of the box was already high, they only included 4 products and an exclusive offer for Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, so whatever. But now I see they did the same thing with June’s box so I really hope it’s not a thing now. As usually you would have gotten 5 products.



Some products were misses, but when is that not the case for any box? I was really excited to get the Voyage 2 palette and felt even more fond of it after I started using it. I do like the Hourglass liquid lipstick, as I think it’s a great every day colour for more official business, maybe work. Both of these would have been too expensive for me to buy at the moment, so I am really glad I now don’t have to. The little perfume was a miss, though it’s not horrible. I might take it with me for when I go home in July and give this to my mom instead, someone should use it, right? As for the nail polish, I like the colour and will definetily give it a go once the weather go back to something else than autumn!

All in all, the best Cohorted box yet. I would now say I am really looking forward to the June box, which I was, but I got it and am really in two mind about it. Look out for my honest (as always. I feel like no brand will ever want me to review their things as I am always so harsh haha) review soon!

I believe the box was:









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I will see you next time, lovelies!

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6 thoughts on “Cohorted May 2016

  1. That all in one palette is pretty great to have received in a subscription box, seems like you did pretty well here!
    I’m super intrigued as to what the deal is with Junes box, can’t wait to find out! xxxx

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