SPOILERS: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part 1 – in short + favourite bits

I know, as one of those children who were lucky to grow up with Harry Potter (and I mean being synchronised for age with the main character as you read sort 0f lucky) from the very beginning, I felt as if I lost a friend when I put down the Deadly Hallows down after finishing it for the first time (emphasis on the first time… guilty with reading HP more times than I am willing to admit). Imagine my extreme happiness when it was announced there will be another book, now triple that for what I have felt on the 31st of July holding my pre-ordered copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. There are truly no words.

_DSC0645.jpgI was admittedly a tiny bit worried that I might not enjoy this due to the fact I am now much older than I was when reading them originally. This being in a script format, I was a bit scared I will not get into it as much. Boy was I wrong. This is brilliant. It’s rich in dialogue (…obviously), the characters are so vivid and it’s packed with action! The only downside to that was the fact that I destroyed this book in one sitting as I couldn’t put it down, and now it’s over again.

The following are the main chronological points/interesting details of the story and should only be read by those who either have already read the book or do not intent to but still want to know what happens. These points obviously do not represent the story anywhere near as well as the actual script, it is just  heavy in massive SPOILERS, actually it IS mainly only spoilers, so please do not read it if you’re still intend to read the book. You have been warned.

If you can’t read this just yet, please come back later and join me in the comments, I am dying to hear what everyone though of it!!

Look at this beautiful cover underneath! I prefer this so much more.


If you are ready though, let’s get on with it. I am so excited about this and hope you will all join me in the discussion of this below in the comments! Eeeeeeek!

It starts where it left off from the Deathly Hallows, King’s Cross Station with Albus (Harry’s second son after James) expressing his worries about being sorted in Slytherin.

If you don’t want to/need to read it all, you will find the points that I personally found the most interesting in bold.

  • Rose (Hermione’s and Ron’s daughter) is a bit spoiled.
  • Albus chooses to sit next to Scorpius on the train and so we know what that means (buddies forever).
  • Rose points out the rumour that Drako and his wife couldn’t get children but were so desperate to continue the Mallfoy line they went back in time with their secret illegal Time Turner (remember those were all destroyed when Harry fought the Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries) and got a son from Voldemort.
  • Scorpius is a really genuinely friendly, clever, kind and funny kid.
  • Both Albus and Scorpius get sorted into Slytherin (#whoops)
  • Rose is sorted into Gryffhindor and is shown as a very ambitious person (both in sports and classes)
  • Albus is bad at flying and is the last one to get his broom up in the air

We can already see that Albus is unhappy with being identified with his dad and suffers some bullying regarding the fact that he seems nothing like his father. This, naturally, causes Albus to resent his father. On to the second year:

  • Harry is concerned that Albus has no friends, Albus says he only needs one – Scorpius, was not a pleasant chat
  • Draco approaches Harry to ask that he would deny the rumours about Scorpius heritage and end the bullying, but Harry refuses saying that denying would only make it worse. Draco is not impressed.
  • Rose is a new chaser for Gryffindor’s team.
  • Scorpius starts admiring Rose.

On to the Third year

  • Albus is being a teenager and burns his permission from Harry to visit Hogsmead.
  • Scorpius looses his mother to illness.
  • Lily (Harry’s youngest daughter) gets sorted into Gryffindor.

_DSC0641.jpgNow it starts alternating from grown-ups to the children. Forth year:

