Becca x Jaclyn Hill face palette: Review and Swatches


You might have seen a tease on My Instagram and here it finally is! The review of Becca and Jaclyn Hill collaboration baby, the face palette. If I had gotten anything from the collection, it’s this. First of all, everything is bloody expensive, but somehow I justified this as it includes 3 blushes and 2 highlighters from a company that is supposed to be known at being good at these. Secondly, all this talk about the inconsistency for the eyeshadows and conspiracy to get more money by producing half of them in China somewhat discouraged me from trying to get my hands on that, thanks. But still, June being the month of me coming out of my mama, I naturally splashed my money that way and the other until a few days ago, at which point I realised that if I continue I might have to move outside with that large cardboard box that my cats enjoy so much. I am not sure if I would share the admiration with them. I would have to share the box though. Anyhow, I have placed my Birthday order from Sephora, and actually behaved myself and didn’t go completely crazy. It didn’t help that Sephora emailed me saying there’s a gift waiting for me. Thanks, Sephora, for making me spend my money on international shipping. My will is not strong, guys.

The package arrived just before my lunch break and I instantly reached for the palette.

The palette itself feels very luxurious yet not heavy at all. It’s plastic with rubbery top. I think this is a platte safe for travelling, it seems like the pans are well protected.

Once I opened this I realised that the rumours were true – this is hands down the BEST mirror that I have ever seen with a product! It’s so crisp and big, again – perfect for travelling, you literally will not need another one with you.



*Note* Please ignore the finger marks on the pans, I surely couldn’t resist swatching these before taking photos. Lack of self control, as I said.

It comes with the protective film inside that has the names of the shades on it, but luckily you don’t have to save this in case you forget it, as these are actually listed on the back of the palette too (yay!).

First of all, you get 3 beautiful blushes. The top left is called Rose Spritz and is made with the newest Becca’s formulation of shimmery/illuminating blush. This blush is crazy pigmented and very creamy. It applies really nicely, however you need to have a light hand with pretty much all of these. It’s has a strong pink with dark coral in it, however the glow is peach-gold. It’s a very unique and interesting shade that I am enjoying very much. This is perfect for summer when you want to have this nice glow going on. It looks much lighter on camera than it actually is. Some people compare it to Nars Orgasm.


The Amaretto blush is the one I did not expect to like and yet I do! My favourite way to apply the blush from this palette is to mix 70% Amaretto with 30% Rose Spritz, the results are perfection. Amaretto is nice light brown matte that’s also really pigmented, especially with the brush. This light coco with the subtle rose-gold of Rose Spritz is just something else entirely. I do go lightly on the contour if I am using this though, otherwise I feel my face looks a bit off.


The last blush in the palette is Pamplemousse. This blush is full on matte dark pink and is a danger zone in that it could end up being not subtle at all. Pamplemousse has a curious feel to it, I think it’s a bit more powdery and harder than the rest of them, but in no way less pigmented. I have not reached for this much yet, I need to find a way of using this and not looking like a clown.

Here are the swatches, sorry for the focus. It was a long day.


The Rose Spritz, Amaretto & Pamplemousse

Now onto the highlighters. There’s the original baby of Jaclyn’s, Champagne Pop and the new addition to the family, Prosecco Pop.

Champagne Pop is this lovely icy rose-gold highlight. I love how these are formulated not to have the actual glitter in it and so can still be used for a subtle glow instead of always going full BAM. Means I can actually use this for work etc. I love it. I was slightly worried after I read a lot of people saying that this is very different from the original. But hey, since I do not actually have the original and cannot compare the two, who cares? I am happy with this one. I did notice there was much more powder kick off than I have anticipated from the highlights that were supposedly famous for being extra creamy, so I was slightly disappointed, but I am happy to say that I think I just needed to work through it. It’s getting creamier with every use – yay!

The sister of Champagne Pop (left), Prosecco Pop (right), is a much much more golden one. It’s still possible for a paler girl like myself to pull this of, but it’s not that easy. I definitely prefer the Champagne Pop, however both are very pigmented and both had the initial powder ‘problem’ (it’s still nothing compared to some other ones!).



It’s not that easy to capture the highlight on the camera, but I hope you are able to see it. The Prosecco Pop is definitely a warmer one.



  • Classy, sturdy packaging
  • Good pan sizes
  • The mirror!
  • Good for most skin tones (some more than others though)
  • Good selection of blushes
  • Mixes together nicely
  • Very pigmented
  • Last through all day (at least 9 hours)


  • It’s plastic
  • Not cheap
  • Maybe not the best for very pale girls (me included) but it’s not like this will stop us using it #wedowhatwewant
  • Highlighters a bit more powdery than expected

Overall, I really do love it. I say that if you already own Champagne Pop that maybe you should skip this, but if you don’t and you’d like to try Becca and the Pops & you can afford it at the moment – go for it. It is limited edition and might be out of stock in most places, but I am sure there will be some to be found due to the decline in this because of the Eye shadow palette. The public was assured that it doesn’t concern the face palette at all. I still checked where mine was made… USA – phew.

Hope you enjoyed the review and I will see you all soon ❤

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      1. I do like it, but I’m naturally quite pale and it definitely looks better when I have a tan – it’s quite a warm tone, so I don’t think it would work on everyone! I do own highlighters that I prefer but still do like it 😀 xxx

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