My Little Box September 2016

*My Little Box  is a monthly subscription box that costs £15.95 per month and, like other subscription boxes, arrives to your door. However, unlike most of the beauty boxes My Little Box also includes some non-beauty yet beautiful bits and pieces, which is why it’s so special to me. 


My Little Box collaborated with Claudie Pierlot for their September box, and it was all very much Parisian, so much so that even the dispatch email was incomprehensible for someone who took French when they were 10 and don’t remember even a little bit (c’est moi!).  I got my box a tiny bit later than usual and accidentally stumbled upon the design before I got it. Much sadness. Nonetheless, it’s a very interesting box that screams chic! The little magazine was not that little this month and it’s actually a decent read, so that was exciting.


‘Is that a purse I see there?’ you may be thinking. Aha. Yes, it is.


In the territory of Give me my Cash-monies back Momos (from 1 to 5, 5 being the worst)



The category where Zeus and Momo have a party and don’t really have any strong opinions about anything else.





Anything from 2 to 4 Very Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

20160910-_dsc0814Let’s get the most in-your-face item out of the way. This little My Little Box exclusive Pierlot purse is deep nav blue with red accents, however cute, way too small for my every-day use. I am one of those people that have way too many cards and always too many coins until one day I decide it’s too much and stand there using the coins up at the self service till for like 5 minutes. You do that too, right? 20160910-_dsc0818

Anyway. I will definitely use this for brunch/dinner situations when I don’t need all my club cards with me and should only take a few things with me.

20160910-_dsc0819It’s priced as £30, which it honestly doesn’t really feel like, and I was sceptical of this as per usual. Although when you go on Pierlot’s page the prices are anything but cheap. So possibly so, yet still I wouldn’t say this lives up to £30. I still like it. Lots. 4 Zeuses sort of lots.

20160910-_dsc0824I’ve also received this Yves Rocher So Elixir perfume sample. There’s a very special cozy part in my heart dedicated to cute tiny glass bottles of perfume. I just can’t. Can’t get over how cute they are. This wasn’t on the slips so I wished out the price from the webternet. 30ml would be £29, and this is 5ml. It’s really quite sweet but with some sort of comforting note of autumn. It’s perfect for this time of year, it’s rare for me to like a perfume sample (like it must be for most people, really) but I do enjoy this one! 4 Zeuses.

20160910-_dsc0820First of all, look at the bloody bag! You know how I feel about these bags. I can’t…

Moving on. Ginseng shot sheet mask from Erborian Korean Skin Therapy. Yas. I have completely ditched cream masks because, well because I’m lazy, really. So any sheet mask is extremely welcomed. There were 3 different mask possibilities that included the bamboo shot for bouncy (I don’t like to think of skin as bouncy) and fresh, blanc de shot mask for porcelain-like radiance and the the one I got for immediate smoothing effect. Maybe I’ll look 10 years younger. Be a bummer since I couldn’t buy any wine. Yay for sheet masks – 4 Zeuses (how good is this box so far?)


My top pick from the box: 4 or 5 Very Curiously Supportive Zeuses

Untitled Untitled Untitled UntitledUntitled


This month’s My Little Box own brand’s product was mascara! I was sceptical at the begining because mascaras are a bit of a struggle for me and definitely lots of them end up being a miss. I quickly tested this out and was pleasantly surprised. Never too many mascaras, ama’right? It gives quite a bit of volume, which is what I need, and enough length to be considered and all-rounder. I think because I went in with very low expectations this sort of blew my mind a little. 20160910-_dsc0826It’s priced at £14 although I don’t think you can buy it, MLB products are usually exclusive to the boxes. 5 Zeuses.


This will be an unpopular opinion but I wasn’t a huge fan of the box design compared to the previous ones, however this still beats Birchbox, it’s becoming sort of a tradition by now. I might be boring, but I thoroughly enjoy it when I receive things I will actually use and that are practical, and this is exactly it for the sheet mask, mascara and the perfume sample. Not so much for the wallet, however it will add a little bit of ‘oooh, what is that?’ to my rare out and about weekend moments. So good balance of every day to special occasion products.

Well done, My Little Box, well done.

I believe the box was:










What are your thoughts on the box?

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