DIY: Marble Effect

It’s hard not to love the marble effect even if you’re trying to be original and not wanting to give in the mainstream trend. Because it’s so f* pretty! Give me a moment, I will calm myself.

I have been wanting a marble background for my photos and, let’s be frank, to have that piece of marble in my work space, but I did not feel like splashing £50-100 on it, imagine how many beauty products you could buy with that! So then I though of something – you know how people have the vinyl laptop skins? They have to get that vinyl from somewhere, I should get that and take this to the next level! I wanted something more substantial than the back of my laptop that could be a protective factor for my table top. So  I used this glass piece as my base and purchased a roll of marble vinyl. I am not amazing *cough cough* at DIY but I am so happy with this and proud of myself for coming up with it, didn’t even use Pinterest for the idea, point being that if I can do it – anyone can.

Here’s is literally all you need:



  • Scissors or a box cutter
  • Pen
  • Vinyl , which you can find here
  • The object you want to ‘pimp’

And viola!



Please keep in mind that this really did not do justice from the photos, but believe me it’s realistic, it’s chic and it’s just perfect background for my photos! The marble is not aggressive and it’s nice and soft, not stealing the attention from the product. 10 out of 10!

As well as creating my table top board for my photo background and just general surface protection, I went for my fridge too, because why the hell not!

We have a simple silver one before

And then after!

fridge marble

Here’s as good of a full size one that I could get with my portrait lens. Excuse the mess.


All you need to do is measure how much you need and apply it carefully peeling the film from the back and constantly pushing downwards from the centre to the edges, this way you will minimise the bubbles. Be prepared to work for a bit though. But the best part is that this comes of really easily if you screwed up so you can rewind. Yet it is sturdy enough to stay in place.

You would need 3x of the vinyl rolls for the whole fridge, but you will have some leftovers!

This added some nice detail to the flat and the kitchen looks much brighter!

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Saturday on wednesday



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