Birchbox September 2016


The first beauty box to reach me this month was Birchbox. I have to give it to them, probably the only box that has never been late or undelivered. Good job, Birchies!

20160910-_dsc0836The theme this month was Heroes, but I have to admit that I don’t see how was this reflected in the box, unless you count some inspirational competitions that Birchbox will hold. It featured a drawer style box featuring one of the subscribers design. I regret to admit that this is by far my least favourite design, it’s just so generic and overall a washed out meh. I am usually the first to grab anything geometrical but not this time. What I am even more keen is universe-related things, so when I saw that the next month that is exactly what they are going for I was so excited!

Anywho, let’s get into what’s actually inside.20160910-_dsc0844

* If you  wish to subscribe to Birchbox (and get yourself a watercolour blob! I’m sorry I’ll stop. Or will I?) and receive £5 worth of Birchbox points here’s the link to do so! Enjoy xxx *


In the territory of Give me my Cash-monies back Momo’s (from 1 to 5, 5 being the worst)


I wouldn’t say anything was bad from this box. Except the design. It’s just lazy.


The category where Zeus and Momo have a party and don’t really have any strong opinions about anything else.




A sample of this limited edition Batiste Oomphing spray (sample: £1.07). I have nothing against Batiste, and I already got a sample from them in August My Little Box. It’s just that, as I’ve mentioned before, when I blow dry my hair I can barely fit through the door. No extra volume for me, thanks. So sort of useless. 1 Momo for that. I wont use it since it’s not for me, I might add it to my next Giveaway for someone to actually serve some purpose.
20160910-_dsc0863ModelCo Highlighting Treio (full size, £14). I can’t believe this is full size. I have even included an iPod for size reference. It’s a face product and my finger barely fits in the pans! It’s also way too glittery. 20160910-_dsc0865I will only be using this as eyeshadow, at that it might prove pretty. However it’s cream so I am not sure how well it will stay on my hooded lids. The colours are nice but £14 for this? Mmmm, I remain sceptical. 1 Zeus.


This was an extra for those people who had referred a friend to subscribe to the box (Hi, friend!). This bracelet is said to cost £15 (insert a sceptical face here). It’s a fairy pretty bracelet, it has IMAGINE engraved into it and has salmon string at the back that I have no idea how to work. I don’t know. It’s just a bit meh. 20160910-_dsc0850It’s a nice gesture, especially since both you and the friend get this, but, again, I can’t believe it’s £15, it truly cannot be. It’s not gold plated as they would mention that on the cover, inside and on the back for good measure of that little leaflet you get inside, for sure. 1 Zeus.


Anything from 2 to 4 Very Curiously Supportive Zeuses


hand cream.jpg

The Polaar Genuine Lapland Cream (£7.5). In the picture you can see that I’ve gotten a generous size of this cream in one of the My Little Boxes ages ago. I keep this in my bag at all times and can sincerely say this is one of the best heavy duty hand creams. A bit of an odd choice for the end of summer, and despite the size difference here I am still happy to get a refill of this.


Recently I’ve been very much into anything that you can apply in the shower and rinse off. I am one of them lazy girls that cannot be bothered to wait for the body cream to sink in and so would rather skip it. Products like this Nuxe Precious Scented Shower Oil(£1.5) are what I live for. I’ve gotten Nuxe oil from the previous Birchbox and really enjoyed it so I’m excited for this! 4 Zeuses.


My top pick from the box: 4 or 5 Very Curiously Supportive Zeuses



I’ve only tried a few primers in my whole life so an extra is always welcomed. Throw in something anti blemish and I am all ears! This Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Blemish-less (£9.06) seems like a perfect product to get in a box. It’s a 15 mill sample, which is okay for something like primer, from a good brand so you wouldn’t want to buy something you’re not sure that works. I can’t wait to test it and will do as soon as I wake up early enough to put some proper make up before work (sometime this week, I hope). I still have that little sample of hand cream from Laura Mercier I got from a previous Birchbox and it smells so nice! All in all, perfect thing for sampling. 4 Zeuses (5 if it will work!).


Overall I definitely had worse boxes in the past. Especially if compared against other Birchbox boxes. However, the fact that Birchbox (September MLB is going to be featured on Wednesday!) is always one step behind My Little Box is somewhat annoying but all the boxes have similar providers, I’ve noticed. I was not a fan of the design, and I am not following how is this a Hero theme, but I am excited about the primer and the shower oil, both brands were really good and I know I will like the products. The Batiste was not their fault as it probably is really nice it’s just that my hair is very voluminous as it is but I will include this in a giveaway so hopefully someone will enjoy it. The hand cream is always welcome, tested and loved. The only bigger miss was the full size ModelCo highlighting trio. Can’t really understand how is this a face product.


But it wasn’t bad at all and I am excited to see the next month’s box! Anything to do with space and I am happy!

I believe the box was:









What are your thoughts on the box? Do you love it as much as I do or am I being a bit overwhelmed by it? It was an amazing feeling opening this up, really felt special.

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14 thoughts on “Birchbox September 2016

  1. I quite liked mine this month too! I was hoping I’d get the Laura Mercier Primer (especially as I have oiliness and blemishes listed as concerns on my profile) but it’s miles better than last months! I also got Bioderma which I’m super happy about!

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    1. It is an improvement isn’t it? I had frizz as a concern in my profile so they should have known volume isn’t something I’d need but I’m not sure how much they actually tailor the boxes according to those profiles hah xx


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