Birchbox August 2016

I think everyone has already seen the next Birchbox advertised on every possible social platform with their pretty multicoloured little bags. I’m more of a bog girl myself (it just feels more like a gift) but I was open to a change, especially since I got a blue one (yay for blue!). It’s the important things in life, right? During mid July subscribers got a choice between a purple or a brown eyeliner to be included in their August box and I though ‘Oh no…’. Shall we say, my first impressions were absolutely wrong and I found my likes/dislikes quite unexpected. I’ve recently also been a bit on a fence on wether I will keep ordering this, so let’s see!


* If you read my previous box reviews you will notice I have changed the format a bit, let me know if you think this is better/worse/you don’t care and if you like it from bad to the best or would you prefer from the best to the worst? I feel like I want to end on a positive note so will try it this way. Let me know! (Thank you!!)


In the territory of Give me my Cash-monies back Momo’s (from 1 to 5, 5 being the worst)


The bag! It’s of such bad quality. It doesn’t show up on the camera, but the grey has a yellow undertone that makes it look dirty, it feels like it’s made of a wet suit material and you can see the state of the inside so I don’t need to say much more about that. It’s a sloppy job of a bag, but you can use it for when you need to powder your nose when scuba diving, because that makes sense. You can always use it for something, but I don’t think it is good enough to be a core selling point in their campaigns! 4 bored Momos for that.


The category where Zeus and Momo have a party and don’t really have any strong opinions about anything else.



English Laundry Signature For Her Eau de Perfum (full size is £60, this would be around £2.4). This was a lovely extra this month. I am quite picky about my perfumes (let’s be real, what am I not picky about..?) and usually cannot stand sweet scents, which this is. This smells of gardens, however it does have a spicy musk hint. I actually really like it! I spread some on my wrists and neck the same day I got it. So I love it except that little minor flaw of me being actually allergic to something in it! Weird, I was never allergic to anything that I was aware of. I will still use it, but I might just dab some on my clothes instead. Maybe on my boobs, so the scent would always be one step ahead of me. It’s just unfortunate really, so meh!

_DSC0749.jpg Anatomicals The Buff Stuff (full size is £3.99, this is £0.99). I can always use up a body scrub, so I’m not mad at it, but as scrubs go this is quite meh. The beads are big and sparse and so this is more of a shower gel with some inconvenient bumps. But it smells of fresh fruit, so that’s nice.


Anything from 2 to 4 Very Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled


This little full size Merci Handy Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel in Lollipop(£2.90) is incredible. They are so pocket friendly (price and size wise) and look so adorable. I got one in Coco Rico from July’s My Little Box and look how adorable they both look, aww. _DSC0762.jpgAnd being the girl that is painfully aware of all the bacteria around I am loving this. 4 Zeuses for sure.


Balance Me Radiance Face Mask (full size is £18, this would cost £3.6) is going to replace my current mask in it’s natural habitat (my shower) for those lazy mask/face scrub days. I welcome these little additions as it lasts me a while as I only do it maybe once a week ( I know, I know I should do it more *rolls her eyes*) and it doesn’t take much space. Win win win. I tried this once and I really do like it, the beads are very tiny and it’s 98% natural (there’s always that 2%, right?). 4 Zeuses again! Not too shabby!


Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo (full size is £14.50, this – £3.63). Uhhhh, yes please! Dry shampoo anytime & every time. I love the fact that the scent of this is not as fruity as most of the Batiste ones, I like it subtle and non-obvious that my hair was filthy and I’m just trying to win another day without leaving a lardy track behind me. I like the simplistic packaging too – 4!


My top pick from the box: 4 or 5 Very Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled UntitledUntitled


This! Imagine my surprise when I swatched and tried this and realised it’s actually really good! An item that I was least existed about proved me wrong and look at me, honestly admitting I know nothing *Whispers ‘John Snow’ as unable to resist*! It’s a full size Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Expresso (£10.50). It’s so smooth, smudges beautifully but once it sits for a while it’s firmly in place. The colour is beautiful and it’s so so so soft. _DSC0765

The only thing, yet again, is that you have to sharpen this! Why?? Why would you do that to us?? At least it’s a regular size so I don’t have to buy a collection of sharpeners on display so I could stop pushing splinters towards my eyelids! Who am I kidding, I just use a knife. It’s not ideal :(. Still 4 Zeuses!


Despite the crappy bag and a minor allergic reaction, this was one of the best Birchbox boxes I have ever received from them. The main reason I like this is the fact that I will actually use everything. It’s lovely for a change not to shove stuff in the drawer for it to ‘wait it’s turn’. It might or might not have something to do with the fact I was lucky not to receive any moisturisers this month. The total value of the box was nothing particularly shocking, £21.12, but it just goes to show that it’s not the price that matters. I will keep this box for at least another month, keep it up Birchbox!

I believe the box was:









* If you  wish to subscribe to Birchbox (and get yourself a watercolour blob! I’m sorry I’ll stop. Or will I?) and receive £5 worth of Birchbox points here’s the link to do so! Enjoy xxx *

What are your thoughts on the box? Do you love it as much as I do or am I being a bit overwhelmed by it? It was an amazing feeling opening this up, really felt special.

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11 thoughts on “Birchbox August 2016

  1. I still can’t understand why I am not subscribed to any boxes yet! Probably just too scared of hating everything I receive haha! I love the look of this box (bag) though!
    Ps I like either format so whichever you prefer to write 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Just a shame the actual bag was so awful! But the contents were really good! I really think you would love it! Birchbox is not that pricey either but it is a bit risky as not everybody gets the same stuff. Although that’s why I like to too because it’s fun comparing later xxx and thank you! I think I will stick to this as it’s a bit easier xxx


  2. I’m glad that you enjoyed this months box, as we both had a moan last month! It’s so like me to unsubscribe the month that it’s decent, but I’m not regretting my choices. I’m glad that you enjoyed the face mask, although as I said before, it’s more of a scrub than anything, but still nice! I’ve actually now just finished my tube of this, so unfortunately could have done with the extra haha!
    Also, I really like the new format. I also really liked the other. I really like everything you do, so you know, I’m happy either way! 😀 But I see why you have tried this approach, it makes sense, and ends on a splendid high note! xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know, just as it always happen! But as you said, there’s nothing crucial that you would have loved and I can’t say that you would have gotten the same as it always varies so much!
      And thank you ❤️ I was hoping this format would end on a bit better note as I always moan and point to the negative so this is my minor attempt at counteracting that fact 😂 xxxx


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