7 Deadly Sins of Beauty: Gluttony

Another day, another sin!


What’s the brand you use the most make up of?

20160904-_DSC0733.jpgAs this question comes up in most of the tags i actually took some time and counted. I am glad to say that I have a ‘healthy’ (healthy might not be the right word here) mixture of brands in my make up collection, but I did have a silly amount of Maybelline products. However, since I don’t actually use them, I disqualified it from the tag. *I do what I want!*. Sadly most of Maybelline products were misses so I took a runner up brand, which, surpassingly was Urban Decay. Live and learn.


This was actually my first higher end eyeshadow palette, I bought this even before I was into make up (not that that’s that long ago) and for a long time this was the only thing I used. I know the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is not the most popular out there but I honestly don’t know why. I love it. It’s gorgeous after all this time. And I need to use it again.


Also the only setting powder I use. Ever. It’s very fine and invisible. 10/10. This is going to last me forever.


Admittedly, Urban Decay lipsticks are not my favourite. Also, doesn’t it hurt a bit looking at the pink one? This was my boyfriend twisting it without taking the cap off. Man child that he is (this was at least a year ago hah). *Squints at the boyfriend much to his confusion*.

The 24/7 eyeliners. The blue one is amazeballs,  and I would buy it again in a heart beat (I only wish I had blue eyes) but the white one was a miss. it’s just too glittery and doesn’t sit on your eyes well at all.


Everyone knows this one, no need for introductions. I do like this canceler but it’s definitely  not my go to. It might be my dryish skin but this creases quite a bit and it’s not that easy to work with. I do use it to hide spots as it probably is the most opaque one that I own. It’s also a bit too light for me at the moment (who knew that’s possible??).

What’s the brand that you own the most of? Let me know in the comments! 

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