Top 15 Netflix shows + Autumn books recommendations

I had the most awful week  and was looking forward to the weekend as if it was my salvation. However life is cruel and I became very ill at the end of Friday. Why so conveniently after the working hours? Urgh.

The way I deal with these things is simple: when living is very uncomfortable I need to either lose myself in Netflix or, if my eyes are not watery from the flu, read a good book. So I thought if there’s ever a time that you need to escape your reality, I will share my recommendations in case it’s helpful!

I’ve tried my best to rank these (boy was that hard!), starting from the bottom to the best one, so here goes my recommendations!

My top 15 Netflix picks

Number 15


Sense 8 is a brilliant show about a diverse group of strangers that are connected through a supernatural bond they were unaware off. I flew through the first season so quickly and adored the artistic way this has been filmed and the important topics that were touched upon in this show. It had a big ass cliff hanger and the second season is not out yet. The first season pretty much focuses on introducing us to these characters and shows them becoming aware of the bond. And a human nature to stick together and help each other. It’s a beautiful show. Though it did take me a few episodes to get in to.

Number 14


Mmm, the Mentalist. I always had a thing for these cheeky investigator shows, as I used to watch CSI almost religiously everyday after school. So when I ran out of CSI, I had to look for something else. I love this show for the story that drives it regardless of all the single cases. Red John included. Also look at this main guy – so charming!

Number 13


Lie to me is very similar to the Mentalist, as all the detective shows tend to be. But it’s based on the main character being very familiar with reading micro expressions, which makes him basically a ind reader. Which is super fun. I really enjoy the close up slow motions of human micro expressions shown on screen.

Number 12


Right, Archer is something different. If you want to see something very offensive and brilliantly stupid, Archer is great. It’s about a super obnoxious agent. There’s not much deeper meaning to this show, it’s very much for fun although it does touch up to some issues from time to time. But yeah, it’s different and it’s fun.

Number 11


Gilmore Girls is life. Honestly, what a wonderful show! I actually only properly watched this a few years ago. I would see this on TV sometimes when I was a teen, but never really watched it. I was ill (what a surprise, right?) and stumbled upon this on Netflix and sort of binge watched it (I do that a lot. I always go big or go home with TV shows) and I couldn’t get enough of it, especially when I got into it. It’s such a cozy mother-daughter show. There’s not much going on really, it’s not an action show. It’s so pure and adorable and I love their sense of humour. Whenever I felt homesick, this was perfect. And there’s a movie coming out this year – yay!

Number 10


I am sure everybody has heard of Stranger Things already. It’s really and truly about very strange things. The filming style of this show is really breath taking. The costume design and the whole feel of the show is very unique. It hits you straight to your feels sometimes too. And don’t even get me started about the young actors. How are they so brilliant? I almost hate them. I know most of you will mumble something along the lines of ‘why the hell is this only number 10?’. Not on purpose, really. I absolutely love ALL these shows, it’s just so happened that I maybe enjoyed the others that tiny bit more. Although it’s so hard to compare most of these!

Number 9


Okay… This is my guilty pleasure. Pretty Little Liars offer not much of actual value but as entertainment goes they have gotten it right. There’s a reason why it’s so big after all. It’s very much a chick show, but it’s also about friendship. But sugar coat as I might, it’s a teen drama and I freaking love it. These girls will do EVERYTHING they shouldn’t, you’ll tear half of your hair out shouting ‘STUPID!!’ at your laptop and yet you will grab your popcorn and click Next Episode straight away. Spencer is by far my favourite out of the girls though.

Number 8


The Good Wife is a brilliant show where you can watch the main character go from a side kick of a famous politician who get’s her drawn into a nation-wide scandal to a kick ass female boss that get’s her shit together and kicks some male butts. I love this show. It’s also about lawyers. And even though Suits didn’t make the cut that show is also great. Just a side note.

Number 7


Arrow is a DC comics TV adaptation. I honestly loved this series. The two time lines that add to each other are intertwined brilliantly and all the characters are so awesome. It’s, as per usual, about a character that goes through something life changing and comes back all vigilante-like. Arrow is basically a modern day Robin Hood. Just hunkier. Which I am not complaining. The latest seasons were a bit meh so I haven’t watched that one yet. But the first 3 or so were sooooo good.

Number 6


The feels! Everything about this show is just feels, so many feels everywhere. I love the characters, I love the gruesome bits of surgeon-ing (hah) and all the drama and all the deaths. I just love it. And there’s so many seasons to get lost in!

Number 5


How to get away with Murder is one of the best shows, honestly. It’s about group of lawyer students and their lecturer. Shit hits the fan from the very first episode and things fall into place a little bit more with each episode. It’s like the narrator is unreliable and you don’t know who’s the bad guy and who’s even there for no reason. I love the mystery and all the flash backs in this show. There’s so much drama and misery too. Also very good actors.

Number 4


Speaking of good actors, Orange is the new Black must have one of the best cast in TV history. Every character has such charisma and uniqueness and you actually get to see their back stories as you go on, which is such a cool idea. It’s obviously (or I would think it is) about a woman who finds herself in a prison. But it’s a story of friendship, love and also things bat-shit crazy. There’s lots of the latter. I bloody love this show, you must give it a go if you haven’t already!

Number 3


I am sorry, I had to put both of these together for number 3. Both are brilliant. Both are Marvel, both are quite new. Jessica Jones is a former super hero that now works as private detective. Her past comes to haunt her though in a form of a mind controlling asshole (who played Dr. Who, if there’s any fans of that). It’s a really well made show. Same as Daredevil, who’s a blind man vigilante. With incredible senses. The second season came out this year and I am not sure how I haven’t seen it yet but the first one left me wanting so much more!

Number 2


I know, watching Charmed is fairly cringe-worthy now what with all the technology and special effects we see now. But Charmed will forever have a special place in my heart (same as Friends, but it’s not on Netflix). I lived for that show when I was little. I loved it with all my heart and I still do. Anyone with me?

Number 1!


Netflix or not, Orphan Black is my ALL TIME favourite TV show. Tatiana Maslany is a wonderful actress that plays many characters in this show but you honestly forget it! It tackles so many problems such as family, addiction, ethical issues with scientific progress, etc. But it’s also hilarious! With so many unique and amazing characters that I want to cry. I am watching this at the moment for the second time with my partner, who hasn’t seen it. And he’s loving it too. How can he not? It’s amazing from the start but it just gets insanely good. I cannot recommend this enough. I don’t want to say anything more about this so I don’t spoil it. Just watch it. You’ll love it!

What are your favourite shows? Let me know! Have you seen any from this list (I mean.. you probably had haha)? What’s your favourite character?

As for books, have a snoop at my video below (although I do not mention A Court of Thorns and Roses that I am reading at the moment, let me tell you there’s nothing better than some good love/hate relationship drama to cheer you up from snotting all over).


Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your favorite show/book!

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25 thoughts on “Top 15 Netflix shows + Autumn books recommendations

  1. Lie to Me has been mentioned A LOT in the comments section of one of my favorite comments, and so now I may have to go check it out…I also really like Stranger Things and Arrow. Have you seen the Flash? Just curious. Also, do you take Netflix recommendations?


      1. Exactly!! Have you read any of the comics mentioned in your video? Low has been on my radar for ages but not sure why I haven’t bought yet…
        If you haven’t read saga yet…do it!! I adore this series!! 😍😍😍 can’t wait till the next volume is out

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