7 Deadly Sins of Beauty: Pride

Happy Priday everyone! (Even I am cringing at this one, but I’ll leave it in as a reminder for myself to work harder haha)


Which beauty product gives you most confidence?


I couldn’t decide between the two so it’s either foundation, to minimise my redness, or brow products, just because I have neglected this part of make up for so long and all of the sudden I’m deeply in love with it. Though I don’t do no fancy shit with it (I wish I could pull this sentence off in real life), it still makes such a difference!

At the moment I’m most into the Loreal Nude Magique cushion foundation and, the unbeatable, Anastasia  brow whizz. I use pomade when I feel fancy main-bornig-angel.

Which step of your routine makes you feel best? Let me know down below (haha, nasty..).

If you’ve missed the previous sins, you can find them here:





Tomorrow is a Lusty Saturday! I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I am.

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