  • Hermione, even though I remember her saying she doesn’t want to work for the Ministry in the previous books, is now a Minister for Magic.
  • She also kept her last name and is knows as Granger-Weasley (not surprised!)
  • Harry is the Head of Magical Law Enforcement.
  • Harry confiscates a self-made Time Turner from Theodore Nott that seems to possibly work.
  • Amos Diggory (Cedric’s father) hears about the Time Turner and visits Harry blaming him for the loss of his son and asking to use the Time Turner to save him.
  • Harry refuses.
  • Albus hears part of this conversation while also meeting Amos’s caretaker/niece Delphi
  • Harry gifts James his invisibility cloak, a pair of enchanted wings to Lily and the blanket that he was wrapped into when left for Dersleys (also the only thing left from his mother) to Albus.
  • Albus doesn’t appreciate it very much as it doesn’t look like it’s functional at all compared to James’s gift.
  • Albus says it’s hard to be his son and that sometimes he wishes he Harry wasn’t his father.
  • Harry get’s angry and shouts out that sometimes he sometimes wishes Albus wasn’t his son. He then realises what he said and assures Albus he didn’t mean it, although Albus says that maybe Harry did after all.
  • He stands up spilling the love potion (Ron’s ‘funny’ gift) on the blanket and leaves.
  • Harry has a nightmare and wakes up from his scar hurting again for the first time in 22 years.
  • Rose has not been speaking with Albus for most of these years but now approaches him as Ginny pushed Ron to talk to her and let her know this is pretty much not okay to do.
  • Rose tells him she’s there for him and also slips that Harry found a Time Turner.
  • Albus convinces Scorpius to go with him and try to save Cedric’s life with the Time Turner, because he doesn’t think people should have died for his dad.
  • They both climb to the top of the train.
  • Trolley lady chases them, she’s 190 years old.
  • They escape and go to see Amos.
  • Delphi convinces Amos to trust the boys and she joins to help them.
  • Parents are notified the kids didn’t make it to Hogwarts.
  • Scorpius is referred to by Albus as a geek.
  • The boys and Delphi use Polyjuice potions to turn into Harry, Ron & Hermione and enter The Ministry of Magic.
  • After some struggles they steal the Time Turner.
  • Adults start searching, Harry admits about the argument to the rest of them
  • Harry dreams of Albus wearing Durmstrang robes so they all head to search the forest
  • McGonagall is still a Headmistress
  • Albus is bonding with Delfi
  • Scorpius doesn’t like that
  • They decide that the best way to save Cedric is to prevent him winning with Harry and so they decide to hinder his first task performance
  • Boys ask Delphi to stay behind, after a while she reluctantly agrees
  • Harry meets Bane in the forest, he informs Harry that he had seen his son in the movements of the stars and that he will find him but there is a dark cloud surrounding Albus and he might lose him forever afterwards.
  • Scorpius and Albus travel back in time pretending to be Durmstrang students (so nobody would ask questions of who they are)
  • They briefly meet Hermione just before they disarm Cedric during the first task
  • They get forced to go back to their own time because the Time Turner has it’s limitations and if you travel far back you will have a set time limit.
  • Boys are back in the forest and the adults find them.

_DSC0652.jpgSo they travelled back in time and messed things up. First changed timeline:

