January 2016 Birchbox ft Pintrest


Birchbox had a collaboration with Pinterest in January. I had very limited emotions about this as I am not a very usual guest on Pinterest. Although to my knowledge there is a huge community, to say the least, that enjoys it and finds it useful. I only find it useful to show me how much I cannot do something like internet people can. I’m sure someone will relate. However, there are a lot of hacks & tricks to be found if only you have the time to look for it.

I was maybe somewhat confused about how was this box reflecting Pinterest, but then how would you? I’m not sure what would you have to do to portray Pinterest. But the following is how Birchbox attempted it and how they have started their year.

Note: Birchbox deliver different goods to different subscribers. I don’t think each box is individual, that would be silly, but there must be at least a few variations of the box as, when compared, they are not identical. 

Birchbox costs £10 (£12.95 with P&P)

This box actual values for £31.88


The Shower Invigorator

Rituals T’ai Chi Foaming Shower Gel

I give this 1 lousy Slightly Creepy Overly Excited face

Boxes template

Full size RRP £8.50. The sample would cost around £4




I have seen these babies out and about. As the informative Birchbox leaflet claims, this shower foam is packed with organic ingredients, including but obviously not limited to white lotus and yi yi ren. Upon a quick google I discovered yi yi ren to be a type of seed that promotes urination. In the shower? Thank you but no thank you, Birchbox. It still makes you feel nice and calm, since it’s all so asian, but those seeds honestly look like fallen out teeth. Anyway, this is a shower gel that is actually a shower foam.


Just how you would use your normal shower gel, you apply this to your palms and rub it into your eyes (please don’t hold me accountable if you do, you’re already past helping point). Except this comes out as your normal gel-type liquid, but upon applying it to your body turns into a lightweight foam.


  • IT doesn’t have a strong scent. For the people that like things not to smell like other things. I love myself some nicely smelling things, but better nothing than a scent of funeral (see February Birchbox).
  • The packaging is quite luxurious
  • The foam is really lightweight and doesn’t fall everywhere as you apply it


  • In the description it says ‘This stuff is like magic!’. I agree, I used this 3 times and it was gone! This wasn’t a full size product, but it was a decent size. If it were shower gel in that amount of space it would have done me for a while. This made me feel like I was brought one of those crisp packets that once opened contained 90% air and like 5 crisps.
  • Expensive for what it is. If you’re mostly mesmerized by gel turning into foam I would recommend just satisfying that with some shaving gel instead.
  • Did not actually made my skin softer, as claimed. Though to be fair, that might have required more than 3 bloody uses. 

But does it smell nice?

It doesn’t have a strong scent.

Could Alternatively Be Used As a non-sticky tool to make yourself a beard. In case you don’t want to use whipped cream or just want to mix it up.

Would I buy it? 

God no. And I hope it will not receive this item again. If I do I will horde them until I have maybe 5 bottles, so maybe that will last me a week.


The Cleansing Water

Absolution L’Eau Soir et Matin

I give this 2  Slightly Creepy Overly Excited faces

Boxes templateBoxes template

Full size RPR £27. Sample size included £5.4.


Make up remover. Described as consisting of kind-to-skin ingredients such as hazelnut oil and aloe vera. Supposed to refresh and soften your skin after scrubbing off your make up, always a nice touch.


You know those handy make up removing wipes. Well you use this just like you would use the wipes, except that you have to manually dampen a piece of cotton.

But does it smell nice?

I personally don’t think it smells bad. Though I know for a fact that some people were putt off by the herbally fragrance of this cleanser from ever using it. I think it smells kind of nice, but nothing like hazelnut or aloe vera that it claims to contain. So take that as you may.


  • Takes the make up off. And you would be surprised but some cleansers don’t. So this is already earning a point just by doing literally the bare minimum of what it is created to do. It did quite a good job at that, though.
  • I did feel my skin tingling afterwards. I took it as a sign of that refreshing that was promised to me in the description.
  • It smelled expensive (which it is)


  • I seemed to have had some spots appearing after using this. Could be completely coincidental, however it did stop after I decided I am not going to risk it by continuing to use it.
  • The smell is very strong. Might make you feel like you’re rubbing medicine on your face. So that’s a con, unless you’re into that stuff. Which apparently, I am.
  • 27 pounds for 150ml of cleansing water? It would have to be magic. And this one didn’t even perform a disappearance trick on me, like the shower foam.


