10 Make up items to consider when travelling, aka how to travel light

I might not be the expert on make up, but I am damn good at light packing by now! There are a few make up items that one should never leave without, unless you’re going all naturale which would be amazing, but for most of us that’s not necessarily what we want. What if you’re wanting to put your face on during that one night of your trip? – right? Must be prepared just in case.

You’d also, preferably, have some space for other things in your suitcase, so how do you pack smart but still have everything you’ll need? Just stick to these items and, if you can, substitute or skip them as advised!

*I realise this trip was a bad example as I packed for a formal event as well so had to include more make up than normally, but my usual choice will be written below the photos too.

travel make up.jpg

1. Primer (optional)

_DSC0533No matter if it’s winter (need to protect your skin!) or summer (need to keep everything not budging!), primer is always a good call. But do you have one that actually makes a difference? If you don’t, don’t bring the one you use ‘just because’, I can tell you 100% you’re not going to miss it if you don’t! I usually skip the primer but I took my favourite Hangover by Too Faced, because I knew I will be (hangover). It only seemed fitting.

2. Good foundation (a must)

_DSC0543It’s very important to bring a foundation you have tried and know it’s a perfect fit for you. There’s nothing more annoying than deciding to buy a foundation at the airport only to find that you don’t actually like/suit it and end up having to buy another one. It’s the base for your face,  just bring your old trusted foundation and leave the crazy experiments for late, it’s way cheaper and more relaxing that way. I brought my Tarte Foundation of the Sea which is one of my all time favourites. Plus it has SPF in it. If you’re traveling in summer maybe opt for a BB/CC cream instead, I just never found one that I like. What’s your favourite? I need one.

3. Concealer (optional)

Consider the state of your skin. Do you really need a concealer? Is your trip going to leave you with some dark under-eye area, or is it quite short? Do you currently have some blemishes, spots, etc to cover? I personally needed to throw my favourite Tarte concealer (pic. above) because I had some breakouts from an unknown product (which one of you is iiiiit?? *squinting at all of my skin care/make up products*) and on top of that plane trips always leave me exhausted.

4. Face contouring (optional)

_DSC0530Now I can hear at least a few people disagreeing with me passionately here when I say it’s optional. But don’t hate me just yet. What I mean is, consider the type of your holiday. Is it a beach trip? If so, sun will probably be the best blush you’ll ever get your hands on. Do you need to put a full face on? If yes, then fair enough. Pack one or two favourite most adaptable product you have, or better yet – a palette! I took my Becca x Jaclyn Hill face palette and I used the brown blush as a bronzer too and just skipped the contouring and, you guessed it, survived and nobody noticed. *It might be because the highlight blinded them though.*

5. Eyeshadow (optional)

_DSC0537If you have a Z-palette (or any randomised palette like that) this is perfect! Grab your favourites and you’re sorted. If you don’t, opt for the most used palette you have. If you don’t think you can pick one, you can replace eye shadow completely by grabbing some colourful eye liners. You only need a few and you’re good old black one to make some nice looks. They all blend if you do it quickly and they take up so little space! I took 2 Zoeva palettes because they are so lightweight and thin that I felt it’s okay. Plus, I really wanted to try the new one (guilty!).

6. Lip sticks (a must)


Amorous, Velvet Teddy, Please Me, and Soap & Glory in Rosy Chic

Now this is where I was silly. I didn’t have time to decide which lipstick would go best with my dress for the event so I grabbed the lot. I ended up using the Mac Amorous, which I picked up in the airport (can’t miss that chance now, can you?), but the silly part was taking all the liquid lipsticks with me. It’s summer! I spent most of my days at the beach, why the hell would I need them? And I didn’t. I ended up using my Lancôme shaker oil most days (I never go anywhere without it) and using a lipstick for the evening. You really just need 3 lip products: easy low maintenance for the day (Lancôme), a nude lip (I finally got the Velvet Teddy at the airport and honestly this is becoming my favourite thing!), and a bold one (my Amorous could do, or the Please Me that I took with me too). Honestly, all you need. Maybe also throw in a lip balm, because planes go a bit crazy with the air cons.

*I had actual anxiety taking these photos for the fear of making my precious Mac lipsticks into lip scrubs if sand got in them! But it all wend well. Phew.

_DSC05697. Mascara (a must)

Just one well tested mascara will do. If you bring your favourite you will not need your falsies! Do keep in mind that if you’re planning to wear this next to the water, grab yourself a water proof one..you’d think that’s a doh one, but just look at me… (Let’s all bow our heads for the minute of silence to my non-existing common sense) Although I didn’t wear any make up on the days I planned on swimming, I went for a spontaneous dip and looked like I’ve been punched in the face afterwards. I do love my Hypnose mascara though.

8. Eyeliner (a must)

Even if you skip the eye shadow, you should always have an eyeliner. Just. In. Case. There’s nothing better than the Kat Von D one, believe me. Just invest in it. It’s not like you’re going to use it up quickly!

9. Brows (a must)

This one I couldn’t skip. Ever. Period. That’s it. If I could only take 2 things it would be foundation and my brow products. It changes your face so much. I brought my Anastasia pen and pomade.

10. Skin care (a must)

Make up wipes are an absolute must for traveling, not only do they refresh your face but would also take all (or most) of your make up with no other additional products + it’s a non-liquid product so you can bring as many as you want. Don’t forget a travel sized moisturiser that you can get with some magazine (no point in taking your big tub with you) and that’s about it. Just wipes and cream, but it makes such a difference!

So really, if you need to pack extra light you can get away with a total of 10 items (that’s including 4 lip products) and still look great on a night out!

What’s your Must Have item you would never in a million years travel without?

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23 thoughts on “10 Make up items to consider when travelling, aka how to travel light

  1. These photos are completely the best photos ever, the beach photoshoot was a brilliant idea! Although I can imagine the fear of getting sand in everything you love haha!
    Your choices are all very logical, makes perfect sense to see the contour as an option because the sun will do it for you. Also, it’s really nice to see someone give Amorous the attention it deserves, it’s such a gorgeous colour.
    I must say, a product I could never go anywhere without, like not even to the supermarket is a decent high coverage powder foundation. I love my life in my Mac Studio Fix powder foundation and couldn’t go anywhere without it (or a cruelty-free alternative, because ditching Mac and feeling the need to mention it every time I mention Mac, sorry).
    This is a wonderful post, and some great travel tips! 😀 xxxx

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