Cohorted June 2016

It’s that time of the month again!


When I wait for all my boxes and am overly critical towards them! Honestly, I am very happy and usually really excited when I get them, but one must be cruel to be just!
If you are new to my reviews – Welcome! None of this is sponsored. I also rate things with my kittens. I hope you enjoy it!
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Oh look at this, a review for Cohorted beauty box that’s actually coming out the same month as the box! See, I can do things right (…or can I?). Let’s get into it.

For those unfamiliar, Cohorted is a monthly beauty subscription box that comes to your door. It almost exclusively contains higher end brands and full size products, whit some exceptions. The price is a tadhigher than your usual Beauty Box such as Birchbox, or Glossybox etc. and costs £35, which is a lot. I am lucky enough to get this as a gift from my partner, however I do believe I would subscribe by myself even if he decides that enough is enough and cancels it. (Or so I thought before I got my June box, but that’s a story for another time). You can see my previous reviews here.

P.S. kittens do not come with the box.

_DSC0226.jpgSo the box cots £35 and June’s box values for £82, but let’s see how much can you actually use.

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil


I give this 1  Curiously Supportive Zeus






The sheerest purple-blue lip pencil.


Smudge this 4-5 times on your lips until you see something. Then be unhappy with it and wipe it off in one swift movement, as it comes off really easy.


  • It’s NARS, and NARS is usually nice.
  • It’s quite unique – that’s the only reason this gets that one Zeus.


  • This is the weirdest colour I have ever seen and not in a good way.
  • It’s so sheer that you can barely spot it. Though maybe it’s because my lips are quite naturally pigmented.
  • It’s not very comfortable.
  • It picks up on all the little skin patches on your lips

Could alternatively be used as face colour if you’re dressing up as a corpse for Halloween.

Would I buy it again & should you?

I usually adore NARS so this is somewhat hard for me to do, but this is so so so bad, guys. It might just be this colour (and the colours varied so I am just unlucky to have gotten this NARS-Velvet-Matte-7361one) but you know when you’re in the lake/pool for too long and your lips start getting a bit blue? – this is how it looks like when you apply this lip pencil. I can get that for free! £20 is ridiculous and I don’t believe it. I am so sad, I hope other people got better colours, that would have a better quality to them too.


Instant Bronzing Spray 

James Read

I think for me this receives Curiously Supportive Zeus

Untitled Untitled



ARE YOU BLOODY KIDDING ME? Yet another self bronzing item, I feel like these boxes are just making me pay for my life mistakes. Way to hold a grudge, box. As a girl that doesn’t self-tan I feel cheated. All the boxes (all of them, really) had sun-related items, June 2016 Birchbox even had a face tanner of the same brand! Sun screams too, as to rub it in my face that I am not going on any proper holiday any time soon. *sigh*



  • People might love this
  • Heard it’s a good tanning brand
  • It’s a full size product, so that’s good
  • I like the packaging
  • I also like that it’s a spray


  • Not that I know if that’s true or not
  • Man… seriously?

Could alternatively be used as. I just give up.

Would I buy it again & should you?

I wouldn’t buy it as I don’t self tan, but I know people really like this. So I think because this is a spray instead of a cream, I might actually give in and try this, especially as I now have quite a collection of tanning products, feels wasteful not to use them. The outcome is more than likely will resemble an Umpa Lumpa. I wish it was sunny in Scotland. I used to be tanned. Now I am just see-through. So it’s not like I don’t like the tan, I just don’t want to play with self-tanning. I feel like I have to now. £25 makes me feel that way. So I will let you know how it went. Maybe I will love it, who knows.

Iridescent eyeliner: blue

Lord & Berry

Slightly Supportive Zeus

Untitled Untitled Untitled



A blue-black khol eyeliner. Eyeliner. My brain legitimately farted when I opened this and for a few days I thought this was a lip liner. Why, you ask? I do not know. Now it seems very clear it isn’t, not to mention it says eyeliner in the description. You know, some days I wonder how I got a good degree. This was the point where I really raged about how bad this box is: ‘WHEN will I EVER use a blue lip liner??’ *shakes her head some more*. Anyway, let’s forget this ever happened.


Do not apply to your lips.


  • It’s actually a nice blue-black shade that’s not too in-your-face
  • Fairly creamy
  • Would suit most eye colours


  •  Wipes off extremely easily, so not ideal for hooded lids like mine
  • You have to apply more than 1 layer for an opaque effect
  • You have to sharpen it. I’m lazy and my cats keep stealing the sharpener. So I end up using it up as much as I can, to the point where the wooden bits just poke in the eye. Tell me I’m not the only one?

Could alternatively be used as an eye poker, clearly.

Would I buy it again & should you?

Wouldn’t buy it, but not mad I got it. Will use it for some classy night out looks. Will not risk for the every day look, as with some light make up any smudging that is bound to happen will be more noticeable. I adore the colour though, so will try to use it.

Eye & Brow Palette

HD Brows

 Curiously Supportive Zeuses!

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled




Eyeshadow and brow palette. It has 4 brow/shadow colours for you to mix and find the best match for your brows, and it also has a fixating cream if you want a stronger effect.



  • I love that you have a few shades just in case your brows are in between them, which is let admit it, usually the case.
  • The shadows are really really nice and pigmented
  • Really easy to use for your brows
  • I use tiny bit of the black and mix it with the brown next to it, and it’s perfection
  • This is my new go to brow product – I can see what the hype is about!
  • Has a nice tiny brush side for that perfected brow look


  • For a brow product this is not very travel friendly unless you’ll use these as shadows too
  • I don’t think I will use these as shadows
  • The highlighter shade is not really highlighting at all for my skin tone, but then could be used for very blonde brows!

Would I buy it again & should you?

I would! And you know I don’t say that often. I am over the moon about this being in my box, and it definitely saved it! This is really worth it, and if you need all-in-one brow product, I really recommend this.

35% off CHANEL35 lipsticks

I think this might be a thing from now on. I don’t count this as the 5th product, because I would have to spend more money to get this. Sad times.



I was really disappointed in this when I thought I got a blue lip liner. Now I am just disappointed in my own mental abilities. It is still not the best box I have ever received: the blue liner is so smudgy that I will only use it with heavy make up where smudging would be okay and not as noticeable, the NARS lip pencil will stay in my drawer just because it’s NARS and probably will be used maybe 2 times. ever. I will try the tanner because I have heard good things about the brand, but I know I will manage to mess it up. Man, this is going to amuse my partner to tears. But I feel I am wasting money, as I am not using any wanted and welcomed product was the brow palette, that was so good that I am willing to forgive you, Cohorted. Because you read these posts, obv, and so care about what I think haha. Though I said the same about MochiThings and then they really read it – whoops. Please do a little better next month, but thank you for the palette!

I believe the box was:









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I will see you next time, lovelies!

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10 thoughts on “Cohorted June 2016

  1. It seems like such a cheat that they have started using discount vouchers as items in the box, that’s totally not cool. The brow palette does look good, though nothing else seems usable to me.
    As always though, thoroughly entertaining to read! xxx

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