My Little Box July 2016

Prepare yourselves! There’s no moisturiser in this box. Ring the bells, humans! Gather ’round and gaze at this anomaly for I am sure we wont see this often! In all seriousness, FINALLY! Don’t get me wrong, I love myself some moisturizers but enough is enough.

_DSC0321If you have missed my Birchbox review you can check it out here, this box will make up for what that one lacked though! Eeeek I’m so happy, let’s just get into it! (Also look how pretty! I love this palm tree trend.)


 My Little Box costs £14.95 including P&P

                 The value of this box is approximately £52               

Passport Holder

My Little Box

I give this 5  Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled  Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled 

lets get lost my little box



  • Look at this print!
  • It feels very substantial
  • The packaging was genius


  • The only con is that I use my European ID card rather than my passport, but since UK is escaping from EU I might as well get into habit of using it *nervous laughter*

Could alternatively be used as: a case for a tiny notebook

Would I buy it and should you?

I wouldn’t need this at all so I wouldn’t go and buy it but I am so so happy I got this. If you do use your passport this is one of the most gorgeous passport cases I have ever did see. Also I really hope they chose this phrase on purpose, as it would be super funny to find a lost passport with the “Let’s get lost” case on it. Not funny for the person, but funny for whoever found it. I do hope I won’t lose it *secretly wishes to lose it so she can change the horrible picture in it*.


Stella & Dot x My Little Box

I give this 4 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled  Untitled Untitled Untitled  


bracelet my little box




  • Very delicate accessory.
  • Costs more than the actual box.
  • Simple.
  • Again, packaging made it feel so special.


  • Mine has a red accent, though I am guessing some received it blue. I wish I had that instead but no biggie.
  • A bit overpriced for what it is, unless it’s plated? But it doesn’t say that so I am guessing no.
  • Also people with bigger wrists might not fit it

Could alternatively be used as:  An ankle bracelet if you have freakishly small ankles.

Would I buy it and should you?

It’s very pretty and since it’s expensive I am happy I got it and didn’t have to actually pay for it! Isn’t that just the essence of the greatness that is subscription boxes? Probably not, but it does help.

Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Oil


I give this 4 Curiously Supportive Zeuses




£4 (approx.)




  • All naturalle
  • Supposed to save your ‘dried-out strands’ and add some magical moisture to it
  • You only need a tiny bit
  • As an unnatural blonde I am always up for some oil action!


  • Sample is a bit on a small size but considering the amount of things you got in the box I really cannot hold this against them.

Alternatively could be used as: cuticle oil. Rule of thumb, any oil is cuticle oil! Don’t waste your cash monies on additional ones if you have any samples.

Would I buy it and should you?

Full size is £30 so prooooobably not. But in case I do dip my toes in the sea and slip and fall face down in the water – sea water is not great for your hair – and any travel size oil sample is welcomed! Also hair oil last for ever so £30 is okay when you consider the fact it will probably still be there by 2020.

Noix De Coco Eau De Toilette

Yves Rocher

I give this 5 Curiously Supportive Zeuse

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled



  • This smells like actual coconuts!
  • It looks so milky and coconutty!
  • The packaging is cute, doesn’t even look like perfume.
  • Great size for a perfume sample.
  • You also get a 10% code (MLB10) for Yves Rocher website


  • Could be a bit too sweet for some and give them headaches. But man up! It’s summer ffs and you should appreciate and embrace the coconut! *embrace the coconut should be a thing*

Alternatively could be used as: blanket scent. I used it on mine, since it’s cold here, but when I hugged my blanket I just imagined being somewhere warm! Although why would you hug a blanket when somewhere warm? You wouldn’t but it all made sense at that moment.

Would I buy it & should you?

I maybe would! But with this sample I probably will not need to. 20ml is plenty for something so strong!