Could Alternatively Be Used As: well it tingles. So you go figure.

Would I buy it? 

No. Although I didn’t hate it. If I wasn’t left with spots and no money, I would give it a try. As I said, it did take the make up off without spending too much time rubbing the cotton into your face. I’m not a patient person, so this was nice. Maybe someone who wouldn’t have a  skin reaction, and wouldn’t mind the extremely strong herbal scent would love this.


The FoolProof Liner

Eyeko FAT Liquid Eyeliner in Black


I give this 3 Slightly Creepy Overly Excited faces

Boxes templateBoxes templateBoxes template

Full size RPR £12. This was a full size.


This promises a smudge-proof lasting effect.  A very fat eyeliner. But we do not body-shame on this page ♥.


With some struggling. It’s not impossible to be precise with this chubby baby, but it’s quite challenging. If you’re going for a ‘half of my eyelid is just eyeliner’ look, however, this would be perfection.



  • You don’t have to spend all that precious time filling in the wing, you just literally make a line.
  • It has a rubbery feeling to it that is really hard to smudge once it dries.


  • When you fuck up with this one, you have yourself a problem.
  • Even though that rubbery feeling makes you think this will last through wars, it doesn’t. It doesn’t smudge though. It just rubs away. Might only be the case for people with folded eyes (basically all of the eye-make up tutorials are wasted on me with these non-existing lids).

But does it smell nice?

No, that would be weird. Interesting idea, though. Fragrant eyes?

Could alternatively be used as: cat make up! By that I mean full on whiskers. I believe this would do a good job.

Would I buy it?

Maybe. But since this is a full size, now I don’t have to! I do use it. Not every day and not for work. People with bigger eye lids would probably find this product a little bit more useful than poor lidless me.



The Lash Supercharger

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer

I give this 4 Slightly Creepy Overly Excited faces

Boxes templateBoxes templateBoxes templateBoxes template



Full size RPR £18.50. The sample size included £ 6.48.


A product that lead me to buy 2 Benefit Mascaras. Why 2 you ask? Because the first one was the definition for disappointment. However, the second one is the one I now grab every morning no matter if I’m going to work or out. But that’s for another time.

This is a primer for your lashes. You already have learnt I have eyelids that are shy and hide under a flap of skin that God knows why it exists. But I also have really miniature eyelashes. All in all my eye game is weak. So while some people will be sceptical of priming their lashes, to me this seemed like a great idea.


Just smudge this brown shit as you would do with your mascara. No need to go to town with it though, one layer is usually enough. Otherwise I found it gets all weird on you.


  • It does make your eyelashes visibly longer. For someone who has extra voluminous lashes this might be enough for a soft naked look.Though I would still recommend applying mascara.
  • Has a very handy ball at the end of the brush that makes it easy to include all the usually ignored lashes in the corners of the eyes.


  • Personally, this makes my eyelashes to kind of fall and doesn’t allow for a nice curl.
  • I wish it would volumes as well, as that’s what I need the most. But it doesn’t. So I end up with very long but very few eyelashes, which is not as cute as you would think.

But does it smell nice?

It actually has a very strong weird, kind of glue-like scent. Not that you would notice it without sniffing it like an idiot.

Could alternatively be used as: that’s a hard one. But if you have teeny tiny eyebrows, why not just brush them with this (plenty of reasons) to make them elongate! Hey, if it works vertically, it will work horizontally too.

Would I buy it?

I might. I was using this everyday for a while. I probably would still continue that if I haven’t found a mascara that just suits me well without this too. So maybe not. But I definitely see why so many people do buy this.


The Hair Multi-Tasker

Beauty Protector Protect £ Detangle

I give this 5 Slightly Creepy Overly Excited faces!

Boxes templateBoxes templateBoxes templateBoxes templateBoxes template

Full size RPR £18.5. Sample size included values around  £5.


