Nida, Lithuania

There’s nothing better than a week long get-away from work, politics and all the daily worries. Okay, maybe two week get-away would be better, but you get my drift. As people who live in Scotland we really missed the sun and even though the weather forecast was horrible (full on cold, rain and storms) we still booked ourselves a trip to Nida, Lithuanian seaside. And in your face forecast!, everyday was sunny, warm and amazing.

We decided to take a 2 hour catamaran to get to the Curonian Split from Klaipeda  to the town Nida where we were staying for 4 relaxing days. It was an amazing ride, made better by some quality snacks of course, it’s two house the girl has to eat. So now for everyone wondering where exactly that is, here’s a little map where I marked the location using very a sophisticated technology (Google maps & Paint).

lithuanian map.jpg

And so in 2 hours we went from urban to extremely rural



Our arrival to our apartment was followed by an infinite hours of chill before it was time to go home again20160720-_DSC035620160719-_DSC0345

Even though the climb to the dunes was just steps followed with more steps I wasn’t complaining because I caught so many Pokemons on the way. So it’s all good.20160720-_DSC036820160720-_DSC0375




You guessed it, more steps!


The rest 2,5 days were mainly spent on the beach and then in the restaurants and docks during the nights. I am not usually a fan of a do-nothing vacation but it was very much needed.




Oh, and of course I had ice cream!


Now I just need to get through the first week back at work and start planning a new mini get away!

Where would you like to go? What’s your idea of a perfect day?

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32 thoughts on “Nida, Lithuania

      1. I’m saving up for a holiday next year, so hopefully by the time it arrives I’ll be able to afford it and enjoy it!
        Coming back to the reality of work must really suck xxx


    1. Thanks so much ❤ I was so relieved by the weatrher too, although I did not anticipate it being nice so I packed for cold weather and ended up pretty much not having any summer clothes with me! At least I took my swim suit though 😀 xxx

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      1. Shoot! I’ve been having so many problems with Disqus but I don’t like that if you don’t have a wordpress account it makes it tricky to comment on a WordPress blog without Disqus. Thank you for letting me know, I’ll get right on it!

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        1. No problem, I thought I would mention just in case nobody did! I know what you mean, though people can comment as guests through WordPress too! Unless you’re self hosted? Then I have no clue, still very much a noob in that area hah.
          I hope you get it sorted ❤

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          1. Have you tried requesting another email a few times? I just finished emailing Disqus support about all the problems I’ve been having, I’ll let you know if I have any other tips! And thank you for trying to comment on my blog!

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