Pre-travel Asos accessories haul

This was not intended to be an accessory haul at all, in fact I have ordered clothes for over £200. Little did I know it’s going to be one of those try-on sessions that makes you almost tear up at the end of it as nothing fits and all the mirrors in your flat are just wrong and unflattering.  I sent all the clothes back and so what originally was supposed to be a huge Asos haul now turned into a tiny accessories one. It’s not about the quantity though, right?

I realised that I was crazy to only have 1 pair of sunglasses, I mean it’s on your face! It’s the first thing people see, so why do I have 150 necklaces and 1 pair of sunglasses. It’s insane. I have decided to start building up my collection to suit different styles. Little by little I will get there! I got 3 this time.

_DSC0121.jpgBy far my favourite pair were these gorgeous Asos cat-eye sunnies. They are perfect for my face and skin tone. I love love love the design and they are extremely lightweight too. However I have to say that they are way too wide on my head and if I would turn around suddenly they would go flying off my face and probably into somebody else’s. BI have attempted a very sophisticated way of tightening it up (forcefully bending the legs with my hands) but I’m not sure it helped at all. But if I am careful enough it’s fine.13664589_10207929165329327_206184704_n.jpg So this being the favourite pair it’s safe to say that I went and forgot to grab these with me for my holiday! You go girl.

_DSC0123.jpgNext up are these Asos round marble babies. Complete opposite of the previous pair, these felt like they are on a verge to being children’s size. It’s still okay though so I kept the pair, but they are not as flattering or comfortable as the rest.13819387_10207929142848765_1949191962_nYou know might think my head is just a weird size, but I swear it’s within the norm! (my head is huge ’cause me so smart).

_DSC0130.jpgNow the pair I actually did remember to take with me (and hence why all my Instagram photos feature only this *sigh*). It fits fine, like most of the pairs I had in my life, and I really do love these nice blue Misguided mirror sunglasses. The only minor flaw is that the metal bit on your nose bridge pretty much the spot where all the weight of the sunnies is falling on so it can leave a tiny mark after wearing these for a bit. But meh, who cares, look how blue and pretty.

_DSC0125.jpgI also grabbed myself this adorable hair clip. How awesome is this? I am still to figure out how to use this firmly and to avoid it falling off or sliding down, but I absolutely love how this looks like.

_DSC0127And last but not least, I got this Daisy Street Mermaid iPhone cover to swap out my simple brown leather case I had on for ages. I wanted something lighter for the summer before I inevitably change back. I love it.

What’s your favourite from these? Also, what’s your favourite phone case? I would love to know, please leave a comment!

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30 thoughts on “Pre-travel Asos accessories haul

  1. All of those sunglasses are gorgeous, but my personal fave is probably the first pair, such a shame they feel so big! I only have one pair of sunglasses, and they live in my car so I can actually see when I’m driving in the sun… I should probably get myself some more that might not end up in the glove box! xxx

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        1. I can’t afford it, and we don’t really need one in Edinburgh. We live in the city centre so there’s not even a parking space either way. I just love and miss driving though. One day hah. And you’re right, if I got a car at this moment I would not have any spare money for anything really. Not even the boxes. And you know how I love my boxes (probably subscribing to the Book one too. I am weak.) xxx

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          1. I work 2o miles away from where I live, so a car is really quite necessary for me, but painfully expensive.
            I too am likely to subscribe to the box one next month (pay rise is coming around pretty soon now), I am also weak. I feel the pain. xxx

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Do you know the theme for August? I only got an email for September (eeek!) I’m way too excited for this. I feel like beauty boxes will be overtaken soon. Might see how Birchbox goes and maybe cancel that.


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