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I have collaborated with my favourite blogger Jade to bring you this little fun post (maybe segment if you guys like it). Significantly less gross than 2 girls 1 cup, I present to you 2 Bloggers 1 Brand! 

As the name strongly suggest, two bloggers attack one brand. We have selected a few items to try out that would cover a few areas, from a brand that wouldn’t break our bank. Same products were tested to see how they perform on completely different canvases (aka. us). For that exact purpose we also included little info on our skin type, eye colour and preferences. It’s only fair to judge a product on how it performs on different people and then after selected few, judge the whole brand. Sounds fair to you? Yeah? Good.

We selected Makeup Revolution on the premises that we both already owned the Flawless palette. So why not. Other than the Flawless palette, we chose the Sugar 2 blush palette, eye brightener pencil (because it just sounded so cool), and a rose gold lipstick.

For my opinions please read along and for Jade’s please click here…or here…or here <– I’m giving you so many options, there’s no reason not to click on one! Go do it. It’s awesome. Trust me.

Okay moving on!


TEN WAYS TOdecoratewith plants.jpg

To the reviews:


Eye brightener


There’s something weird and ORANGE coming out of this pencil wanna-be. Not sure what they were going for, but brightening part is already a miss.

Colour range

Just the orange one.


Wipes away in like 3 second. Maybe less.

Easy of use Applies easy. (Vanishes easier)


Can’t even use this for anything else.


A crap fest. Sadly already in the bin. I was actually excited about this, was wanting to use this under my brow. Money wasted.

Press here to see what Jade thought!


Flawless palette


There are not all perfect, but I am not going to lie – it’s fairly close to that. The pigment is usually amazing as it is and if you lack any, you will get it once you wet your brush.

Powder kick-off

Very limited. Not absent, but just the healthy amount. Even the best palettes still have some. Because it’s powder and not cream, we’ll allow it.

Colour range

Very nice, it varies from dark to light, there are some warm and cool tones, some shimmers and some mattes, though more shimmer and the shimmer ones are better quality.


This is where it surprised me. It’s not great by itself but if you add some primer to your lids this will stay pretty much intact for the whole night. I have hooded lids and even then it stayed put!


Pretty decent.


Great for both day and night looks.

Matte colours

Are all right. Definitely not the best ones I have used, but they are the best ones in this price range, and that’s where the magic of the palette comes into play.


I love this palette. I am not sure if this was much more of an accidental success for this brand but who cares, go and get yourself this! I’m not sure if I would take this as my ‘selected’ travel palette but it’s definitely one to keep at home. There are brilliant shades for rusty or metallic looks, but you can also succeed in some natural day appropriate ones. The only thing that bothers me is that the names of the colours come on this transparent sheet that’s inside of the palette instead of the names actually being on the palette. Why do brands do that? Staph it. 

*Psst! Go check what Jade thought!

Now for the shitstick…




Is okay. For writing on the mirror maybe. I don’t know. I can’t take this seriously.

Colour range

I think there are 4 colour choices (?), and the nude is always sold out. I went for a dark purple as I snapped my previous one, thinking that this one can be a cheap substitute. Boy was I wrong.


Hahahaha, I did not wear this long enough to test this.


Here we go. To the point. This is impossible to apply. I mean, you can, but then as soon as you manage to struggle your way to covering your lips with this, as soon as you close your mouth and push your lips together some random skin patches appear. This is quite possibly the worst formula of a lipstick I have ever tried.


As I said, this can maybe be used for some art projects, so unless you’re going for a ‘walk of shame’ while sober look, not sure how else you could use this. I feel like the product should be usable in it’s purpose first of all, than have some other uses to be versatile. Nope. Biiiiiig nope.


I know it’s cheap and all, but it just feels like I have binned my money.  Because that’s where this is going to end up sadly, the bin.

Jade went for a red colour, go see if the colour had any effect on the quality! 


Brown Sugar 2 Palette


Pigments are okay, although quite powdery and gives out more shimmer than colour.

Powder kick-off

Quite big.

Colour range

At the first look it seems as if there’s plenty to choose from, however I felt like once applied all the colours were just shimerry, part from those few matte brown blushes. 


Not great. Would last for a few hours, but not the whole day.


It could be worse.


Definately could be used as highlighters (maybe that’s what theya re meant to be used as? Would explain a lot) or eye shadow. Some colours I would never use as blush, but I know some people like that. STOP IT. It’s not cute haha. (No, you do you girl).

Matte colours

The only ones usable for blush.


Not gonna lie. After testing this the only time I reached for it was never. Not the worse of the products but I just never felt the need to try this again and I think that speaks volume.


Guess what, here’s Jade’s opinion!

And that concludes the 2 Bloggers 1 Brand for Makeup Revolution! I loooove the Flawless palette and still use it to this day, but  that’s 1 out of 4 products. Other 3 were either horrible or just meh at the very least. Have you tried these out and found they worked for you, or do you agree with me?Is there maybe another holy grail product from theirs like the eye shadow palette that’s worth trying out?

Just as a tease, here’s Jade’s profile so you can see how different it is!


TEN WAYS TOdecoratewith plants (1).jpg

Have you guys enjoyed it? Would you like some more? If so, please let us know which brands you’d like us to look at! If we end up doing another test drive I sure hope it will give better results!

Lots of Love,


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17 thoughts on “2 Bloggers | 1 Brand

      1. I have the affirmation palette, it’s really good for a drugstore palette (apart from the purples, they’re not as good) and I can’t complain for the price! I’ve heard that mostly everything but the palettes are bad, but I haven’t tried much from them.

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  1. I’ve been eyeing up the eye brightener but couldn’t decide whether I should try it so I’m glad Iv seen this post haha! Iv got on of the blush palettes & I absolutely love it but it’s got way better colours in it than that one (forgot what it’s called though..😂) xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad we could save you some pounds there, DEF don’t buy the brightener! It does nothing! Haha let me know which one once you remember 😂
      Oh also that hair mask was pretty good and I can confirm you can put it on your roots and when you wash it there’s very little difference so don’t be afraid! Xx


        1. I used it during the night and then didn’t wash it through till the evening since some friends came around and we went for some lunch ahah how bad is that?? But it was fine, you literally couldn’t see anything! Although for someone with normal hair it would probably look oily!


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