Beauty Bay haul

Since the pound decided to roll all the way downhill I felt it’s now more unreasonable than ever to order anything from my beloved Sephora. So I was at the loss until I realised I haven’t tried Beauty Bay yet. The package came in just a few days and everything was just as described so if you’re wanting to try it I can strongly recommend it. The main reason was to get the Zoeva palette for my Giveaway, but obviously I had to pick up some extra bits.

*Note: this is just a haul with no reviews, but I will most likely post some. Would be amazing if you would let me know which item/s you would be most interested in seeing a review on!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Pomade


I had wanted this ever since I started doing my eyebrows properly. Now when it comes to my eyebrows I always get a bit confused as to what colour to buy. My hair is light blonde yet my eyebrows are dark. Not black, but not brown either. It’s complicated. I got a dark brown but I think that might be a little bit too dark, however I wasn’t sure if taupe would be dark enough and the medium brown looked too warm! Oh well, it’s passible and I am actually really enjoying it so far. Benefit just came out with one that’s surpassingly ‘just as good’ but that one is £18 and this is £15. Why would I pay more for ‘just as good?’. £15 is okay considering how long this is going to last me!

Zoeva En Taupe palette


I love my Cacao Blend palette, it has such a great pigmentation and colour payoff that I have decided to grab myself another one. This one is very different in the colour range and it’s all about the mauve look. I haven’t tried this much yet but from the swatches it looks like it’s beyond this world!

Velour Silk lashes

_DSC0078Now I know these are ridiculous for lashes, but I bought these with the hope that I will only need 1 pair of dramatic lashes for the next 5 years. So they better last. They are gorgeous though, they feel like nothing I have ever tried before. I haven’t put them on yet (they are just o pretty sitting in their fancy box) so I can’t really say much. Except from ‘look at those!’.

Velour black adhesive _DSC0083

YES please! I also love the packaging meaning the adhesive is not going to dry out and again, hopefully, last me for a very long time. And it’s finally black. Finally.

Z palette in medium _DSC0099

I got myself a Z palette! I am so excited about this. Not that I don’t have enough eye shadow palettes, but I am going to try and slowly build myself a personalised holy grail one! So then I can travel and just use it daily without having those few annoying colours with you that you never ever touch. I do have enough eye shadow though so I want to get through some of them before I can justify buying more. Never used to buy singles but now I can, because I can store them!

Morphe 35U 35 shimmer palette_DSC0111

_DSC0110Finally, my very first Morphe product. I don’t know why it took me so long, I always wanted to try their brushes but I can’t be bothered to look up which ones are worth it! As I said, I do have plenty of eye shadow but what I don’t have is any crazy colours like this! These swatch beautifully, however I was a bit underwhelmed by how these applied with the brush. I haven’t tried properly yet and I will try setting the brush with a fix it spray and seeing how it goes on then. But yay!

Solid Beuaty Blender cleanser_DSC0082

I chose this as an extra sample that you can get at the checkout for free. Which is good as these are quite expensive. I left my beauty blender soaking in for a bit and I am not sure if I ruined it but that’s a different story. Also underwhelmed by the original Beauty Blender, had such high hopes. I keep doing this thing where I have a very unpopular opinion haha.

That’s it! Please do let me know which products you would like the reviews on the most!

I hope your Monday is one of the good ones!

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35 thoughts on “Beauty Bay haul

  1. Look at me, sucking at keeping up (I haven’t turned my laptop on in a week).
    This really makes me want to go shopping, especially the sight of all those gorgeous eye shadows. I have a slight palette obsession, I am always after more. The morphe one scares me a little, I really don’t think I could pull off bright colours like that, but I am definitely interested to see how you use it! That Zoeva one is right up my street though!
    Yep, I’m going shopping. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha sorry! Such a bad influence on your bank account. But if it makes you feel better mine is also crying. I’m on a no buy month atm. Wish me luck, pray for me, say a spell whatever works!
      I really want to make the Morphe work! Somehow.
      I’m also loving the palettes not that I will ever need all of the ones that I want/have. Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re a terrible influence! I have already done enough shopping this month, I really need to stop spending haha! I am wishing you all the luck in the world, stay strong with you spending ban, I believe in you. xxx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the BeautyBlender Solid, it’s amazing for brushes and sponges! I got a small one when I bought my BB, they had a deal that there was a mini cleanser with the BB for $5 extra! I’ve also been needing to get a Z Palette, I have a few shadow refills from Mac and UD and nowhere to put them! I think I’ll get the one that Morphe sells, and hopefully get a palette and some brushes while I’m at it! I’ve been wanting a Zoeva palette for so long but I think I might want to pick up some singles to fill a Z Palette instead. Envy-worthy haul!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really do like the BeautyBlender Solid so far too, especially as my Real Techniques cleansing gel dos not really work on sponges! It’s a shame it’s a bit pricey though isn’t it?
      I only still have the NYX singles but I need to try out more! I was always an eyeshadow palette kind of girl, I feel a bit intimidated by the singles as the choice is completely mine haha but I need to man up and make a perfect palette for myself xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree, I think I need to find a less expensive solid cleanser. I know what you mean with the singles, it would be so hard to choose which one! But even if a palette seems perfect for me, there are always shades I don’t use so I’ve decided to go on a hunt for filling a Z Palette.

        Liked by 1 person

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