How many baskets is too many?

I mean, really, can one have too many baskets? Prooobably, and I might be getting there but hey, whatever makes me happy!

I was getting somewhat unhappy on how many different bits and pieces I have on my getting-ready tabletop. So instead of actually decluttering (which I will get to at some point, promise) I decided to put stuff in more baskets, because everyone knows it looks better that way. It’s true. Also baskets are awesome. Also number 2, Logan had some vouchers from work which meant free stuff from TK Maxx. Which then in turn meant free baskets.

Look at them! ❤


Now I did write the prices before cutting the tags off but then of course I have no recollection as for where I actually shoved the note, maybe I threw it away, maybe it’s up my bum – who knows. It always happens, I always lose it. Ech. Anyway, the copper basket is a baby version of the one I already had from H&M home section that I had in my July favourites, and this baby one (still quite big) was, I think £9.99..ish. But the rest of them are from TK Maxx and I honestly think there are so many goodies there that you can find and for the price that doesn’t break your bank! The white basket was like £5.99, the big tray was around £8 and the rusty grey one was £3.99! How cool!

So I made this little mess into a perceptually more pleasing yet in reality it’s still just as messy, but steps.




P.S. I am not digging the round table. Maybe it’s funky but man it’s impractical! (It came with the flat, I’m just making the best of it). I like my corners! Anyway.

I do like my DIY spray mini buckets but they are getting quite old and this white basket was perfect to separate my brushes. Also, nu judging for the dirty brushes. This is where I insert an excuse of why I haven’t cleaned them, but I don’t have one so…there we have it.


The smaller rusty basket is being used for the products I want to try or finish up. Because let’s be honest, I have some gems that are wasted as they ended up in a drawer and they are not conveniently in my face when I am getting ready and so I never try them out. And I want to. Maybe a person who’s a bit better at waking up early to actually have time to plan stuff out wouldn’t need this, but a little basket with a ‘try-me’ purpose is just the right thing for me. It’s great.20160821-_DSC0139

Initially I put my other organizers that are usually on the table in the tray but decided that didn’t really work for me, looked messy:

20160821-_DSC0126So then I just proceeded to put those other baskets in the tray. Now we’re talking.


Yup, I bet this was extremely exciting for you guys to read (sarcastic there) but I actually really enjoy things like that so maybe you’ll do too?

Also please let me know if anyone would like me to do some de-clutter posts? It would give me a kick to do it too. Win-win?

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21 thoughts on “How many baskets is too many?

    1. There are so many brilliant things there! And it’s a bit more unique as I feel not everyone has the same pieces there. I hope you enjoy it I always end up having so much fun 😂 although need to resist buying loads of random things too.

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