Eating Healthy Tips/Story (Guest Post)

Hello everybody!

Today’s guest post is a personal story of Esther’s about her journey of becoming healthier. We all have a different take on the subject and I will never say no to hearing somebody else’s!

Let us know in the comments what’s your story, do you prefer some foods over the others? Do you have any tips/recipes you’d like to share? I cannot wait to read it!

Healthy Eating Tips/Story

Today I want to share something with you, which has been a long way for me and to be honest, it is still in the progress. I want to tell you a story how I became healthy or, more accurately, how I am becoming healthier. I wish to share some tips with you that had helped me on my way to become healthier. I have had problems with weight ever since my early teenage years, when I started gaining weight more than I did before. Well, I never was too much overweight, but I was obviously (let’s say it in a cute way) chubby. Around two years ago, I decided to put more effort on what my body looks like and started working out. I started going for a jog in the evenings or mornings. However, soon I realised it is not enough, I got in shape more, but yet I wasn’t able to loose any weight. I understood that if I want to lose weight I definitely have to change my eating habits. And that is how everything started for me; I contacted a personal trainer and he made me a menu.

Plan your meals

It is very useful to make yourself proper eating menu with the personal trainer, you will understand what a healthy eating has to be like. I followed the menu properly for like two or three months, but I could not stand that the strict menu forbid me to eat any chocolate, cake or cookies. How is that possible!? I love chocolate and cakes sooo much! And seriously, I do not understand people who are like, if you crave for something sweet then have bananas, raisins or grapes– it takes away urges to eat some chocolate. No way! I want chocolate not grapes!! Well then, I stopped following the menu, because I was too weak to say goodbye to eating chocolate and when you already drift away from the exact menu, then following it gets more difficult and I ended giving up all of this. However, I recommend everyone to make planned week eating menu, that’s what I still nowadays do: I simply write down what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unlike the menu that personal trainer made for me, it is not so strict, meals are not weighted and I do it to get ideas of what to eat next. The menu also encourages you to have a variety of foods in your diet.

Find the balance

But if you are like me then cravings for something sweet are a serious issue. No kidding, I could eat the whole chocolate bar by myself in a couple of minutes! I suggest that you don’t ever completely cut down on something that you really like, just try to lessen the amounts and take control of it. I learnt to take control of my urges for something sweet, I still have chocolates, and well, honestly sometimes I have the whole bar of it as well. However, I completely gave up adding white sugar into my tea and coffee, it might taste weird at first, but it is worth a try. Eventually I have gotten used to it and now I can’t even imagine drinking sweet tea! It is all about finding the balance, give up something that you do not care about so much and rather have something that you really adore.

Don’t skip breakfast

Mornings are a time when most of people are usually very busy and often we could grab for something faster rather than something healthy. One of my tips is, cook the breakfast in advance and reheat it (porridge, eggs)  in the morning. Honestly I am not a morning person! But I have a great tip for you – make your healthy breakfast tasty! We all know that it is healthy to have porridge in the mornings, but it takes time and if you are not a big fan of porridge you rather grab for a sandwich probably. You can make porridge tasty, adding some frozen berries (raspberries, blueberries, etc.) into it, and leave out white sugar. Also, I usually make porridge with water, but it is really good with chocolate soy milk as well (I use one of the brand called Alpro), then I add some slices of banana there – yummy! And remember, never skip your breakfast.

Prepare your meals to take with you

When you are going to school, university or work, take your lunch with you. I know, it is kind of annoying, sometimes I even have to take an extra bag for my food, but otherwise I would just go to the supermarket and get myself something unhealthy and fast. You can basically take anything you like just make sure it is proper food, depends how long your days are. My work days are pretty long, but in the university I usually stay four hours or so, I often take some salad, rice, buckwheat porridge, baby carrots, apples and bananas, even healthy sandwiches. In general, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and try to stay away from the fried food. If you do not know what to cook, then check up some recipes and try out something new using veggies. And do not forget about water! Drink a lot of water all the time and have other fluids as well, but if you drink juices then keep your eye on the ingredients and make sure there is no sugar added.

Find what works for you

I think it is important to talk about how to get motivation to eat healthy rather than what to eat. Two years ago it was very difficult for me to find that motivation – I fit in my clothes, my friends told me that I was fine, only my inner voice kept telling me to do something about the weight but urges for unhealthy food always won and did its work. But then I found something for myself that really motivates me to be healthy – it is called Veganism. I am not here, to tell people to become vegan, I am neither one. I just want to encourage people to try out alternative food.  Eating meat might be (I haven’t done enough research about it, neither did I come here to argue about it) important for humans, however, most of the meat (sausages, ham, mixed meat, etc.) that people buy in the supermarkets regularly are very unhealthy. I became vegetarian (I still have some products that consist of milk and egg sometimes that is why I can’t say I was a vegan) for the animals, and the meals that I eat now are much more healthy. It is a true motivation for me! Who wants to know more about veganism, has to do their own research about it because I stop now here, as said I did not came here to promote Veganism, what I want to say – find yourself something that motivates you to be healthy! And start today!

“Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live“ – Jim Robin

A very interesting personal story, thank you Esther for sharing. You can find her blog here:

Whilst, I am sure, we will all have different opinions on most points I think it’s safe to say that healthy lifestyle is a very popular and relevant topic. Let me know if you’d like me to consider writing my own tips/story on this topic, as it’s quite different! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it, and thanks to Esther again for sharing.

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