My Last Glossybox June 2016



      Yes, you read that right! I am saying goodbye (at least for now) to my Glossyboxes. I have been thinking of temporarily cutting down on at least 1 box as I am saving for a computer, but you know me – I just subscribed to Papergang in May *rolls her eyes*. Also I have a big case of FOMO (fear of missing out). It’s severe. But at the end one box had to go. And it’s not like Glossybox didn’t perform, I just felt the least excited towards getting it, even though the value would usually be much better than Birchbox. Just the way my brain works. But I am glad to say goodbye to it on the month of June as it actually was a really nice box! _DSC0171

     Anyway, my last Glossybox! *sob* I BET you I will see others getting theirs and cry because somehow I will want it so badly haha. Don’t even think it will matter what’s inside.

Monthly price (including P&P) £12.75 for the 3 month rolling subscription. If you believe the prices they put on the info leaflets this box is worth £57.24 – not bad at all.

GinZing Moisturiser


This deserves 4 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

The full size costs £24 and this would be £7.19


Energising moisturiser enriched with …um I don’t know it’s in German. *Whips out the info leaflet* right, where was I – enriched with coffee beans (have that at home) and panax ginseng *quickly googles ‘panax ginseng* which is just your normal ginseng (have that at home). I could totally make this myself, pfft. To-ta-layy!


Yeah, that’s the part where I couldn’t actually make it because I wouldn’t know where to even start.


  • It’s 15ml but a little goes a long way
  • Non-oily, perfect for summer
  • Very light weight
  • Smells like oranges!
  • Actually does make my skin feel a bit tighter


  • It’s nothing revolutionary but other than that I can’t find anything to whine about (can you believe that?)

Could alternatively be used as a sad replacement for an orange when you can’t afford/be bothered to get any and just really want that smell. Or if you want to feel the Christmas vibe for some reason. Oranges always associate with Christmas. Or is just me? Let me know!

Would I buy it & should you?

As moisturisers go, this is not the most expensive to actually purchase, though I still think all of them are massively overpriced. I have recently found my absolute holy grail serum (will be in June Favourites) and I think this might be a very good bestie after it so I might consider purchasing this once I run out of all of my sample and full size ones, so realistically not before winter. Albeit that’s close for the time goes oh so quickly it pains me!


After sun lotion

De Bruyere

This gets 4 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Full size and it’s £9.48


A calming and nourishing after sun lotion made with Monoi (fancy term for gardenia petals soaked in coconut oil – fair enough though that is actually fancy) and vitamin E (yay). This is also paraben and silicone free. It also smells like vacation. It’s also awesome.


You know when you’re in the sun doing things and not actually realising that you’re burning like a crab? Well me neither, because THERE IS NO SUN HERE!

But really, you know what I mean. I find after sun lotions amazing and it always soothes my skin and calms my mind – pretending to be super responsible and look after my skin kind of vibe.


  • Did I mention it smells like holidays?
  • I have noticed that anything skin care with vitamin E is a like magic for my skin, so I already am hyped about this
  • Really decent size
  • Not too big to travel with (50ml)


  • A bit watery
  • Not the lotions fault, but there is no sun here 😦

Could alternatively be used as moisturiser? I cannot really see why not.

Would I buy it again & should you?

I am actually going home for a bit mid July so I might catch some sun! It’s like 34 degrees there just now, but it seems like life is cruel and it’s going to be much rainier and in general shit when we get there! Don’t even get me started..Hopefully not. We have a 5 day get-away planned after we attend the event we are going there for, I will keep you posted!

My point being – I love that this is something I can take with me to the plane as it’s under 100ml and it might be useful!

Sun Protection Spray


2 Very Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled


Protection from 4 types of UV rays, non-greasy, water resistant.. blah blah blah. It’s great and all that.


Well, that’s the thing. I don’t imagine you can use this while travelling locally (as I said – no sun) and it’s over 100ml so I cannot take it with me unless I go with additional checked in luggage instead of just taking a carry on. Which I am not going to do because money. 


  • It’s probably a good spray
  • It’s water proof, which is great for when you’re in/out of the water and there’s no need to constantly re-apply it (though I would still suggest it)                                       £19.99
  • The size is good (in a sense that it’s not small)


  • The size! That’s the first and probably last time I find a bigger size annoying (*whispers ‘that’s what she said’*), because it means it’s useless to me 😦
  • Sad 😦

Could alternatively be used as any ideas? Cause I would love to use this as something haha. Maybe spray my cats and check if it’s truly waterproof and makes them like ducks. I’m sure they would love it.

Would I buy it & should you?

I would. But within a country I could actually use it in.