  • Dumbledore’s portrait advises Harry not to be blinded by love.
  • Albus is in hospital being treated for a very old bone fracture
  • Harry told him he doesn’t want Albus to be hanging out with Scorpius (because he believes he is the dark cloud surrounding his son that Bane mentioned)
  • Albus protests, they start arguing.
  • Harry promised that he will be monitored (using the map) and that disobeying is going to make it worse. He said he realised it doesn’t matter if he likes him, as long as he protects him.
  • Harry tells Albus to stay in the Gryffindor Common Room (that’s where he got sorted in this reality).
  • Ron is shown to have lost his sense of humour and have married Padma, they have a son named Panju.
  • Hermione never ended up with Ron because she saw 2 Durmstrang students (Albus and Scorpius) jinxing Cedric and she refused to get to the Ball with Krum in case he had something to do with it, Ron never got jealous as he took Hermione himself. They danced together but there was never a spark.
  • Albus avoids Scorpius as instructed. Scorpius is hurt.
  • Harry asks Minerva to spy on his son using the map
  • They argue and Harry brings up the fact that she doesn’t have kids so she wouldn’t understand (ouch, if you’ve read the Pottermore story on Minerva you’ll know that’s a painful point to hear) and promises to go after Hogwards with his Ministry forces if she refuses
  • Hermione is a very strict and grumpy Defence against the Dark Arts teacher.
  • She meets Ron at the corridors and have a silent ‘we love each other but do nothing about it’ moment.
  • Delphi convinces Scorpius he needs to amend things with Albus, she also mentioned she was ill as a child and never got to go to Hogwarts
  • Draco comes to speak to Harry because Scorpius is very upset.
  • Harry asks if Draco is absolutely sure Scorpius is his.
  • This causes them to have a fight and break loads of things
  • After Ginny stops them, Draco apologises to her.
  • He admits also not being able to reach out to Scorpius but points out that separating the kids from each other is not protecting them. He says that this will make them lonely and loneliness can bring someone to a dark place. Look at Voldemort.
  • Draco said Harry might struggle to understand it, he always had Ron and Hermione, and Draco always envied it (Ginny too), but Draco understands how dangerous being alone is and Ginny does too.
  • Basically Draco is a better father than Harry.
  • Harry is convinced.
  • Albus meets Scorpius in secret, they agree that Albus is a bit egocentric and make up.
  • Minerva goes to separate them as she saw them on the map, but they use the invisibility cloak and even though she clearly understands what’s going on she pretends not to and leaves them be.
  • Scorpius is certain they are stupid to have ever tried to meddle with time, Albus agrees but says they still need to fix this:  bring Rose back and save Cedric.
  • Harry apologises to Minerva and ask her to lead him and Draco to the boys, map shows them in the girl’s bathroom
  • Moaning Myrtle tells the boys how to get to the lake and later tells Harry what the boys are up to (all of it)
  • Boys travel back in time to the second task and enlarges Cedric’s head just before he dives in, preventing him to compete further.
  • Time Turner pushes them back to the ‘current’ time although only Scorpius appears
  • He is greeted by none other than Dolores Umbridge (current Headmistress)
  • Harry Potter is dead
  • There are Dementors everywhere
  • The first part is ended by Umbridge dragging confused and shocked Scorpius away ‘Now come along – I don’t know what game you’re playing but you’re upsetting the Dementors and entirely ruining Voldemort Day’

Now clearly this is all written in a magically beautiful way but these, I thought, were the main points from part one. I absolutelty love seeing what happens in different scenarios, it’s like knowing differend main story endings. It’s pretty much a fanfictioner’s dream come true!

Please tell me which bits from part one you enjoyed the most, what surprised you, what was as expected, what did you love, what did you hate, tell me EVERYTHING! I can’t wait to read it all.

I personally loved how Hermione and Ron are only together in the ‘correct’ reality, it shows that they are not destined for each other per se, but were just persistent and brave to end up together. I love how Draco is a decent person despite all the trauma he went through and, obviously, the fact that his son is a best friend of Harry’s son. AND that Albus got sorted into Slytherin, makes the whole end scene of the last book more interesting. I adore that Harry was not shown as a perfect father but had his flaws and struggles. I love it al, I just didn’t love how short it was. But better that than nothing!

Okay, I need to calm my inner child down. I will post the second part soon! Please comment ❤

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17 thoughts on “SPOILERS: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part 1 – in short + favourite bits

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  2. I haven’t read the book yet but I couldn’t resist peeking at this post!!! I tried to only read bits and pieces of your post but man it sounds like such a great read!!! Ahh I must get my hand on the book before I search up all the spoilers

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    1. I have heard lots of mixed views too. For the most part I kept my expectations low as I knew this is not another “proper” Harry Potter book plus I’m not as young as I was when I read them so nothin will truly compare. This is a very different book but I enjoyed it so much! I hope you like it when it gets to it, please let me know xxx

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  3. that was all super quick, I’m overly confused and need to read them all at some point… but we discussed that the other day haha. I will get to it. All sounds very dramatic and I reeeeeealllly want to see the play! xxx

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    1. I can’t believe how fast I read this and I am so sad I did now, so stupid, should have saved some for later haha But I was never good at that if I am enjoying it. I would rather starve than stop. Clearly healthy.


        1. I know! When I first saw it I was over the moon as I was afraid it will be the so short but it looked a decent size. But then I opened it and realised the pages are pretty much half empty plus the font is huge so it took me no time to finish it 😦 but still, better than nothing! 😀


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