Two fur Tuesday #TBT

Happy Tuesday, everybody! if you’re new here – welcome, and if you’re a usual to this dose of kittens – welcome back! So even though it’s Tuesday, we’re going to do a Throwback Thursday edition. Yes, I am that rebellious!

These photos are mostly going to be from my phone, so what they lack in quality they will hopefully compensate in cuteness! Enjoy!

Most of these are going to be of our ‘first born’ Zeus, as Momo pretty much still looks like a kitten.

The first day


Zeus was a bit sad to be separated from his family, so we just let him stay inside of the carrier for as long as he needed. Momo, on the other hand, didn’t give a shit, apparently he was just purring all the way home in the car (I was working and couldn’t pick him up).


My little fox


After a few months we got Momo, and the both of them bonded instantly despite our fears of Zeus playing the alpha cat. We did introduce them properly so that definitely helped. I might write a post on how to introduce your cats to one another safely.


Sometimes I wonder if they know they’re brothers.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this a little bit different than usual Two fur Tuesday post. If you’d like to see the previous ones that contain photos that don’t look like they have been taken with a potato, you can find these here.

For more Zeus & Momo follow me on Instagram.

Hope the rest of your week is great and I will see you soon!

Saturday on wednesday



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