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If you have not seen the massive post with all the lovely tags I had done not too long ago, then you might be wondering what the hell is this. Also why did I name a tag after my blog? Well, to answer the latter, I don’t think I will ever get a street named after me so this is the closest thing for something like this I get and I am sure not going to waste it!

I have nominated a bunch out of this world amazing bloggers and Jade already did it! I love love loved it and you should definitely check it out! She was also so kind to nominate me back! So here I am, doing my own tag with the hope you enjoy it and decide to participate ❤

The rules are simple:

  • Post this on your blog
  • Answer the questions
  • Have fun (not an optional one)
  • Nominate anywhere between 2-20 bloggers for the same questions
  • Have fun!

And yes, I want everyone to have fun so badly that I included this as a step twice. Deal with it *whispers: ‘And have fun!*


Google your name and copy-paste the first image that comes up.

s200_gintar___uromskait_ From a page (Academia) I probably made during my dissertation times, however have no recollection of doing that. Gives you an idea of my mental state.

A picture of your favourite meal that makes you happy


This buddy. I make it quite often, it’s my go to pick me up dinner. I had slightly burnt this one though and so wasn’t happy with the photos and didn’t do a post about it. I might after all who needs perfect, right? Would anyone like to see the simple recipe for this – lemme know.

Post your favourite silly animal photo

These change often, but usually any sort of llama picture will do it. (Or otter, though these are cute rather than funny). I just googled funny llamas and this came up.2d5fa0c799c88efc7ce12e995ed134fdCan we just take a moment please.

A silly selfie (if you’re comfortable with that)

I like these two (I’m the one on the right in the group one). I do have one that would just be too much though, maybe one day.

A picture of your favourite sunglasses


Still these, I only got them recently but love them.

A picture of an object in your house/flat that always makes you smile

_DSC0902-2Not object, but have to be my kittens! Who’s missing Two fur Tuesdays? I can try and squeeze one in next week if you’d like!

What was the last picture you took with your phone?


This one! I found it hilarious. Trains were late though so some humour was well needed.


A joke that you’ve heard recently that made you giggle (or googled just now, still counts)?

Me: I want to travel more.

Bank account: Like, to the park? *this one cuts deep

What’s your go to pick-me-up phrase when you are feeling down?

It’s all so temporary (but not in a depressing way haha)

Your happy song?

Talking Heads – Psycho Killer

Your quirk that makes others smile?

I make a funny high pitch noise when I hiccup. It usually is painful for me and I get angry at people laughing at me. Which I was informed makes it all  that funnier for them.

What’s on your favourite mug?


At the moment ❤

What’s the first happy memory that comes to mind?

My dog.

What’s your favourite way of cheering others up?

Throw some pets at them!

What’s your favourite funny website?

Reddit is always the best for some laughs.

Do you know your heritage? IF so, what is it?

My roots are Lithuanian, but I also have some German heritage.

Best compliment you have received?

‘That was a very interesting chapter!’ – from my book extract. Someday I will finish it. Though I lost it and need to start over. I still can’t believe that happened so that’s why it is taking me so long to get back to it.

What are  your favourite pizza toppings?

This is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea: pineapple, ham and goats cheese.

Whooph, done!

I thought I would do the nominations quite different this time and nominate some of my newer followers, because I do love and appreciate every single one of you and also because I would like to get to know the newer additions to my little family better! I really hope you participate but if you don’t feel like it it’s also fine, take it as a compliment all the same! Also if you haven’t been nominated but think this would be fun – YAY, do it, I will sure as hell read it ❤

But here is the list:

Platforms and Pacifiers

Kat Peskett

Secret Life of Diana

Blonde and Bohemian


Adventure Awakening

Guide to Owning It


The World and Back

Fashion Poetry by Val

Honey in a Goldpot

There we go. I hope you enjoyed this and I will see you all next week!

Much love,



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Hey there! Welcome to my Everything Blog. You know those lovely organised people who have a niche? Well that's not me, my blog is just like my mind, jumping from one thought to another. Sorry (but not too sorry). I have a degree in Psychology and am a proud owner of two amazing kittens Zeus and Momo, although thoroughly a dog person! I love cooking, I surely love eating, reading and exploring. I have created this blog with hope that I can lighten up the mid-week Wednesday with some Saturday chill vibes. Hopefully you enjoy your Saturdays On Wednesdays as much as I enjoy mine. With Love, G xoxo

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