7 Deadly Sins of Beauty: Wrath

Sin a day continues:


Which beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

There’s no question about this: false eyelashes.


Whilst I don’t use them often by any means, once I have them on I do feel all fluffy. However you should see me trying to put them on. To save you the trouble just know there’s lots of cursing, make up wipes, eyeliner, glue in the eyes, time spent and sometimes a little crying. 50% of the time I will give up and just go without. Somehow I still haven’t managed to apply the Valour lashes and it pains me so much because it’s not like they are cheap! One day… Sephora ones are actually quite newbie friendly, if you’re looking for something easy. I mean, if I managed – you will too!

Please tell me if  your struggles down in the comments so I wouldn’t feel alone in this! *Pretty please haha*

You can find Greed here.

Gluttony is coming up tomorrow!

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