Lip & Cheek tint

Emite Make Up

1 Very Curiously Supportive Zeuses




A tint that nobody I know would ever use for the cheeks (that’s generally tints, not just this one)



  • Leaves a nice darkish purple-red tint
  • Pretty packaging
  • Full size
  • It does tint


  • I found it’s fairly hard to distribute on my lips equally because it’s so liquidy  and some bits catch much more of the tint than the rest and that just ends up looking weird
  • The colour is misleading, as when you apply it it’s red but it turns purple. Which I don’t mind, but some might.


Could alternatively be used to fake bruises.

Would I buy it again & should you?


Konjac Sponge

5 Very Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Full size and worth £6.99


This is so cool! The sponge is popular in Asia and it’s made of the porous root vegetable fibres that is known for the ability to hold water. Because of the texture of this it provides a soft exfoliation as well – whoop!


I like how they put it ‘soak in warm mater, squeeze, then massage over skin using circular motion’ – yes thank you Glossybox for teaching us how to use a sponge… Give us some credit, jeez.

Though to be fair, can you blame then when some people were so confused as to why it’s in ‘some sort of liquid’ and claimed theirs was ‘bad’ and wanted a replacement? *facepalm*


  • It feels so so unusual in the best way
  • Exfoliates but so so softly
  • It’s nice and small but easy to use for the whole body
  • Dries when not used so doesn’t get all yucky (very scientific, G) from the water over time
  • It’s fun to use


  • When you open it it has an extremely strong chemical stench from the liquid, but after you wash it once it completely disappears.

Could alternatively be used as a cat toy…apparently *squints at the cats* *cats proceed to roll over and be cute* *disappears for 10 minutes for cuddles* *okay I’m back* #whipped.

Would I buy it and should you?

I absolutely would. I loved this. It’s awesome. And I needed a new sponge. So yay! Really recommend this!

Something little extra


Oh hello there, you tiny teeny conditioner sample! I know people really like Aussie hair products, but my hair is just something else so it only accepts the very few products (will post about it at some point, because if it works for me it will probably work for everyone else). This is still bigger than that ridonculous sample in the May’s Birchbox. At least this is an extra!



I know some products have not had the best review but overall I was impressed. As always, Glossybox did not include any really well known brands (I suppose Origins is a little bit there) but I am in love with the moisturiser and the sponge, and will use the after sun lotion. So 3/5 is not that bad. The tint is okay but it’s just too messy for me and surely doesn’t save me any time, as it claims to do. And the spray would be awesome if you could just order us some sun too. Could you? That’d be great.

I might miss Glossybox and it’s likely that I will re-subscribe. But it will be nice to see whether I will miss it. For now, it was nice knowing you, Glossybox! ❤

I believe the box was:









What did you think of this? Have you tried the Revlon mascara? Which item did you like the best? What are your plans for the weekend? Haha.

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Oh also there is going to be a Giveaway soon so make sure not to miss that. It’s not like this is a very popular site so your chances are actually really good! 

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13 thoughts on “My Last Glossybox June 2016

  1. I read this post as soon as it popped up on my feed, but I read it at work and though ‘I will comment on that when I get home’, and now it’s been days and I feel bad. Anyway, here I am with the regular: that was thoroughly enjoyable to read (for the second time, as I couldn’t really remember everything from the first time I read it).
    It’s a shame that you’ve unsubscribed from Glossybox, but that just makes room for more new discoveries!
    Also, the Aussie 3 minute miracle hair mask is amaziiiiiiing, I absolutely adore the stuff, and I have horrible bleached and dyed hair! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that’s fine it happens to me all the time whoops

      I’m so happy you enjoyed it xxx and I believe that once I have saved up for what I’m saving now I will definitely either come back to this or go try a new one!
      I will try the mask then! I was not even about to as its just not going to be enough but I will give it a go, thank you 😍😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There are so many out there now, I came across an Australian one the other day which looked interesting (can’t for the life of me remember what it was called though), I’m tempted to replace my Birchbox subscription with something a little different!
        I hope you enjoy the mask as much as I do! xxx

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Someone commented saying that Ipsy is shipping internationally so I got so excited I think my blood presure was high, but I couldn’t actually back this up anywhere so at the end now I am just going to get their spam emails and not the box 😦 maybe one day. It always looks so good. That and Boxycharm.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I’ve seen some pretty good things come out of Ipsy, but would you not just have an awful feeling that being in the UK, where everything crappy ends up, we would get a crappier version of it? That seems to me to be what happens with most things working their way over to the UK! xxx

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Basically, yeah!😂 it would be wonderful if we could get the same products, but it just wouldn’t happen. I think getting a UK based box might be a good option, if it’s only available in the UK then there will be no US boxes to compare it to! xxx

                Liked by 1 person

  2. My best tip for after sun (y’know when you’re somewhere hot and sunny) is to store it in the fridge. You’ll especially appreciate that when you have need, trust me. 2nd best use of a hotel room minibar.

    Liked by 1 person

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