A heat protector spray that conditions, detangles and minimises frizz. Also protects against UV rays. Which is totally a problem in January, so bloody sunny (I’m sure somewhere it actually is. Lucky).



Just spray after shampooing and towel-drying your hair. I find it that it helps to comb through any heat spray to ensure that most of my hair is protected. Just leave it in and style.


  • I did not notice any difference between this and my Loreal Kerastase Discipline heat protector/conditioning, detangling spray that I have bought from my salon and used as my favourite for aaaaages.
  • Non greasy, non oily, non sticky or of otherwise irritating consistency
  • Smells AMAZING.


  • This is my specialty. To see the cons in things that I otherwise love. But I cannot. So far this is great.

But does it smell nice?

It smells like adult appropriate amount of cotton candy. Or your best childhood memories. I don’t know what this scent is, but it smells of happiness. And I am not even a fan of sweet scents. Every time you walk by or flick your hair you smell that again! I don’t think it stays in my hair for too long, but maybe for 2 days?.. I am sure though, if you just spray it and leave it and not continue to attack your hair with tools for the next hour, it would last considerably longer. But then you’re lucky with not having the weirdest white-girl-afro to deal with.

Could alternatively be used as: a pick-me-up body spray.

Would I buy it?

Yes. I am planning to purchase a full size product once the sample runs out. Also when it’s back in stock. However, in the little info leaflet it says the full size RPR is £14, on the website it’s actually £18.50. Gone up? Staph it. We know it’s good, don’t be Electronic Arts of haircare. seriously though EA, stop it with the overpriced Sims expansions that I still end up buying, knowing full well I shouldn’t. What is this curse? Release me already.


A Beauty Extra

Birchbox Compact Mirror

RPR £4

I remember when i received this I was like, wtf this doesn’t even have a lid everything it’s just gonna stick to it, it will get dirty, and i was genuinely somehow for some weird reason annoyed that they included this in the box.

That being said, I now use it every day. Just because I throw it in my bag, take it out at work and inspect what people behind me are doing.

It’s quite a cheesy looking mirror, but hey, that’s not the side that shows you your pretty pretty face, so who cares. But that;s the side other people judge your personality by! No, really, it’s okay. It’s compact and it works like a small mirror, I even included proof in the top left picture.


This is quite an important box, automatically becoming my reference point for being both the first of the year and the first for myself. I really did enjoy getting and opening it. And even though some products were not for me, not knowing that in the beginning, I was really excited to have received them.

Do I believe this box represented the theme well? Not really, but then this is not an easy theme to carry out. Yet, the #No filter only got the hashtag part correctly, as everything about Pinterest is filters. Unless it meant that with all of these products you will not need the filters? By glancing at the leaflet I think the ‘inspirational’ cards were suppose to inspire you to seek new ideas, which Pinterest is all about? The inspirational cards are really not my thing, but to each its’ own.


To be fair, when you have to guess how it tied up to the theme, you know it was not delivered that well.

Overall, I enjoyed trying every item. I ended up really liking the primer and the heat protector-spray, and using the little mirror daily. We’ve seen some magic happening in the box with the shower gel-foam disappearance and smelled the best and the strongest scents, realising how unskilled you are at using anything but a standard size liquid liner applicator, and getting nicely refreshed skin but then kind of getting spots all over afterwards. Nicely rounded box.

Value for money is not too bad, though I believe it’s only me personally who got a little bit unlucky with some products and hence the value dropped. I still believe it was worth it. It included usable items that I continue to reach for, maybe not daily, but ofter and that’s a big win.

I believe the box was:









Let me know what you think about this box, or the version you’ve received? Did it suck, was it awesome, did it smell nice? You can probably tell that i like things to smell nice. I also like smelling things, just in case they do smell nice.


Bring it on, February.


Love from


Very often we expect too much out of these boxes. I have seen quite a few (hm hm.. few?) videos where people just have such high standards for what is supposed to be in there that they simply forget to enjoy it. I have to remind myself that these, at least originally, were intended as fun sampling boxes that are delivered right to your door filled with brands you’re excited to see and try, as well as some new brands you otherwise wouldn’t. I try to remember that. But I also work hard for my cash monies, so you better deliver :).


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