Papergang August 2016

The theme for August’s Papergang was revealed quite early on – marble. Trendy. I will admit I am the tinniest bit bored of it now but I have to bow my head and admit that what arrived in this box did not leave me disappointed one bit. So kudos to OhDeer for delivering on something that’s quite over-used (myself included in that, guilty as charged!), it is quite a challenge. 20160826-_DSC0491

*Papergang is monthly subscription box that costs £9.60 per month. If you like this and want to spoil yourself too, please use my referral link. I don’t think you get a discount, but every 2 friends that I refer I get a free box sent to me. So it’s a nice thing to do. And everyone likes nice people. Be nice.


In the territory of Give me my Cash-monies back Momos (from 1 to 5, 5 being the worst)


The category where Zeus and Momo have a party and don’t really have any strong opinions about anything else.



Riso Printed Calendar by Jamie Mitchell. It’s pretty and it can be clipped to the board we got last month, but it’s pretty meh as things go. Especially considering they claim this is worth £1.95. I mean, really? This is just a slim piece of paper (not even card) and I refuse to believe it had cost more than 20p to print out. So just for the audacity to say otherwise – meh.


Anything from 2 to 4 Very Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled


Copper Washi tape by William Branton (£2.50). It’s copper. It’s a copper washi tape. What’s not to like? 3 Zueses.


Papergang is slowly but surely converting me into a card lover, I have never been one to use them. This might be my favourite yet (I think there’s always at least 1 card per box as a rule). I love this design by Varying Designs (£2.50). I’m all about these sort of patters, then throw some animals on top and I’m a happy hippo. Which they did. And it’s printed on 100% recycled material – always a plus. 4 Zueses.



My top pick from the box: 4 or 5 Very Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled UntitledUntitled


No doubt, the golden star goes to the big daddy of the box, this gigantic A4 Blue Marble Quarter Bound Notebook again by Jamie Mitchell (£12.95). Apperently my camera has a problem capturing deep dark blue though so the pictures don’t do it justice (the more you know…) but you can still appreciate it. It’s so well made, feels luxurious and heavy in your hands. Like a proper notebook that’s worth way more than £12! (How do you describe an awesome notebook without looking like a notebook freak? Can it be done?) The page edges are copper. Can we  have another little yay for copper again? *whispers: yay*


AND whilst the right side of the pages are lined the left side is blank for you to do with whatever you want! Just to throw the last punch of pure awesomeness. (I only wish I could draw or something). 5 Zeuses, no doubt. 20160826-_DSC0473


While, softly put, I wasn’t over the moon with July’s box, August had it right! My only complain is the fact that it seems this little calendar slip is becoming a thing. I wouldn’t mind this as an extra at all I don’ think it should be counted as an item really. Other than that, YAY! (last one, I swear.)

I believe the box was:










What are your thoughts on the box?

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    1. Oh hey, thanks so much! I love when people enjoy the reviews, they take longer to write so it’s nice knowing it’s worth the time ❤ if you do decide to order up, please review it too so we can geek out over the cute stuff together haha xxx


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