June favourites

   I am not going to say it this time. But you all know what I mean here.

The weather has been miserable here in Scotland this month but at least I have found a lot of products that I fell in love with.

Make up

   Rainforest of the Sea concealer is officially my  favourite. Not just for June, but for ever. You might think I am being dramatic, but I swear I am not. I have tried quite a few concealers and this one just casually raced by them all in fabulous light hair – don’t care manner. There’s nothing to compare this with. Nothing. The Urban Decay naked skin? Nope. Collections concealer? Nope. Nars? Nope. Bourjois radiant concealer? Nope nope nope nope. This little buddy has a creamy light texture, great pigment, great blendability, and amazing durability. Tarte is not a cheap brand, however a small amount of product is really all you need , I have been using this for 3 months pretty much every day and it’s not even half empty! (it’s half full haha)






You’ll all know my adoration for this Becca x Jaclyn Hill palette. You can see my full review here. All you need to know is that this is completely worth it and it’s going to go wherever I go with me. I would even take this just for the mirror itself, the out of this world products at this point are just an awesome addition.



And yet another subscription box hit – this Laura Mercier hand moisturiser cream I have received from Birchbox. I’m not sure if it exceeds in the moisturising compartment (it does a good job though) but what brings this buddy here is the divine smell! Could be too strong for some, a guy 2 tables away in the office from me asked ‘Who’s perfume is this?’ (not even kidding) and I had to admit it’s just my moisturiser. Love it!





This is by far my top favourite. To tell you the truth (which I always do due to that serious lack of social filter) I have never been a huge fan of Olay products. I have trusted a few great reviews on this Olay Regenerist serum  and since I found it reduced in Superdrug, decided to give it a go. Praise the lord that I did! My skin has never been so good! I am not saying this prevents spots or anything, but as far as moisturizing and firming goes – go and grab yourself this! I don’t even use a moisturiser to top this serum up, I just apply this. It works. It actually works. My skin is soft, I feel like some of the thin wrinkles have shrinked since my skin feels tighter in general, and my skin now has this natural dewy glow! It’s not something people with dry to normal skin usually have. I am being serious – you DO need this in your life




I  have been using this SP Wella shampoo for at least 3 years but recently decided to branch out. I wanted to find a shampoo that suits my complicated hair and also is a bit cheaper. What an utter fool. I soon found out  that I should have stuck to the holy grail product that I had. It really does make you appreciate it though! I just washed my hair with this again and I can honestly say this is THE best shampoo for my hair that I have ever tried, and my hair has seen some trying let me tell you. I fell in love with this all over again.



_DSC0486I am in love with my Beauty Protector detangling spray that I had included in my April favourites , so I was almost certain I would like this conditioner from the same line. I read some reviews where people went as far as saying that this is the best thing in the world to which my reaction was ‘Calm your horses, woman.’. What I did not know is how much I will love it. I am absolutely crazy for the scent and the effect that this has on my hair. Just to explain it properly, my hair texture is too close to hay that I am willing to admit (as I call it, a white girl afro) and if anything can actually make it soft and silky – I am all in. I have not found many of these products. It’s like a unicorn. It’s rare, you guys. But this might be it! I am only sad that it’s so pricey. I have purchased this with my Birchbox points and that’s why I was a bit ‘oh well!’ about it, but spending ‘real’ money will be harder to stomach. On the bright side, you only need a tiny bit to cover all of your hair! So hopefully this lasts me a while.


The Rose Water mask and the Sephora under eye mask. I have been very good to my skin lately. This, especially the rose water mask, had helped me to re-hydrate my poor skin and has been great. I feel so refreshed and calm after I use it, I can’t explain  it. I am including one of these in my Giveaway  so if you don’t believe me and want to try it out by yourself but don’t want to pay for it  – there’s your chance!




First of all, my MichiThings planner (the orange one underneath). I am still speechless and I am more and more in love with this planner every day. Case closed. You can see my full review (pretty much just me fainting from the awesomeness) here.

Secondly, this adorable notebook I have received in this month’s Papergang box. Featuring the famous Gemma Correll pug design. Excuse me, dancing pugs. Makes it just… help me to find a right word here. I don’t think amazing covers it anymore.

Also the pen from the same box and collection!




Forgive me, I have sinned. But my all time favourite sport brand Sweaty Betty had a 50% sale. At the worst time possible for me (already splashed a ‘reasonable’ amount on my birthday) but this does not happen often at all and I had my eye on a few items for so long now.


First of all, this out of this word cosy sweater! It’s perfect for me to throw on when on my way to/from the gym. I, for some reason, really dislike wearing a jacket or a coat when I’m heading to the gym. Reasons unknown. It’s so soft, warm and flattering. And those last two don’t usually go together.

dance pants.jpg

Secondly, these dance pants! Admittedly, I have not danced in them yet unless you count that awkward bum wiggle I do when I get happy at home. Yes, like a dog. These are my favourite from the bunch. The material is much better than I expected, it feels like silk yet it’s so stretchy and flexible! You wouldn’t think they look great on you from the photo, but they really do. The best part for me is that cat hair doesn’t stick to them! It’s such a relief not having to de-fluff myself before going anywhere. Hands down the most comfortable pair of sweatpants I have own in my life.

yoga pants

And thirdly, these fit stretchy yoga pants. They are more dark navy than black but I love them even more for it (it’s just misleading as it says black). They are really supportive yet comfortable. True yoga pants. You are not going to moon anyone with your downwards dog and hey, that’s all the girl needs to know. The only thing I have noticed is that if you come out of an intensive class such as Spin, and your bum actually sweated like a pig, it is visible. But it’s a gym. So whatever, means you worked hard. Still not a great look

Favourite Subscription Box of the month


Papergang! It stole my heart and the title of the best subscription box in June. I know it’s hard to compare these as all the other ones are make up related, but this box got me the most excited, not to mention that I use basically all of the products included, which I sadly cannot say about the other boxes this month. It’s also funny. So there’s that.



My mini birthday cactus that Logan gave me ❤

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about what I’ve been loving recently as much as i enjoy reading these posts.

Let me know your thought on my picks and what you’ve been favouring this month in the comments!

It would be great if you follow me on Instagram, Bloglovin & now also on Twitter  @SatOnWed – because the full name didn’t fit 😦

Have a great day!

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37 thoughts on “June favourites

  1. Hi lovely, I have just come across your blog and absolutely love it!! This post was amazing, I just have to try the Becca x Jaclyn Hill palette, it looks so great. I would love it if you could follow my blog, I’ve just started and am new to the blogging community. Thanks so much xoxo


    1. I love them. One thing though, once you start you will not know how to
      Live without it 😦 so that’s something to consider hah. It’s like my birthday. Every month. 5 (actually 4 now hah) a month actually. Haha I’m tiny bit addicted I think. 🙃


    1. I understand completely 🙂 it is really relaxing and my skin just drinks it all in and feels so much better afterwards. It really is a mask for people with sensitive skin, as I can see no way how this would irritate it. But obviously I’m no expert haha xx

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      1. I really need to get some more skin care products and a whole lot of new clothes. Which skin care product is essential to you? I usually just use a cleancer, moisturizer and a scrub.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I use a scrub maybe once a week, a sheet mask once in 2 weeks, this Olay serum from the post every evening and morning (more or less), and a moisturizer every 2-3 times per week in the summer and everyday during the winter (though it really doesn’t make much of a difference in Scoltand what season it is hah). I know I should use a cleanser more often but just never got into it. xxx

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