Coco Rico Hand cleanser

Merci Handy

This deserves 4 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled




  • It smells like coconut (surprised?)
  • Compact
  • Nice blue colour
  • Anti bacterial
  • Super handy to throw in your purse with you


  • I know I should do it more often but something about the hand gels creep me out. I would rather wash my hands. But I will try my best to force myself to get into habit of this. But ewww.

Could alternatively be used as: if you rub a bit on your neck you disinfect it and smell nice! So I suppose that makes this a neck cleanser too! We do what we want! #rebels

Would I buy it and should you?

It’s inexpensive, it cleans you, it’s in calming blue,  AND it smells like coconuts. What else do you need?

There’s another one! (Usually that’s about it by now)

After Sun Spray (Coconut Spritzer)

My Little Box

This deserves 5 Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled




  • Do I even need to say it? Smells like coconut.
  • After sun spray that’s not in aerosol and is within the 100ml size means I can actually take this with me on the plane! (Which I will do)
  • I would be lying if I said I will only use this after sun. Because I will use this to make my skin soft and smell nice. As it does that! I can just pretend I was in the sun previously.

Would I buy it and should you?

Yes, this is amazing. It’s a great size, great consistency (not runny or too thick), sprays equally and (ofc) smells nice. Surpassingly calms your skin too, but I wouldn’t know about that now would I?


After the fiasco that was Birchbox this month I am so unbelievably happy and overwhelmed by this amazing box. This might be the only summer box that actually feels like a summer box! I loved everything, from the cover design to the cute packaging within the packaging (packageception is the best), to the actual products themselves. Most importantly, I will use every single item and I sadly cannot say this all that often. Also let’s not forget that this did not include 3 moisturisers/creams – whoop! I love love love it!

I believe the box was:









What are your thoughts on the box? Do you love it as much as I do or am I being a bit overwhelmed by it? It was an amazing feeling opening this up, really felt special.

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41 thoughts on “My Little Box July 2016

  1. Aaaaaah love this post! More people should definitely be embracing coconut flavored and scented things. I. Love. It! It’s actually a new obsession of mine, coconut that is. The eau de toilette seems so amazingly fitting for summer 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I started obsessing with coconut when I was like 12 and just never stopped! I put it in my pancake mix, I have been using the coconut mask for my hair since before it was cool, and I spray anything and everything with coconut scent haha I feel like it’s about time it get the hype ❤ Thank you for the lovely comment xxx


      1. I love it! Coconut IS summer, right? There is nothing quite like it, nothing that in any way can be as much “oh hey, it’s warm outside and you’re on vacation – here, have a drink!” as coconut. But last time I used a coconut hair mask it didn’t come off until three days after I’d used it (here’s where I admit to have been using about four times as much as I should have because I liked the scent). I literally had to sleep with a cap on so that my oily hair wouldn’t destroy the pillowcase haha 🙈 Your blog is amazing! xxx


          1. Hahaha I know! I swear I looked just like I imagined Professor Snape when I read the books, sticky hair and all. I tried to shampoo like seven times in a row but it just didn’t come off. Soooooo much coconut! True love ❤️ 🌴


  2. Insert a thousand heart eyes emojis. I’m so happy for you that there were no moisturisers! Everything looks so cute, and that bracelet is absolutely frickin adorable I want one. I might absolutely have to do this for myself.
    Personally I am not fond of the smell of coconut (or pineapple, so these summer trends aren’t really my thing this year), but I think I could look past is as its full of decent quality items! Yay! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How…how do you not like coconut? When I was growing up my best friend didn’t like coconut and I was just constantly eating it everywhere and all the time haha so this trend is warming my heart every single day ❤ I am sure they aren’t going to include anything with coconut in the next one though, they’ll be all coconutted-out haha


      1. I’m sorry, I just really don’t!
        That’s a sweet little story, your friend must have hated that though haha!
        I might have to do it, it’s almost guaranteed that there wont be coconut next month, you’re right, so more reason to take the plunge! xx

        Liked by 1 person

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