9 Things people assume about bloggers that aren’t true

Hi guys! Who’s up for some good old gif fun? Everyone. The answer should always be everyone! Today we feature this amazing lady – Shi Hui, who wrote down some points she thinks people assume about bloggers that AREN’T true at all. Ready? Take a look!

9 things people assume about bloggers that are NOT true




Bloggers, we’re known to live the fast life and are showered with tons of goodies. However, are these blogger stereotypes ever true? In this post, we’re going to touch on the various stereotype that we as bloggers encounter on a daily basis.

1. Everything we owned is sponsored



NO. This is not true. If I was given a dime every single time someone assumed what I own is sponsored, I would be a millionaire by now. It is true that we get sponsored however, we are sponsored according to our niche. That means as a beauty blogger, I get sponsored for the stuff I put on my face and not the stuff I wear on my back.

  2. Everything we eat is sponsored


Like the previous point, we are sponsored according to our niche and even if we are endorsed with luxurious meals, they are cold luxurious meals anyway.



Do you know how disgusting cold soup taste like? You don’t want to know.

  3. We are paid to blog



For those of you who don’t know, most of us bloggers started out our blogs with no intention of making money or being famous. We just wanted a place to express our thoughts and our feelings. Like for me, I started my blog so that residents in Singapore are able to easily access the links for free samples. However, as years go pass and somehow I got interested in reviewing stuff, my blog became a beauty and lifestyle blog!


The point is, not every single post which we post are a money maker. Just the advertorials and the advertisements at the sidebar (If you click on them that is).

P.s. Sponsored also does not mean we are paid, it just means we accepted the product as an exchange for a review. We are actually broke AF.

   4. We take photos of everything



A part of why we are bloggers is the fact that we like to take photos. At the same time, we do not take photos of everything. Sometimes we just want to enjoy the moment and appreciate what we have.

  5. We blog about everything



Another assumption which comes with photographing everything would be that whatever we photographed will be blogged. No, the reason why we take photos is the same as why others take photos – to create the memories and because we look cute then.

With the same logic as sponsorship, we blog according to our niche. For example, if you are to look at my blog most of the articles there would be beauty related. You don’t see me talking about my personal life or food reviews (yet).

  6. It is easy to blog



Many people feel that blogging is just typing and hitting enter but little did they know that they are more aspects to it. We have to be our own photographer, marketing team, html coder, designer, etc.

  7. We are a people person



Just because we seemed really social and outgoing online, does not translate into us being extroverts offline. In fact, most of the bloggers I’ve known are introverts or at the least ambiverts. As for myself, I’m actually an awkward potato offline. Most of my conversations goes like this:



Me: Hi! I’m Shi Hui from IreviewUread!

Them: Hi! I’m Blahblah!

*Exchanges namecards*

Them: *Compliments or state something about my name card*

Me: Haha, Yah

*Awkward Silence*

Me: *Fades away*

  8. We lead an interesting life


Truthfully speaking, we don’t. We lead a rather normal life just that we choose to blog about it and emphasis on the interesting parts of our life. In fact, we spend most of the time in front of the computer writing about the interesting parts of out lifes.



   9. We know all the other bloggers

point-9 Source

Just because we are from the same blogging niche or the same region does not mean we know these bloggers personally. We recognise their blogs and their work but personally, not so much.




Blogging is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, there’s definitely more work than it is worth. If you’re contemplating between blogging for the freebies and money or getting a part time job, I suggest you get that part time job. At least you’ll get your efforts paid fairly.

Despite all these obstacles, I still believe that blogging is great. Why? Well, because owning a blog is just like having a baby. Even if that baby is not prettiest nor the smartest, it will be for it’s YOUR baby and you will never let your baby down. Never.

Head over to this crazy woman’s blog at ireviewuread.com for more Beauty reviews, DIY tutorials and Lifestyle posts.

Allow her to share random articles and videos with you here – http://facebook.com/ireviewuread

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And stare at her rant about beauty stuff or DIY tutorials here – http://youtube.com/c/ireviewuread

Make sure to check her blog space out to see what other wonderful content she offers.

I know i have been absent from here for quite a while. As you know, I’m fairly busy with other socials, however the fact that my photo library now is like 99% full and I need to sift through my previous photos and re-size them…I just can’t seem to fins the motivation to do so. Urgh you guys, why is there a cap on the photo sizes. It’s so frustrating!

Anyway, how are yous doin’?

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23 thoughts on “9 Things people assume about bloggers that aren’t true

  1. I found your BookTube channel about a week ago and now I’m so completely in love, and added you to my list of favourites in my latest post ❤

    I really enjoyed reading this post! Your memes are on point :’D I have to say that I agree with point 7. People think I’m so good at conversation and meeting new people but every time I meet a new person I feel like I’m about to break out in hives! That is why I blog – because I’m a disastrous conversationalist but I love writing.

    Fantastic post!
    Nihaad | Read & Seek


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