Best Budget Face Cream

*Mini disclaimer, I was sent this product for free for my honest opinion and I was under no obligation of reviewing it and will only do so if I feel it’s worth talking about. It has always been so and will always be, that I promise xxx.

For the life of me I don’t understand why I haven’t reviewed this before as I use this I remember Sudocrem always being somewhere in the house but I never used it as I was under the impression it’s for baby butts only (right?? I can’t be the only one!). Not until maybe 2 years ago that I discovered the magic that Sudocrem is. Where do I even start?


There are millions of uses for this cream, however I will only talk about the methods I have tried as that’s the only way I can feel 100% confident about what I am recommending.


What it’s best at:

  • Sunburn: I am not kidding, after I burnt my nose and my forehead (why??) I only noticed it when it was already starting to flake and this healed my burnt skin in 2 applications! Whilst it took at least 5 days for my boyfriend who didn’t use anything (because he’s a ‘man’…*rolls her eyes*)
  • Spot prevention and healing: it exaggerates the speed with which spots heal and lessens the redness around them. You only need to cover it with the cream and leave it for a few hours or overnight.

What it’s good at:

  • Face mask : it left my skin feeling very refreshed, hydrated and squeaky clean. The only disadvantage of this was the effort it takes to take it off. But for a less fundamentally lazy person this wouldn’t be a big deal.20160801-_DSC0706
  • Moisturizing: it’s a heavy duty moisturizer but one that’s also good for oily skin! Do I feel like this is the best moisturiser out there? Nope. But then it cannot exceed in all the areas, it’s such a multipurpose product.


This cream has been proven to look after your skin in a more pharmaceutical sort of way, meaning it actually treats and soothes a wide range of dry skin conditions; including dry, itching, flaking, chapped skin, sunburn and blemishes. It’s even clinicallty proven to assist with skin conditions such a dermatitis, eczema and ichthycsis. I haven’t met anyone who would have a reaction to this cream; I mean really, if it’s okay for that baby’s butt chances are we’re going to be fine too.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 07.59.11

In addition to healing it also has calming properties as it includes levander oil. If you need to battle extreme blemishes or rashes you can choose the antiseptic healing cream Sudocrem offers that includes Zinc oxide, which reduces the loss of tissue fluid, a nhydrous hypoallergenic lanolin, an emollient which soothes and softens skin, and benzyl alcohol, which has local anaesthetic and antiseptic properties that help to reduce discomfort, as it’s said on their website.

There are some flaws, of course. For example, it’s not this is not an everyday cream that you can pop on and be done with in a second, nope – you’ll look like a white monster for a while as this really doesn’t absorb that easily. However this might as well be free as for the price of £2.09 for what it is, this is practically a steal. I full heartedly recommend this product. It’s not magic, but it’s damn close.

Have you tried it? Let me know what was your experience!

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15 thoughts on “Best Budget Face Cream

  1. This is one of my favorite products!! Also, if you’re looking to save money on beauty products, I highly recommend the Ibotta App- it helps me save money and earn Cash on purchases, plus you can get $10 for signing up using code: apbnfta

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  2. I’ve never seen Sudocrem in a tube before! We always had it when I was a kid but it was in a tub that everyone stuck their fingers in and that grossed me out 😛 If I’m not mistaken, though, lanolin is an animal secretion so I don’t think I’ll be using Sudocrem again! A shame, because it is magic on spots.

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    1. It’s definitely a new addition to my most used drawer. I don’t find it actually helps with spots that much per se but it definitely hides the redness so well! And it really does miracles for the dry skin bits xx


    1. I’ve had this cream for ages but only used it when I had a rash or a burn ( which this is also great for) but never tried as a normal moisturiser. It was great from sunburn though I’m not sure if this is better/faster than the after sun lotion. But I know it’s cheaper though 😂🙊

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