Birchbox July 2016

_DSC0244We start of with Birchbox this month! I think out of all services they by far tend to deliver their boxes first, so if you’re one of those impatient people you might want to take a note of that! This month’s box was in collaboration with a Millie Macintosh, who, after a quick Google search, is someone who got ‘famous’ through a reality TV show? “Hooray”. I really do not care for reality TV so I have no idea who this person is. But on the bright side the cover is designed with a watercolour blob and I am always up for a good watercolour blob. *One more time : watercolour blob – ah. So satisfying.*

* If you  wish to subscribe to Birchbox (and get yourself a watercolour blob! I’m sorry I’ll stop. Or will I?) and receive £5 worth of Birchbox points here’s the link to do so! Enjoy xxx *_DSC0249.jpg

                                                         Birchbox costs £10 (£12.95 with P&P)                                                    The samples in the box come to £49.96 in proportion to their full size equivalents.                

LOC lip pencil

x Millie

I give this  Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled  Untitled Untitled





  • It’s a pretty colour when you swatch it
  • Very compact
  • Good pigmentation for a lip pencil
  • Full (although small) size


  • It claims to “suit everyone” but my lips are so pigmented that this comes out a bit too light and just looks a bit odd.
  • You need to sharpen it. What is this, 1990? C’mon. You can do better, Birchbox.
  • To add to that, it’s not even your normal pencil size (obviously) and who has this legendary fat sharpener? Cause I don’t but I would like to have it!


Could alternatively be used as: pink under eye tool on the go.

Would I buy it and should you?

Not for a £9. I would rather save up for a good lipstick instead. I loved LOC products in the past and I am not too mad about this but it’s not the best from the bunch. I will try to cover my lips in with a lip liner first to see if that helps the colour look more natural, but then isn’t that a bit of a hassle for what it is? We’ll see. Maybe I’ll warm up to it, happened in the past.

Anti-Frizz primer

John Frieda

I give this 2 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled  Untitled





  • Anything anti frizz is a good idea for me
  • This is a full size and you got to chose between this and a volume enhancing treatment (always 1+ Zeus for a choice!)
  • It’s not huge so it doesn’t take lots of space


  • I’ve already tried John Frieda anti frizz line and whilst the shampoos were passible nothing else made a real difference what so ever

Could alternatively be used as: door stopper. But anything can be used as that.

Would I buy it and should you?

No.  But, as I always say, my hair is a bit far from the medium so if your frizz is just a normal frizz and not the Mr King of Frizzland, this might actually work for you. Let me know if you had any luck with this or if you have another favourite that worked for you.

Nail polish

Nails Inc

I give this 4 Curiously Supportive Zeuses




£4.28 (full size is £15 -crazy!)



  • In the past I had a really good experience with Nails Inc staying without chipping for ages
  • It seems really opaque, which is good for lazy people like mua.
  • A pretty summer-spring pink
  • Such a cute baby size! Some people might get annoyed at the size but answer me this: when was the last time you actually finished your nail polish? That’s right, never. So this is more than fine with me! Also perfect for traveling or just carrying with you.


  • Although I like the pink it would be nice to have something not as in-your-face. It’s a minor con really.

Alternatively could be used as: a pick-me-up cause it’s so adorably teeny tiny it’s so cuuuuuuuute. super-excited.gif

Would I buy it and should you?

I think Nails Inc is worth buying even despite the high price. Wouldn’t recommend a collection though, just pick a few or one colour that you use for every day and grab that. It does stay for such a long time. I am not sure how I feel about the fact that a tiny nail polish is the best part of the entire beauty box this month, but I am so glad it’s included.

Radiance Serum


I give this 3 Curiously Supportive Zeuse

Untitled Untitled Untitled
£14.99 (full size £745) So you could buy a full size Nails Inc with the value of this sample! Whut.



  • Claims to even out dark spots and blemishes
  • Free of sulphates and parabens
  • I like serums
  • Oil free
  • Gives luminance


  • If I love it I will never buy it because it’s ridiculously overpriced
  • I am so sick of serums and moisturizers in the boxes! I mean I love it usually, but they should at least control themselves during the summer! Isn’t variety a key?

Alternatively could be used as: to pay your frickin’ rent.

Would I buy it & should you?

Are you crazy? For £45? I feel like it has to be magic. I have only splashed that much on a skin product a few times in my life and I am trying to refrain myself from doing that as I found some holy grail serums from the drugstore that are just more than half the price. But I mean, yay for an expensive sample?



This deserves 2 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled



£11.7 (full size is £39)


Right. The rating of 2 is more of a reflection of me holding a grudge at Birchbox  for sending us moisturisers EVERY.MONTH than a reflection to the actual product. I am sorry, but c’mon. Staph.


  • Suppose to do wonders over time *hidden con: the sample wont be enough then, will it?*
  • Another expensive sample


  • Ugh. Don’t get me started.

Could alternatively be used as: perfume. Legitimately, it probably lingers longer than some of my perfumes. Sad times.

Would I buy it and should you?

I feel a bit unfair taking my frustration out on this product. I need to try it out properly to decide if it’s actually great or not, but I am just so sick of moisturiser samples! I am looking forward to trying this out and seeing that maybe I shouldn’t be so mad.

A little extra




I feel conflicted. In all honesty, when I first opened this box a few days ago I was underwhelmed. I do not really care for this girl Millie she doesn’t seem like a person who I would admire (no offence to those who maybe do), the samples were meh and I was a bit let down by the LOC product that I had high hopes for. Then on the other hand we have a total value of the box as high as ever and the samples are actually quite expensive and it’s always nice to try these out, because let’s face it, I wouldn’t otherwise. But should I like the samples better just because they come from an expensive brand? I shouldn’t. And stop it with the moisturisers! 2 of my samples were ‘wasted’ on skin care. I love them for my dry skin but I feel like once in a while it would be nice to receive samples that are not creams!

I don’t know. I think this is the worst one yet. But it happens to all subscriptions. So maybe August is going to be better? *Pretty please*

I believe the box was:









What are your thoughts on the box? Did you receive it and did you like your products? Let me know in the comments!

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25 thoughts on “Birchbox July 2016

  1. Hi G! I have nominated you for the MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award for quality content, originality and presentation. If you choose to accept please visit for details. If you choose to decline, please take it as a compliment that I have recognized you for your quality work.

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  2. I loved this months box! I received a facemask and makeup brush instead of the moisturization so that was better. The only issue with mine is that there is no info about what to use the brush for as it’s not out in shops yet, so I’m at a loss with what to do with it. I can see why you’re disappointed though! X

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  3. Too many frickin’ moisturisers. I’ve had enough of the moisturisers! I agree with everything you’ve said, the nails inc polish has definitely been the highlight of this months box, and I feel you would have enjoyed it even more if you had received the colour that I did!
    I’m really hoping August redeems them, otherwise I might be saying buh-bye! xxx

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  4. Whenever I read your birchbox reviews I’m like damn she writes them so well! Totally agree with the creams I had the exact same box as you and I’m SICK of getting creams I literally have like 2 drawers full of skincare products

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think everyone is sick. I though at first that it’s because it’s winter (I joined in January) but then it just never stopped! haha xxx Also thanks so much, I love reading yours too (I saw it yesterday and thought I will save it for dinner (I love reading blogs when I eat haha) and then forgot! So I am really happy you commented so I could go and read your during my lunch break)

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