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You know, since I haven’t jumped on the Twitter train when it arrived, I always found it intimidating. But I figured it’s about time to give in. I am absolutely fresh so am looking to follow all of you lovely ladies and gentleman! Of course would love for you to follow me too. So please comment with you usernames and if you wish, here’s the link to my Twitter.

For some extra love, you can also follow me on Instagram or/and Bloglovin.

I look forward to connecting with you all ❤

Saturday on wednesday


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Hey there! Welcome to my Everything Blog. You know those lovely organised people who have a niche? Well that's not me, my blog is just like my mind, jumping from one thought to another. Sorry (but not too sorry). I have a degree in Psychology and am a proud owner of two amazing kittens Zeus and Momo, although thoroughly a dog person! I love cooking, I surely love eating, reading and exploring. I have created this blog with hope that I can lighten up the mid-week Wednesday with some Saturday chill vibes. Hopefully you enjoy your Saturdays On Wednesdays as much as I enjoy mine. With Love, G xoxo

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